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Rank Math PRO Nulled v3.0.52 – RankMath | Rank Math PRO Free Download v3.0.52

For any platform, SEO is the most reliable source of traffic. To help each website owner get access to the SEO resources they need to boost their SEO and draw more traffic to their website, we built Rank Math Nulled, a WordPress SEO plugin.

Rank Math PRO Nulled is a WordPress Search Engine Optimization plugin that makes it simple for everyone to optimize their content with built-in recommendations based on best practices that are commonly accepted. Customize significant SEO settings easily, monitor which pages can be indexed, and how you want your website to appear in Structured Data search.

Take The Guesswork Out Of WordPress SEO

Stop configuring your site manually to meet best practices. Rank Math saves you countless hours of repetitive work and makes it simple to optimize posts so that your site can rank higher. Is this brief enough?

Feature of Rank Math Pro – WordPress SEO Made Easy Pro

Fully Easy Setup Wizard

Rank Math Pro Nulled configures itself functionally. Rank Math has a step-by-step installation and configuration wizard that effortlessly configures SEO for WordPress.

Rank Math verifies the settings of your site upon installation and recommends the optimal settings for best results. Then the step-by-step wizard sets up SEO, social profiles, webmaster profiles and other SEO settings for your site.

Clean, Simple & Professional UI

This Rank Math SEO PRO Nulled is built at the right time to present you with the correct details. Alongside the post itself the quick, but powerful user interface highlights important details about your articles. You can enhance the SEO of your post instantaneously using this knowledge.

Rank Math features advanced previews of snippets as well. When posted on social media, you can preview how your post will appear in the SERPs, preview rich snippets, and even preview how your post will look.

The best SEO plug-in, I have ever installed and tried in my 6 Blogging years, is Rank Math! It is one of the most helpful and helpful WordPress hands-down plugins in the world.

Built-In Advanced SEO Analytics Module

In your WordPress admin dashboard, Rank Math provides useful knowledge from the Google Search Console. You will see your ranked keywords, status of your sitemap, and problems with indexing. These are invaluable knowledge when maintaining a website with high efficiency.

Google Analytics Integration

Take a look at the statistics of your website without ever leaving your WordPress Dashboard convenience.

Rank Tracker

You always want to know what price your website can pay against competition, even if you are just starting with SEO. Use Rank Math’s Rank Tracker to monitor the success of your website with preset keywords.

Keep an Eye on Position History

If you regularly test new SEO approaches or simply want to see how your website has worked over time, the role history would be a godsend.

Keep track of your website’s position in the search engines over the last few weeks or months.

Ranking Keywords for Posts

Many times, it is very enlightening to know every keyword that your post plays. You can rewrite your content with this knowledge further to boost the rankings of those mouthwatering keywords for which you never thought you would rank.

The Most Advanced Schema Generator

Schema Markup provides search engines and consumers with additional details about your website. The Rank Math is as easy as pointing and clicking including the structured data for posts. Different types of schema are allowed, and a default settings category may also be set.

Import Schema Markup from Other Websites

Import Schema markup from your own website or any other website in the internet, from any page/post or URL. Give yourself an initial start by importing ready-made schema from other URLs and make your preferences according to changes.

Schema Markup Validation

Check the Google Rich Results confirmation tool in your schema markup easily inside your WP dashboard. The method is so straightforward.

Article Schema

By including relevant metadata in your posts, search engines can better understand your content. The article type schema is fully supported by Rank Math, and it can be added to posts with a single click.

By including the Article Schema in your post, you increase the chances of it appearing as a rich card in the SERPs, which will significantly increase its click-through rate.

Product Schema

Rank Math Business Nulled also supports product schema, which can be easily added to your desire posts. You can include the product name, description, SKU, inventory, and other information about the product, which will be displayed in the SERPs.

Custom Schema Builder

Create custom schemes with just a few clicks to add several schemes to a single message. To construct sophisticated schema graphs using the Rank Math plugin, no programming knowledge is necessary.

Schema Templates with Display Conditions

Use Schema view conditions to show them on your website Schema (i.e. single, archives, or entire website). Creates and inserts schema templates in posts with a mouse. Add properties and groups of properties and combine them all with a few clicks.

Recipe Schema

With Rank Math’s recipe schema support, increasing traffic to a food blog has never been easier. Simply enter your recipe’s information to have it appear as a rich card in the search results.

Events Schema

With Rank Math’s event snippet support, you can promote your events in style. You can configure the events snippet with over fifteen different types of events, allowing you to rank your event for a variety of related keywords.

Rank Math also collects additional event data such as the venue URL, ticketing URL, ticket inventory, and so on. This information is useful to customers and contributes to a positive customer experience.

Video Schema

With Rank Math’s video schema support, you can breathe new life into your videos. The snippets are simple to add and ensure that your video appears as a rich card in the SERPs.

Local Business Schema

Ranking a local business for specific keywords can mean the difference between night and day for the company. Your local business has a much better chance of ranking and receiving more traffic with Rank Math’s local business schema support.

Installation Guide:

  • You will get two files inside the zip folder after downloading from the below link
  • First, install seo-by-rank-math-v1.0.95.1.zip
  • Then install seo-by-rank-math-pro-v3.0.18.1.zip
  • You are done.
  • Never update the free version of the Rank Math SEO SEP plugin directly from your WordPress Dashboard.

Rank Math Pro Free Download Link



Changelog of Rank Math Pro Nulled

v3.0.47 October 18, 2023
Added: Turkish translations
Updated: German translations
Fixed: Importing data from CSV file was not working properly
Fixed: SQL error related to Analytics on MySQL version 5.7 and lower
v3.0.46 October 5, 2023
Improved: Several improvements have been made to the Analytics module
Fixed: Ranking Keywords graph from Post analytics now shows only the keyword data for the current page and not all pages
Fixed: Display Schema based on the Conditions was not working well when both Include & Exclude were used
v3.0.45 September 21, 2023
Added: Option to reorder steps in the HowTo Schema block
Improved: Analytics pageviews query
Fixed: Restored the option to rearrange the FAQ Schema block questions that was missing after the last update
Fixed: Restored the option to add About & Mention Schema in Classic Editor that was missing after the last update
Fixed: Incorrect keyword count in the Post Analytics
Fixed: Error when importing the Schema data that has multiple values in the @type property
Fixed: Hidden products were appearing in the HTML Sitemap even when the Noindex Hidden Products option was enabled
Fixed: Deprecated PHP warning related to Podcast in PHP 8.2
v3.0.44 September 6, 2023
Added: New filter to modify the Podcast feed URL
Fixed: Redirections imported using CSV file were not showing up in the Advanced settings of the post
Fixed: Console warning related to the Schema Module in WordPress 6.3
Fixed: Missing dependency warnings in Query Monitor on Product Taxonomy pages
v3.0.43 August 23, 2023
Updated: Portuguese (Brazil) translations.
Fixed: Google Trends graph was not showing up with WordPress 6.3
Fixed: Video added in Recipe Schema was not displaying on the frontend
Fixed: Modules were displaying the PRO label even when the PRO plugin was already active
Fixed: Issue with the Taxonomy option in Schema Display Conditions
v3.0.42 August 9, 2023
Added: New filter to disable restrictions on updating PRO version before FREE version.
Improved: Activation message to make it clearer.
Improved: Query on the Site Analytics page.
Fixed: Top Winning Tracked Keywords table was not showing data on some setups due to the nested SELECT queries.
v3.0.41 July 26, 2023
Fixed: SEO Performance page was not showing all the posts when data was sorted
Fixed: Missing Podcast Schema option in the Filter by Schema type dropdown
v3.0.40 July 12, 2023
Updated: German translations
Fixed: Sorting data on the Rank Tracker page was not working with paginated pages
Fixed: Updating the Headline in JobPosting Schema was incorrectly updating the Schema title
Fixed: Post Analytics issue on Multisite sub-directory installation
Fixed: Filtering by Schema type now works correctly on sites that do not use the default table prefix wp_
v3.0.39 June 28, 2023
Updated: Portuguese (Brazil) translations
Fixed: Image Watermark feature compatibility issues with sites using the Imagick module
Fixed: Schema Templates Display Conditions with Archive was not working well on some setups
Fixed: Missing posts in the SEO Performance tab of Analytics
Fixed: Filtering by Hits in the 404 Monitor was not working well on paginated pages
Fixed: Error in PHP 7.3 related to the Quick Edit
v3.0.38 June 15, 2023
Added: New option to test Google Analytics connection status
Added: Portuguese (Brazil) translations
Improved: Noindex Hidden Products code so that it sets the category with only hidden products to noindex
Improved: Compatibility with PHP 8.2
Fixed: Local Sitemap was showing a Critical error when the WooCommerce module was enabled
Fixed: News Sitemap was displaying a white page
Fixed: Video Sitemap was rendering a white page
Fixed: Podcast feed was not showing all the Podcast episodes data. Users can now use this filter to change the number of episodes to include in the Podcast feed
Fixed: Fatal error in Quick Edit on custom Products post type when WooCommerce plugin is not active
Fixed: Default value for the Noindex Hidden Products option was not being stored during plugin installation
v3.0.37 May 31, 2023
Fixed: Hidden Products were incorrectly displayed as Indexed in the SEO Details section of Post Column when Noindex Hidden Products option was enabled
Fixed: Variables were not working in some fields of the KML File
v3.0.36 May 18, 2023
Improved: Strengthened the security of the plugin. Thanks to Patchstack for revealing it responsibly
Fixed: Editing Robots data from Quick Edit was not working
Fixed: Restored missing Noindex banner in the SERP Preview when WooCommerce Hidden Products are set to noindex
v3.0.35 May 3, 2023
Fixed: Quick Edit feature was not working on taxonomy pages
Fixed: Deleting property in Schema Generator was not working well
Fixed: Trailing slash was incorrectly added to the Video Sitemap on sites where permalinks don’t include a trailing slash
Fixed: Inaccurate dates were added to the Video Sitemap when the default date was used in the Upload Date property of the Video Schema
Fixed: Redirection Type was not updating correctly on some setups while importing the Redirections from a CSV file
v3.0.34 April 19, 2023
Improved: Significant code improvements in the Analytics module resulting in FASTER and LIGHTER performance of the plugin
Updated: German translations
Fixed: Local Business Block was not working with WordPress 6.2
Fixed: Missing News Sitemap in the sitemap_index.xml for some cases
Fixed: Conflict with Admin Columns Pro in the Quick Edit feature
Fixed: PHP error that occurred on some setups when importing the Redirections
v3.0.33 April 5, 2023
Improved: Line Graph in SEO Performance will now display the date range for better clarity
Improved: Positioning of the Posts table when a keyword is expanded on the Rank Tracker
Fixed: Missing script dependencies error when Content AI was disabled on a Post type
v3.0.32.1 March 18, 2023
Improved: Updated the notification text which appears if the old version of Rank Math Free is installed on the site
Fixed: Typo in the Index Status tab
Fixed: Trends Graph on the Post Analytics was showing Invalid Date on some setups
v3.0.32 March 8, 2023
Improved: Noindex Hidden products feature can now set a Taxonomy page to noindex, if all its products are hidden
Fixed: Incorrect date format used in the Post Analytics Badge
Removed: Deprecated Attorney Schema type from the Business Type settings. Existing sites using this Business type will now be switched to LegalService as their LocalBusiness Schema type
v3.0.31 February 22, 2023
Fixed: Missing video:duration tag when Custom field variable was used in the Video Schema Duration field
Fixed: Insert option in Display condition was incorrectly adding the value on the Author page
v3.0.30 February 9, 2023
Improved: autoload data for SEO Analysis & Database Tools have now been set to false
Fixed: Width & Height attributes missing in the Podcast Image displayed on the frontend
Fixed: Compatibility issues with the ACF’s Link type field, where the title added from the Link modal was not saved
Fixed: Issue with the filter to change the Focus keyword limit
Fixed: Redirection Destination URL wasn’t updating when the data was imported from a CSV file
Fixed: Category slug was stored in the database instead of ID when data was imported using a CSV file
Fixed: Sorting option wasn’t working in the Keywords Table
Fixed: PHP warning related to Image SEO
v3.0.29 January 25, 2023
Fixed: Sorting option was not working in Analytics tables
Fixed: Rank Tracker graph was not showing correctly on RTL websites
v3.0.28 January 11, 2023
Added: Custom Schema Template’s Display conditions now include an option to insert a property to any existing Schema
Added: Social Media Settings now include an option for Additional Profile URLs that will be added to the sameAs property of the Organization Schema
Added: The User Profile now includes an option for Additional Profile URLs that will be added to the sameAs property of the Author Schema Entities
Improved: German translations
Fixed: Unicode characters in new keywords added to the Rank Tracker are now correctly handled and no longer converted to HTML entities
Fixed: Refresh button in the PageSpeed Insights score in Post Analytics was not working properly
Fixed: Resolved a PHP error that occurred during Bulk Editing on some setups
Fixed: All deprecated warnings related to PHP 8 have been resolved
v3.0.27 December 28, 2022
Added: [NEW!] Introducing new features in the SEO Analyzer, formerly known as the SEO Analysis module. Perform Competitor Analysis directly from your WordPress backend and export your website’s SEO Analyzer report in the PDF format
Improved: Implemented lazy loading in the Analytics reports for faster loading
Improved: Improved the caching mechanism in the Analytics Module to speed up report loading
Fixed: Link Controls option was breaking with the upcoming Gutenberg update
v3.0.26.1 December 20, 2022
Fixed: Nested object properties added in the Schema were not working well on some setups
Fixed: Importing Schema from another site was showing error when positiveNotes & negativeNotes properties were in array format
v3.0.26 December 19, 2022
Added: [HUGE!] Introducing Table of Contents block to automatically generate Table of Contents from the headings added to the page
Added: New filter that allows you to change the Pros & Cons labels
Added: srcset attributes for the Podcast Image displayed on the frontend
Added: New filter that allows you to modify the thumbnail_loc & content_loc properties in the Video Sitemap
Fixed: Invalid country code was used for the United Kingdom in the Analytics
Fixed: Missing loading effect on Ranking Keywords table in the Post Analytics
Fixed: Advanced Schema Editor where adding array values was not working
Fixed: PHP notice related to Podcast Schema on some setups
Fixed: PHP warning when importing the Redirections rule from CSV file on some setups
Fixed: Empty Schema div was added to the front when the BlogPosting or NewsArticle Schema was added to a post
v3.0.25 November 30, 2022
Improved: Filename for the Image generated from the Autodetected Videos
Improved: Content AI help texts for Business & Agency license
Fixed: More keywords than the set limit could be added to Rank Tracker when Auto Add Focus keywords option is enabled
Fixed: Google Trends tool was not displaying the popup in the Elementor Editor after switching tabs
Fixed: Empty keywords were being added to the Rank Tracker when an extra comma was used while inserting the keywords
v3.0.24 November 14, 2022
Improved: Highlight required Image SEO Replacement fields in red when left empty
Fixed: Quick Edit was showing robots meta value from Global settings instead of settings configured in the Titles & Meta Settings, this was not affecting the frontend
Fixed: Both index & noindex options could be selected at the same time from Quick Edit on taxonomy pages
Fixed: Schema Code validation was not working in Classic Editor
Fixed: Responsiveness issue in Link Controls
Fixed: Dropdown menus on Rank Math Analytics tables were not accessible
v3.0.23 November 2, 2022
Fixed: Podcast title was not displayed on the frontend when it was the same as the Post title
Fixed: Duplicate content was shown in itunes:summarytag in the Podcast feed
v3.0.22 October 19, 2022
Added: Support for parameterized URLs in the Redirection Module
Added: New filter to modify the Redirection data before importing the CSV file
Fixed: Feed validator channel contains more than one image error when site icon is added to the site
Fixed: Incorrect CSV Import instructions
Fixed: Scheduled Action created after creating a Scheduled Redirection was not getting removed after deleting the redirection
Fixed: Copying Schema shortcode using the Keyboard was not working in the Elementor editor
v3.0.21 September 22, 2022
Fixed: Export Redirections to CSV file was not working well when the Redirection rule had multiple sources
Fixed: Winning/Losing keywords table was disappearing on some setups in the Keywords tab
Fixed: Pros & Cons data added in Schema Template was not getting imported at the time of using that template again
Fixed: Auto-generated Video Schema was wrongly set as the primary Schema when other Schema types were used on the page
v3.0.20 September 14, 2022
Improved: Plugin’s update checking functionality
Improved: Removed inStock information from the Review Schema shortcode when Offers and Pros & Cons added to the Product Schema are empty for Editorial Reviews
Improved: Query performance to get the Schema templates data based on the Display conditions
Improved: Query performance to get the Analytics data
Fixed: Missing GTIN in Variable Product Schema even when the value was added in the backend
Fixed: Secondary keywords were removed at the time of updating SEO details using the Quick Edit option
Fixed: Data sorting option was not working in the Analytics reports
Fixed: Editor was crashing at the time of searching for a Singular post in the Schema Template Display Condition option
Fixed: Term selection option was not working in the Schema Template Display condition option
Fixed: Missing Analytics header options after selecting the Post type
v3.0.19 August 24, 2022
Added: More Countries in the Google Search Console settings
Improved: Add multiple Pros & Cons in the Advanced Schema editor
Improved: Removed offers property completely when values are empty and Pros & Cons are added in the Product Schema for Editorial Reviews
Fixed: Wrong positioning of the Pros & Cons properties in the Review Schema
Fixed: Wrapped Pros & Cons list in the ul tag when shortcode or Schema block is used in the content area
Fixed: Images added in the Tab field of the ACF plugin were not included in the Sitemap
Fixed: Missing author URL property warning when Article schema is added to a post after the FAQPage schema
Fixed: Rank Tracker was not showing the option to add & delete the keyword
v3.0.18.1 August 12, 2022
Fixed: Conflict between Rank Math PRO & Elementor PRO, which was breaking the editor
v3.0.18 August 11, 2022
Added: [NEW!] Support for Pros & Cons in Review Schema
Fixed: Podcast feed link was not working on the new setup without updating the permalinks
Fixed: PHP notice in FAQ block when the image is not added
Fixed: Option to sort data was not working in the Analytics
Fixed: Page was reloading after searching the keyword on Rank Tracker page
Fixed: Rank Tracker page was showing an error after reloading the page
Fixed: Search page by URL or Title was not working in Site Analytics
Fixed: Change Caption casing option was not working
Fixed: Bulk Redirect was not working for terms
Fixed: Missing loading effect in Analytics tables
Fixed: Business badge was shown on the sites registered to an Agency plan
Fixed: Missing toggle to change the Top Winning & Losing posts
v3.0.17 July 28, 2022
Added: [HUGE!] Introducing Podcast SEO! Now create, publish, and optimize your podcasts from Rank Math without needing any third-party plugin.
Improved: Made several significant code improvements
Updated: License badge colors in the header of plugin’s Setting pages
Fixed: Top Statuses in the Index Status tab of Analytics were showing the wrong colors
Fixed: Missing author property in Article schema on some setups when multiple schemas were added in the post
Fixed: SEO Details column in the Post list was incorrectly showing the N/A score after updating the SEO data using the Quick edit option
Fixed: Default Schema set in the Titles & Meta Settings was not showing in the Post list
v3.0.16.1 July 18, 2022
Fixed: PHP error on some setups when both the Elementor & BuddyPress plugin were active on a site
v3.0.16 July 13, 2022
Added: Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Dutch translations
Improved: German translations
Improved: Styling of HowTo & FAQ Schema shortcodes to match with the blocks
Fixed: Unexpected Text error in the Media feed
Fixed: Analytics connected with GA4 property was not fetching the data from the selected country
Fixed: Deprecated PHP warning in Elementor editor
Fixed: Query monitor was showing missing dependencies error on Taxonomy pages on some setups
Fixed: Password-protected products pages were showing critical error on some setups
v3.0.15.1 June 30, 2022
Fixed: Rank Tracker was not showing the option to add & delete the keyword
v3.0.15 June 29, 2022
Improved: Made several significant code improvements in the Analytics module to make the plugin even FASTER and LIGHTER
Improved: CSV Export code to make it work better with the quotes in the values
Improved: Images added using ACF block are now also included in the Sitemap
Improved: Dark mode styling of the Schema Generator in the Elementor editor
Fixed: The %imagealt% and %imagetitle% variables used in the Image SEO were showing the same value for all the images
Fixed: KML file was showing the name of the last location in all the locations entries
Fixed: Video sitemap was showing the same thumbnailUrl for all the posts
Fixed: Video Sitemap was showing deprecated Category column
Fixed: FAQ schema was showing an Unknown property error on some setups
Fixed: The option to select primarySchema was not working in the Schema Generator
Fixed: Schema Generator layout was changing to the Advanced editor on some setups after making the changes in the Secondary schema
Fixed: Encoded characters were shown in the Rich Results section of the Index Status
Fixed: RTL issues in the Analytics graphs
Fixed: Deprecated notice in the Elementor editor
v3.0.14 June 15, 2022
Added: [HUGE!] New option to set start and end date to Schedule a Redirection
Improved: Made several improvements in the Redirection code to make it LIGHTER
Fixed: Removed the deprecated image properties from the News Sitemap
Fixed: Searching post by title was not working on the Site Analytics page
Fixed: Filter posts by Schema type was not working well
Fixed: PHP error on some setups in the CSV file generated from the Import & Export settings
Fixed: Data sorting option was not working well after searching a keyword on the Rank Tracker page
v3.0.13 June 1, 2022
Improved: Made several significant code improvements that make the plugin even FASTER and lighter
Improved: Google Trends CSS to make the UI same in all the editors
Fixed: Malformed Image file name when Change Description Casing was set to Title casing
Fixed: Google Search Console was showing Couldn't Fetch 404 error for News Sitemap when the site had no new articles in the past 48 hours
Fixed: jQuery Migrate warnings on some setups
Fixed: Schema Template’s Display conditions were not working well for singular pages
v3.0.12 May 20, 2022
Added: New option in the Rank Tracker to delete all the tracked keywords
Added: New option in Index Status tab to send the index request to Google when the Fast Indexing plugin is active on the site
Removed: Deprecated properties from Video Sitemap. You can read more about it here
Fixed: Schema template page was showing warnings in the console on some setups
Fixed: News & Video Sitemap was not updating when a scheduled post was published
Fixed: Incompatibility with the Bimber theme
Fixed: Reordering of Focus keywords was not working in the Elementor editor
Fixed: Rank Tracker was not working in WordPress v5.8
Fixed: Schema Markup tab in Setup Wizard was showing wrong schema types for the Locations post type
v3.0.11 May 4, 2022
Added: [HUGE!] Rank Math now supports Google Analytics 4
Added: Option to create GA4 property with one click
Removed: [IMPORTANT] Cookieless Tracking option as it will not work with the GA4
Added: Index Status data in the Single Post Analytics reports
Fixed: Google Trends was not working in the Elementor editor
Fixed: Deselecting a keyword in the Google Trends was not working
Fixed: Undefined PHP error related to Analytics Module on some setups
v3.0.10.1 April 7, 2022
Fixed: Hide frontend Analytics Stats when Google Search Console is not connected to the site
v3.0.10 April 7, 2022
Added: [NEW!] Introducing Stats Bar. Now, you can view Analytics stats on the frontend
Added: Option to search a keyword in the Rank Tracker
Fixed: Content length test was showing the wrong recommended number of words on WooCommerce/EDD Product pages on non-English sites
Fixed: Sitemap was showing an error on some setups when the Include Images from the ACF fields option was enabled
Fixed: Duplicate keywords were getting added in the Rack Tracker when the keyword case was different
v3.0.9 March 23, 2022
Added: [New!] SEO details in the Post column will now also show the Search Traffic & Search Impression data if the Analytics Module is on
Added: Mobile Usability Issues section in the Index Status report
Improved: "Activate the PRO version" notice was showing the invalid activation link on some setups
Fixed: Robots.txt state label in the Index Status
Fixed: Bulk editing was showing an undefined error on some setups
Fixed: Pagination was not working well on the Index Status page after selecting a filter
v3.0.8 March 9, 2022
Added: [HUGE!] Google URL Inspection API Integration in our Analytics Module, now you can see current Index Staus, Earned Rich Results, Errors & Warnings from Google directly in your WordPress backend!
Improved: Made several code improvements
Fixed: MySQL error due to mismatch in Analytics table collations
Fixed: PHP error on some setup after connecting Analytics account
v3.0.7 February 23, 2022
Added: [NEW!] Dedicated Content Analysis tests for WooCommerce & EDD Products
Fixed: Google Analytics and Adsense data was not updating when updating the data manually from General Settings
Fixed: On non-English sites, wrong schema icons were shown on the Analytics page
v3.0.6 February 9, 2022
Improved: Plugin performance by removing duplicate queries
Improved: Made several significant code improvements in the Analytics Module that have made the plugin even FASTER and lighter
Fixed: Incompatibility with the WP Schema PRO plugin
Fixed: Sitemap was not showing the Images added in the ACF’s Flexible content field
Fixed: Bottom Center thumbnail overlay position was not working
Fixed: JS errors appearing on Analytics page for some installations
v3.0.5 January 26, 2022
Improved: Affiliate links will now be treated as external across the website
Improved: sponsored rel tag is automatically added to all the affiliate links
Updated: German translations
Fixed: PHP errors on some setup after resetting the settings
Fixed: Invalid @type error when FAQ schema was used on Taxonomy pages
Fixed: Default Thumbnail Watermark option was getting duplicated on all the pages in Settings page when the Web Stories plugin was active
Fixed: Missing Active Schema Templates section in the Divi Editor
Fixed: Same schema template was appearing multiple times in the Elementor editor
v3.0.4 January 5, 2022
Improved: [HUGE!] Made several significant code improvements that have made the plugin even FASTER. Now, the plugin folder is lighter than 450 KB
Improved: 404 Monitor’s export settings styling
Fixed: Video Schema was getting duplicated when Auto detect video option was enabled
Fixed: PHP Notice on bbPress pages
Fixed: Missing script dependency error on the Schema Templates pages
v3.0.3 December 22, 2021
Added: [NEW!] An option to filter Analytics data by post type in Site Analytics & SEO Performance tabs
Added: An option to add alternateName field in the FactCheck Schema
Improved: Auto-Import Focus Keywords in the Rank Tracker on new installations
Fixed: FactCheck Schema shortcode was not showing the ratings data
Fixed: Accessing Schema Templates using the Divi builder was crashing the editor
Fixed: Watermark Option for Social Sharing was not working on the server where allow_url_fopen is not enabled
Fixed: Importing custom schema in Schema Templates was failing when properties had @id
Fixed: Exclude Post Terms option was not removing the NewsArticle schema from new posts
v3.0.2 December 8, 2021
Added: You can now reorder the Focus Keywords by simply dragging them
Added: A filter to change the locations query, use rank_math/location_args filter to change the query args
Improved: Accuracy of pageviews data in the Analytics
Improved: Schema selection dropdown type in the RM Locations now shows only Local Business & None options
Fixed: Updating Posts was not working on some setups when Auto-Detect video option was enabled
Fixed: Importing custom schema was failing when properties had @id
Fixed: Bulk Editing Primary Category was not working for WooCommerce’s Product categories
Fixed: Schema Shortcode was not showing the Recipe data added in the PRO version
Fixed: Bulk Editing redirections for multiple URLs was not working
Fixed: Conflict with the ‘NextMove Thank You Page’ plugin
Fixed: Bulk editing the primary category of WooCommerce Products was failing
v3.0.1 November 24, 2021
Added: Rank Tracker will now show a notice text when there are no keywords present in that table
Improved: Optimized the code to get the variations data for WooCommerce Product schema
Improved: The priceValidUntil property. By default, the Product schema will show the date +1 year from the current year
Fixed: Hide bulk edit option if the user doesn’t have capabilities to Bulk edit the SEO data
Fixed: Local Business Schema was not honoring the Use 24h format option
Fixed: PHP warning in the plugin update routine file
v3.0.0 November 8, 2021
Added: [HUGE!] Introducing Content AI – Your personal AI assistant
Improved: Updated the Russian translations
Fixed: On some setups, the link to edit post on Analytics page was broken
v2.19.0 October 27, 2021
Added: Italian translation
Improved: Multiple values can now be added in the @type property of custom schema in an array format
Fixed: Adding an & in the Publication Name field was preventing the News Sitemap from loading
v2.18.0 October 13, 2021
Fixed: Analytics AdSense was not showing any data
Fixed: Posts filtering was showing Schema option even when Schema module was not enabled on the site
Fixed: Trends comparison tool will now work only when the site is connected to the Rank Math account
Fixed: Unable to add more than 5 Focus keywords on Divi Builder
Fixed: On some setups, the Schema data added in the templates used to disappear in the Divi theme
Fixed: Adding & in the Publication name was preventing the News sitemap from loading
v2.17.1 October 3, 2021
Fixed: Some of the Schema types were missing in the SEO tab of Elementor Editor
Fixed: “Upgrade to PRO” notice was showing on some setups after updating the plugin
v2.17.0 September 29, 2021
Improved: Behavior of the Graph in the Rank Tracker
Improved: Added a dropdown to select a timeframe in the Rank Tracker
Fixed: SEO fields were missing from the Quick edit screen
Fixed: Bulk edit was throwing a fatal error
Fixed: data-schema-attribute was added to all the Classic Editor links even if about & mentions Schema option were not selected in the link popup
Fixed: Trends tool was not working on the Taxonomy & User profile pages
Fixed: Taxonomy & User Profile pages were showing the upgrade to PRO notice even when Rank Math PRO was active
Fixed: Even when the score of the PageSpeed was 100, the value was turning red as if it were a bad score
v2.16.0 September 17, 2021
Added: Graph in the Rank Tracker above the Keywords table
Added: Loading effect to the Analytics tables when data is being loaded
Added: You can now group the 404 logs in Advanced Mode by clicking on the Hit button
Fixed: The %filename% variable was not working well when it was added in the Caption field
Fixed: PHP error in the update routine file
Fixed: WooCommerce GTIN field alignment issue on screen 1440
Fixed: Trends tool was not showing any data when # was used in the keyword field
Fixed: Caption Format and Description format fields were always showing
v2.15.0 September 1, 2021
Improved: Replaced AdSense API v1.4 with v2.0
Improved: Labels on RM Locations Post Type
Improved: RM Locations & Schema templates will appear in the menu only when users have the rank_math_general capability
Improved: PRO plugin update button will now show only when an update of the free version is not available. It is always recommended to update the free version before the PRO version
Fixed: On RTL websites, the Add Keyword button was covering the keywords partially on the Rank Tracker page
Fixed: Trends data was not loading when there were more than 5 keywords
Fixed: Some CDATA was wrongly added in the page source on the frontend
Fixed: Pages created using the Divi builder was showing error on the frontend
Fixed: SEO data was not updating on some setups on taxonomy pages when Auto-Detect Video option was enabled
Fixed: Keywords added using the Keyword Tracker will now show in Rank Tracker instantly without needing to reload the page
Fixed: Bulk Editing was not showing all the SEO fields when multiple posts were selected
Fixed: Trends tool kept on showing Loading text for rare keywords with no popularity
Fixed: The isPartOf property added using Custom schema generator was getting removed from the Dataset schema
Fixed: Import schema using JSON code was not working when the imported schema had @type Service in the array
Fixed: Some values were getting removed from the imported schema data
Fixed: Adding Schema of the same type in the Schema Generator was not working
Fixed: Display condition to Include/Exclude Schema templates on the ‘Entire Site’ was not working
v2.14.0 August 13, 2021
Added: Option to Auto-Add Focus Keywords in the Rank Tracker
Added: Spain to the list of available countries in the Analytics Data Import Option
Added: New variable randomword_np to show a non-persistent random word on each page load
Fixed: Import Meta Data using CSV option was showing error on some setup
Fixed: Page was not updating in Divi Page Builder when Auto-Detect Video option was enabled
Fixed: Typo in the Dataset Schema field
v2.13.0 July 30, 2021
Added: Improved FAQ Block UX by adding reordering feature. Now you can easily change the question order without rewriting the whole Question & Answer
Improved: [HUGE!] Converted the Classic Editor metabox into React for better performance and code optimization, removed more than 5,000 lines of code from the plugin!
Fixed: Hovering over the position graph in the Analytics Pages was creating a scroll bar
Fixed: Google Trends icon was disappearing after updating the post in Firefox
Fixed: Analytics button was showing in the single posts even if the Analytics account was not connected
Fixed: isFamilyFriendly property in Video schema was showing wrong value
Fixed: Console errors on Customizer page in WordPress v5.8
v2.12.0 July 15, 2021
Added: [HUGE!] Google Core Updates timeline in the Analytics Graphs
Added: Support for more advanced nested Schema in the Advanced Schema Generator
Improved: [HUGE!] Improved performance of the plugin even further
Fixed: Custom mode option in the Setup Wizard was showing an error on sites where FS_METHOD was FTP
Fixed: Some properties were getting duplicated when Importing the Schema from the HTML code
v2.11.0 June 30, 2021
Improved: [HUGE!] Made more huge code improvements that have made the plugin even FASTER. Also, reduced the number of queries related to Rank Math on the Homepage and the Archive pages to improve performance further. Rank Math is indeed one of the FASTEST SEO PLUGINS
Improved: Video Schema Workflow
Improved: Even if you add regular video link of supported video services in the Embed field, Rank Math SEO will automatically convert that link into Embed URL and automatically fetch the data
Added: Support for Clip markup in the Video Schema
Added: The auto-detect Video feature now also adds the Video Title & Description automatically
Improved: After adding a video in the content and updating the post, Video Schema will now appear in the Schema tab of Rank Math without reloading the page
Improved: Description of Video Schema fields
Improved: Auto-Generated Video Schema now appears in the Schema tab after updating the post/page without reloading the post/page
Improved: Cookieless Analytics tracking feature on cached pages by improving the hashing formula
Fixed: Schema tab of Divi Builder was not opening on some setups
Fixed: Sitemap was showing a warning when the field type image was not in an array format in the ACF plugin
Removed: About & Mention Schema from the link search box of comment reply editor
Removed: Shortcode field from Schema generator of archive pages
v2.10.1 June 18, 2021
Fixed: Query Monitor plugin was showing missing script handler error in the Classic Editor
Fixed: PRO version was not being detected correctly in the Divi Frontend editor
v2.10.0 June 16, 2021
Added: [HUGE!] Introducing sorting option in the Analytics Tables. Now, you can sort Posts & Keywords using different column data like Position, Search Traffic, Clicks, CTR, etc.
Improved: [HUGE!] Made several significant code improvements that have made the plugin even FASTER. Rank Math now is one of the FASTEST SEO PLUGINS.
Added: An option to include only tracked keywords in the Email Reports
Removed: Genre & Stock options from the News Sitemap settings as those are not required anymore by Google
Improved: By default, the Rank Tracker tab sorts keywords by position
Improved: Remove site name from the News Sitemap titles to comply with Google’s Guidelines
Improved: Hide Schema Templates if the user has no permissions to edit them
Improved: File structure by moving assets in their respective module folders
Fixed: Sometimes Pagespeed date in the Single Post Report was not showing
Fixed: Local Business block was allowing the selection of the last 10 locations
v2.9.0 June 4, 2021
Added: [NEW!] [HUGE!] Introducing SEO Performance Reports via Email. Track monthly changes related to website traffic, impressions, total keywords & average position
Added: PRO users can choose email frequency between 15 or 30 Days. Business users can choose 7, 15, or 30 Days frequency for the email reporting
Added: Business plan users can whitelabel their email reports by adding their own logo, colors, and client email address/ID
Added: Business plan users can have full control over the email content. They can enable/disable each section, custom subject line, custom footer text, custom CSS, and much more. Read HERE to learn all about it
Improved: There will be no broken images showing up in the Video Sitemap if a video thumbnail is not set
Fixed: The News Sitemap settings to exclude terms were not showing all taxonomies data
Fixed: On some setups, the Sitemap was throwing an error when the ‘Include Image from ACF field’ option was enabled
Fixed: PRO version was getting disabled when the free version was getting updated using the Version Control
v2.8.0 May 20, 2021
Added: [NEW!] Auto-detect video for Schema and Video Sitemap now supports TED Videos, DailyMotion and WordPress.tv
Added: New ItemList Schema type for taxonomy archive pages
Added: Analytics button in the pages when Analytics Module is enabled
Added: Bulk SEO options on the tags list page
Added: SEO Filter options in the Media library for the List View
Improved: Labelling of bulk options added by Rank Math SEO
Improved: Winning Posts and Keywords section in the Analytics now shows only winners with a difference of 80 or less. This will help you get more actionable data
Improved: Hide News Sitemap tab for the users that do not have the permission to edit News Sitemap settings
Fixed: Option to enable/disable News Sitemap was not working from the Setup Wizard
Fixed: Schema tab in the taxonomy term pages was not showing the PRO Schema types
Fixed: Duplicate Schema Templates were appearing in the Elementor Page Builder
Fixed: customfield variable not working in the content URL option of Video Schema
Fixed: Links in the Video Sitemap were linking to the Sitemap itself
Fixed: Posts column showing Off in Schema instead of Article when the News Sitemap module was active. Though, it was not affecting the frontend output for the search engines
Fixed: Scheduled Actions page was showing DB related error on some setups when Google AdSense was not connected
Fixed: Content images were not added to Sitemaps correctly if ACF Module was Enabled, but the “Include images from the ACF field” option was disabled
v2.7.0 April 28, 2021
Added: [HUGE!] Divi SEO is HERE! Complete Divi Page Builder/Theme integration. Now you can configure all the SEO settings from the frontend
Added: Brand URL, Manufacturer, and Additional Type option in the Product Schema
Added: Video Sitemap can now detect all the videos from the content area and add them to the Sitemap
Added: Convert Divi Page Builder’s Accordion widget into the FAQ Schema markup
Improved: Added WooCommerce product SKU in the Open Graph data
Improved: Description of many Schema Generator options
Improved: Auto-Detect Video Schema option is now available for all the Custom Post Types
Improved: Added uninstall.php file to delete plugin database tables when the plugin is uninstalled completely
Fixed: Google Analytics (Search Traffic) column was showing after clicking the keywords toggle even if Google Analytics was not connected
Fixed: On plugin’s re-activation, Autodetect Video Schema & Auto-Generate Video image options were getting restored to default
Fixed: Browser console error while trying to add a new keyword in the Rank Tracker on PHP 8.0
v2.6.0 April 14, 2021
Added: Improved nesting of FAQ Schema & HowTo schema, now they will appear as a subjectOf property type in the primary Schema
Added: Remote Job, Education and experience properties in the Job Schema
Improved: Show global Schema type in the Schema column of Site Analytics tab if default Schema is not changed for that post/page
Improved: Remove password-protected Video Posts from the Video Sitemap
Improved: Auto-detect Video can now detect all the videos from the content and adds Schema markup for them
Fixed: Auto-detect Video option was not detecting videos in the new posts without saving it two times
Fixed: Scheduled data fetch process was not checking for any missing data from the past for Google Analytics and AdSense
Fixed: Speakable Schema was showing as disabled even after enabling it in the Article Schema
Fixed: Remove duplicated entries of Scheduled Data Fetch
Fixed: Schema column in the Site Analytics tab was not updating if Gutenberg post was updated
v2.5.1 April 3, 2021
Fixed: Rank Tracker tab showing duplicate Keywords if the letter cases are different
Fixed: Wrong URL in the single page Analytics reports if that page is the child page
v2.5.0 April 1, 2021
Improved: Ignore regular anchor links linking to YouTube videos from auto-detect & auto-generate Video Schema
Improved: Sort posts by Impressions in the Performance tab if Google Analytics is not connected
Improved: Combine multiple config attributes of Google Analytics Tracking code into one when Anonymize IP address & Enable Cookieless Tracking options are enabled
Improved: Clear Local KML file cache when RM Location post is updated
Improved: Replace PRO badge with Business if a business license is detected
Improved: Hide Analytics Report button in the Social tab single posts
Fixed: PHP Warning after Google data fetch on some installations
Fixed: Rank Tracker tab was showing 0 allowed keyword quota
Fixed: Unable to delete the Video Schema when the Auto-detect Video option was enabled
Fixed: update_meta_cache() function was causing slow page load on some websites
Fixed: Schema Templates were not working if used on more than one category
Fixed: Analytics Graphs were showing wrong data when the “7 Days” timeframe was Selected
Fixed: Heartbeat requests was causing PHP notice while editing the Location post
v2.4.2 March 22, 2021
Fixed: An issue where the primary category was not getting set using the quick edit options
Fixed: Analytics Dashboard was not showing charts on some installations
v2.4.0 March 18, 2021
Updated: [HUGE!] The Analytics module is revamped for Speed, Accurate Data, Better Sorting. Try it out and experience it for yourself. You might want to fetch the data manually once
Added: [HUGE!] Multiple keywords can now be added in the Rank Tracker by separating them with a comma
Added: [NEW!] Pagination in the Rank Tracker tab to improve performance and usability
Improved: Tracked keyword quota is now calculated using a proper method to avoid any mismatch related to the available/used credits
Improved: Duplicate keywords are not added in the keywords tracking list
Improved: Disabled Classic Editor post edit action links for the Rank Math Locations custom post type
Improved: Google Analytics-related elements in the Analytics reports are not shown if Google Analytics is not connected
Improved: Keywords in the single post analytics report are now sorted by impressions
Fixed: Import Schema option was not working on Rank Math Locations custom post type
Fixed: GTIN/MPN (Global Identifier) were not saving for WooCommerce’s variable products
Fixed: Filter by SEO Score was returning unchecked posts in the Site Analytics tab
Fixed: PHP errors related to AdSense module even when the account was not connected
Fixed: KML file was not showing all the locations in the Sitemap on some installations
2.3.1 March 12, 2021
Improved: Check if the current product has an AggregateOffer before adding the variations data in the Schema Markup
Fixed: Code validation tab was not working in the Schema Templates
v2.3.0 March 8, 2021
Added: [HUGE!] An option to enable Cookieless Google Analytics tracking [No Consent Required – GDPR Friendly]
Added: [HUGE!] An option to self-host Google Analytics JS file for outstanding performance
Added: An option to disable the Local Sitemap or the KML file
Added: Compatibility with the Presto Player plugin to detect Vimeo videos
Improved: Added proper feedback after importing the redirections using a CSV file
Improved: Description for the Local SEO options
Fixed: Auto-update was failing if both free & PRO versions had updates available
Fixed: Import Schema using code was not working
Fixed: Blank rows were appearing on some installations in the Rank Tracker table
Fixed: A PHP fatal error Cannot use RankMathGoogleAnalytics as Analytics appearing on some installations
Fixed: Wrong ‘Edit’ button link in the single-post Analytics report on multisite installations
Fixed: Code validation tab was not showing complete Schema code when trailing slash was removed from the permalink structure or when remove product base option was enabled
Fixed: Movie Schema was not printing above or below the content when using the location option
Fixed: A PHP notice on the Product category archive pages & in the changelog popup
Fixed: Hidden, & No-Indexed Products were appearing in the Sitemap incorrectly
Fixed: The Sitemap index was not showing custom taxonomy archive Sitemap
Fixed: A wrong link in the KML file, linking back to the homepage
Fixed: Local KML file was not showing the data from the Local SEO settings when multiple locations option was disabled
v2.2.0 February 17, 2021
Improved: The Local SEO PRO is more powerful and easy-to-use than ever
Improved: The UX of creating multiple locations is more user-friendly than ever in the RM Location CPT (custom post type)
Improved: Sample Shortcode is shown inside the Local Business Schema type. This Shortcut can add Location data to any editor like Classic, Elementor, Divi, Oxygen, etc.
Improved: The overall speed and security of the plugin
Improved: locations.kml Sitemap is generated automatically when the Local SEO module is enabled, and the geo-coordinates are added
Improved: Multiple locations are also included in the KML file when the Multiple Locations option is enabled
Improved: Disabled Classic editor support for the Multiple Location CPT
Improved: Elementor’s integration with the multi-site network. There is no need to enable the Rank Math & the Elementor plugins network-wide to utilize the Elementor SEO integration
Fixed: Graph line colors were not matching with the filters in some places
Fixed: Schema Shortcode was showing incorrect seo_title & description when used in posts other than the parent post
Fixed: A fatal error when searching a location in the Store Locator block
Fixed: Single page Analytics reports were not working on some installations
Fixed: The Analytics button was not working on individual posts when using the Classic Editor
v2.1.1.1 February 9, 2021
Fixed: URLs not appearing in the News Sitemap
v2.1.1 February 5, 2021
Fixed: FAQ Schema markup showing error if HTML tags are used in the answer area
v2.1.0 February 3, 2021
Improved: This update focuses on the Schema Markup and gives you a competitive edge over your competitors
Added: Automation of the Schema templates now work on the single posts of the taxonomy pages (categories & tags). That is, the display conditions now work with the taxonomy pages as well
Added: NEW! Schema tab on the taxonomy (categories & tags) pages so you can add custom Schema to archive pages as well
Added: Auto-update now works with the PRO version as well
Added: The Beta feature now works with the PRO version as well
Added: A filter to change the CSV separator character when importing the data into Rank Math
Added: Added an option to send an email when an update is available for the Rank Math SEO PRO plugin
Improved: The overall speed and security of the plugin
Improved: isPartof, mainEntityofPage, & inLanguage properties are not added by default to the custom Schema
Improved: We now show a warning when someone tries to add FAQ or HowTo Schema using the Schema Generator instead of using the Blocks provided in the plugin
Improved: The imported Schema’s order will not change after updating the post
Improved: When importing redirections for 410 type, the destination column is not required anymore
Fixed: An PHP error with the Schema Markup of the category pages when Schema templates were used
Fixed: The inner pages of the Site Analytics tab was not showing any data for Google Search Console. It should show all the data correctly now
Fixed: An error showing up in the News Sitemap on some installations
Fixed: The regular Product Schema in the WooCommerce products was not showing the Schema code in the validation tab
Fixed: The customfield variable was not working in the Sitemap
Fixed: Opening Hours option was becoming hidden after saving the Location post
Fixed: The location block in the Local SEO was not showing the openingHours value for the new locations posts
Fixed: Several small issues and improve the overall code of the plugin
v2.0.9 January 8, 2021
Added: There’s a new tool to scan all the old posts for YouTube & Vimeo videos for adding automated Video Schema to those posts
Added: Include the images added by the ACF Image/Gallery field in the Sitemap
Added: Persian (Iran) language support
Updated: List of Local Business types supported by Schema.org
Updated: German translation
Fixed: A PHP fatal error on activating the PRO version on some websites where the free version was not already active
Fixed: %imagetitle% variable was not working in the Image SEO module
Fixed: A conflict with other plugins causing the slow backend when the PRO version’s update is available. From the next update, you should not face this issue
Fixed: A bug where the Cancel CSV import button was not working in the Redirections importer
Fixed: Global Identifier (GTIN, MPN, etc.) were not saving in the WooCommerce Variable products
Fixed: WooCommerce product images were not loading on the product pages on some installations when the ‘Show Global Identifier’ option was enabled
Fixed: Removed invalid properties like isPartOf, inLanguage & publisher from the Locations Schema](https://rankmath.com/kb/rich-snippets/)
Fixed: Schema Validation was not showing the latitude & longitude value from MediaOrganization Business type
Fixed: Once the image URL value was saved in the Local Business Schema](https://rankmath.com/kb/local-seo/) type, replacing that URL was not working
Fixed: An SQL error happening on some sites and/or the table creation process was failing silently
Fixed: News Sitemap was showing the post’s modified date instead of the post’s published date
v2.0.8.1 December 22, 2020
Fixed: Fatal error on PHP < 7.3, please update your PHP version to 7.3 or more.
v2.0.8 December 22, 2020
Added: Elementor Breadcrumbs widget!! Now, add breadcrumbs without using any code and styling using the native Elementor Options
Added: Convert Elementor Accordion widget into the FAQ Schema Markup
Added: An option to set a Custom Brand Name for the Product Schema in WooCommerce’s global settings
Added: An Option to set the Global Identifier [GTIN, ISBN, MPN etc.] for each WooCommerce product. The values will be used in the Product Schema and help fix all the Google Schema errors related to products
Added: An Option to show Global Identifier on the frontend along with the SKU value
Added: Show PRO version number in the System Status info
Added: Added new variables in the Image SEO module [imagealt & imagetitle]
Added: randomword variable. You can use this variable to print a random word in the SEO meta. You can use it like randomword(word1|word2|word3)
Improved: Randomize Analytics’ cron jobs time instead of resetting on the GMT+0
Improved: Import upload date in the Auto-detected Video Schema from YouTube and Vimeo
Improved: Plugin’s update-message notice, if the user is not allowed to update the PRO version
Removed: interactionCount from the Video Schema markup
Fixed: Rank Math’s account connection issue when connecting from the setup wizard right after installing PRO version without ever configuring the Free version first
Fixed: Empty content table was showing in the SEO Performance tab on some installations in the Analytics module
Fixed: Option to filter posts by Schema type was not working properly
Fixed: Video ‘Auto-Detect’ option related to the Video Schema/Sitemap was not working on the first draft save
v2.0.7 December 12, 2020
Added: Minimum free version requirement check to avoid any error while updating the PRO version
Fixed: Singular page conditions in the Schema template’s Display Condition tab were not working as expected
Fixed: Compatibility issue with the Troubleshooting Mode in the Health Check plugin
v2.0.6 December 9, 2020
Added: Automatically fetch the duration for the autodetected YouTube and Vimeo videos in the Video Schema & Video Sitemap
Improved: Fetch the latest Keyword usage count whenever Rank Tracker page is opened
Updated: The German translation
Removed: video:width, & video:height tag from the Video Sitemap as those are not required anymore
Fixed: Analytics data was not updating in the Rank Math’s My Account page
Fixed: Code Validation tab was not for the static homepage
Improved: Removed duplicate code to reduce the plugin size further
Improved: Update page was showing old Rank Math icon
Fixed: Option to set Primary Category using the Quick Edit for the WooCommerce Products was not working
Fixed: PHP errors appearing on small installations
Fixed: Duplicate field error was showing in the HowTo Schema
Fixed: Category filter was not working in the Redirections when a term is present in multiple taxonomies
Fixed: save_post hook used in the Video Schema was breaking the cart page on some sites
Fixed: Location block was showing the post title instead of the Name added in the schema
Fixed: Map zoom option was not working in the Local Schema block
v2.0.5 November 29, 2020
Improved: Made plugin compatible with the PHP 8.0
Improved: Plugin’s plan handling that was causing a conflict with the Analytics module as well
Improved: Update-check mechanism to help show the updates properly on every server
v2.0.4 November 27, 2020
Improved: Restrict Schema output on password-protected pages
Fixed: Option to set the Video as family-friendly was not working in the Video Schema
Fixed: Duplicate entries in the Video Sitemap
Fixed: The option to add a new post type in the ToolSet plugin was not working
v2.0.3 November 20, 2020
Added: German & Russian translations
Improved: The PRO update will now need the update of the free version if both the updates are available
Improved: Added an option for the Video Schema to stop auto-generating of the thumbnail images from the embedded videos like YouTube
Improved: The PRO version will not be disabled when someone uses the rollback feature with the free version
Fixed: Duplicate product category issue happening on some WooCommerce installations
Fixed: The import Schema option from a custom code was not working when the Schema was not in an array format
Fixed: Some localization issues
Fixed: Video Sitemap duration was showing an incorrect value
Fixed: A PHP fatal error happening on some installations with the new Image SEO PRO
Fixed: A visible PHP error when someone changed between the easy and advanced modes in the setup wizard
Fixed: An issue where an incorrect PRO upgrade notice was showing up
v2.0.2 November 14, 2020
Added: A filter to remove media namespace from the feed
Fixed: The Compare Keywords option was not working in the Classic Editor when the Schema Module was disabled
Fixed: Divi Preview was failing on some installations
Fixed: Force-check update function was not working properly from the updates page
Fixed: Google Analytics data was not getting deleted if the ‘Delete Data’ option was used from the Analytics Settings
Fixed: uBlock & some other Ad Blocking browser extensions were falsely blocking Analytics page-related scripts
Fixed: jQuery Migrate deprecated notice was showing on the media page
Fixed: Schema-related about & mention options in the link popup of Classic Editor
v2.0.1 November 12, 2020
Fixed: Post editor incompatibility with WordPress version 5.4.4
Fixed: Local SEO Schema was showing the default address data in the publisher entity when multiple locations option was enabled
Fixed: Traffic difference was showing as negative when it was positive in the Site Analytics Tab
Fixed: Keyword Manager table not showing data after 20th keyword
Fixed: Check if the current user has the capability to single post Analytics data before adding the button in Sidebar/Metabox
v2.0.0 November 9, 2020
Plugin released!!
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