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WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click (PRO)

Download Free WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click (PRO)

WP Content Copy Protection PRO Free Download 11.4 – WP-Buy | WP Content Copy Protection (Pro) v11.4 prevents the content of posts from being duplicated by the authors of other websites. This is essential if you do not want your work to be distributed without your knowledge or consent.

Installation Guide:

  1. Download the package.
  2. Extract the contents of WP-Content-Copy-Protection.zip to wp-content/plugins/ folder You should get a folder called WP-Content-Copy-Protection
  3. Activate the Plugin in WP-Admin.
  4. Go to Settings > **WP-Content-Copy-Protection** to configure options.
  5. You will find **4 options** to protect your content, images, homepage and CSS protection.
  6. Don’t forget to **save** the changes before exit

Why WP Content Copy Protection (Pro)?

You invest a lot of time and effort into developing unique material for your site. It can be very annoying and disheartening to discover that it has been taken.

The WP Content Copy Protection Pro is a plugin that will assist you in preventing stolen copies of your website’s content.

This is a plugin that bites back, and it is an absolute necessity for any WordPress site owner, blogger, or business owner who is serious about preserving his online content. Easy to use, productive, not too heavy on the resources, and not too resource-intensive!

By a wide margin, the most efficient 360-degree content copy prevention plugin you will find.

This plugin will keep your posts and home page protected by several approaches (JavaScript and CSS).

These techniques can not be found in any other WordPress plugin, and you will own it for free with this WP Content Copy Protection plugin (Pro).

Core Features:

  • Protect your content from being selected and copied.‎
  • You can also choose where this Plugin should work like All Pages, Home Page, or Custom Pages/Posts using the Settings Page options.
  • Get full control over Right-Click or context menus.
  • Show alert messages, when the user right-clicks on images, text boxes, links, plain text, etc.
  • (*NEW) Watermark your images on the fly.
  • No one can right-click on images from your site if you don’t want them to.
  • Very modern watermarking styles.
  • Exclusion from protection can be applied to any user type.
  • Exclude images by name & size (manually) from watermarking.
  • Disable the keys CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+X, CTRL+S or CTRL+V, or CTRL+U.
  • Admin can disable copy protection for admin users.
  • Take action when JavaScript is disabled.
  • Admin can exclude pages or posts from being copy protected.
  • Aggressive image protection
  • Compatible with all major theme frameworks.
  • Compatible with all major browsers.
  • Multiple Text and Image Protection layers.
  • Enable Right Click on hyperlinks or any type of elements added.
  • Opposite mode to protect certain URLs only.
  • New flat interface.


Download Nulled WP Content Copy Protection (Pro) 11.4(32)

Changelog WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click (PRO)

  • fix copy button place to be shown out of code text inside code blocks
  • fix print screen prevent function
  • Improvments for the [Copy Code] button
  • Check for the new wordpress version
  • Allow selection inside CODE blocks
  • Allow copy from CODE blocks
  • Fix text cursor issue on submit buttons
  • Fix permissions issue
  • Fix caching functions
  • Fix css functions on custom devices
  • Fix default options
  • Fix pointer events error causing issues when click on images, videos , some links and sliders
  • Improve CSS protection functionality
  • Prevent the use of google chrome developer tools
  • Prevent the use of some browser extensions
  • Prevent the use of firefox developer tools
  • Support watermarking by russian laguage
  • Support watermarking by Arabic laguage
  • Support watermarking directon text for RTL laguages
  • fix error with old php versions
  • fix error when using developer mode
  • Using nounce to secure tje admin form
  • Add new option to control the cookie, our cookie called wccp_pro_functionality
  • Change some tab icons
  • Add new tab called beta options
  • Add new options inside beta options to stop developer tools and browser extensions
  • fix error with old php versions


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