Qixer (v1.7.4) Multi-Vendor On demand Service Marketplace and Service Finder

Qixer Nulled
Qixer Nulled

Qixer Multi-Vendor On demand Service Marketplace and Service Finder Nulled v1.7.4 | Qixer Multi-Vendor On demand Service Marketplace and Service Finder Free Download v1.7.4 it has 4 home page variant which fit anyone needs for showcase your small/medium/larage service based business website. it’s a multi vendor service script, any one can register and offer his service via your this platform. It’s highly customisable, it comes with many awesome features, like Drag & Drop Page Builder, drag & drop menu builder, drag & drop form builder, drag & drop widget builder and many more. it’s compatible with Desktop, laptop, mobile and also compatible with major browsers.

we have added all the thing required for doing seo, seecially add og meta support for all the blog with facebook/twitter support. it support 20+ payment Gateway, Paypal, Stripe, Paytm, Flutterwave Rave, Razorpay, Mollie, Paystack, Midtrans, Mercado Pago, Cashfree, Payfast, Instamojo, Squareup, Cinetpay, Paytabs, BillPlz, Zitopay, Manual Payment , Bank Payment, Check Payment, Cash On Delivery Etc

Services Module

Services module is key feature of an this website , we have added all the thing you need to sale a service via this script, it has support all the thing, we have also add support for og meta and meta for each services

Seller Module

this script support multivendor services, means you can register vendor or they can register them self, admin will verify his sellership once seller profile is approve, seller can add his service base on admin added location/area/countries. seller can reqest for payout once he/she reach admin given minimum amount for withdraw.

Withdraw Module

Seller can request for payout any time from seller dashbaord, admin will be notified once it request for payout, then admin will pay it manually and confirm payment as complete.

TODO Module

in seller dashbaord it has todo option, seller can add any todo and check it once it completed.

Imformative Seller Dashboard

we have design seller dashboard based on all information seller often need to check. seller will see how much view get on his sercices


this script has notification systaem, when every anyone register as seller or any buyer order a servcies, system send mail to seller also it shown in the website notification area.

Support Ticket Module

This script comes with support Ticketing system, user can easily raise any ticket regarding their issue.

Admin Role Permission Module

It has in details user role Permissions, admin can decide by role which permission he/she want to give to other admin. super admin can control view/edit/create/delete any of the script module for any admin role.

Blog Module

This script also has blog module to make engage with user easily.

Facebook / Google Login

This script has option to login to this website using facebook or google accoount, it will give your user choice to make account in your website within quick time, it also has option in checkout page to make a new account using order details.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

Zaika comes with drag & drop page builder support. You can drag & drop any any of our prebuild page builder widget to create your own page. you have total control over the script site and pages

Drag & Drop Menu Builder

Zaika comes with drag & drop menu builder with mega menu support. You can drag & drop any menu item to short it, Or make it dropdown if you want. There has option to add mega menu and you can also select mega menu items.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Zaika comes with a great feature for your need is Drag & Drop Form Builder, it has text, number, email, select, checkbox, textarea, file etc fields. You can easily customise any form of this script. Also you can set is this field is required or not.

Drag & Drop Widget Builder

This Script comes with Widget Builder with 09 pre Made widget. You can build footer widget area with your needed widget. you can also use raw html for widget area, you can show newsletter widget or you can just show an image here. It’s up to you, you have full control over it.


Qixer Universal Addon Bundle for Qixer Free Download Link

Changelog Qixer Universal Addon Bundle for Qixer Nulled

Date : October 22, 2023

Version: 1.7.0

[fixed] Job Details Page Design Issue Fix
[fixed] Service List Page Filtering Issue Fix
[fixed] Admin User Edit Page Modal Name Issue Fix
[fixed] Category Image Alignment Issue Fix
[fixed] Order Email Template Issue Fix
[fixed] Job Request Email Template Issue Fix
[fixed] Order Invoice Issue Fix
[fixed] OTP Country Restriction Issue Fix
[fixed] Category Image Alignment Issue Fix

[New] Generate Sitemap
[New] Add Sub-Category Addon in Footer Widgets Area
[New] Header Addon Background Color Change Option
[New] Social Login Option in Register Page
[New] Admin OTP Send and OTP Verify for Sellers
[New] Admin Set Seller Service Location with Google Map
[New] Admin Add Seller
[New] Admin Login User Account
[New] Admin Notice Add
[New] Order Invoice Settings
[New] Admin Set Default Country
[New] Subcategory Not Required Option for Service Addition by Seller and Admin
[New] Seller Tax Number Add
[New] Add New Addon for All Seller Page with Search Option
Date : 31th Juny 2023

Version: 1.6.0

[added] New Home Page Design Added
[added] GEO Location support added
[added] SMS OTP support added
[added] New UI added in Service Booking page
[added] Geo location based search option adde
[added] Geo location based autocomplete location support added in order booking page

[fixed] subscription page issue fixed
[fixed] subscription payment free package renew multiple time within a month issue resolved, now can not take more than once a month, only able to renew before 2days of expiration 
[fixed] Billplz payment gateway issue fixed
[fixed] Manu untracked bugs fixed
Date : 2nd June 2023

Version: 1.5.0

[added] new ui added for seller/buyer panel
[added] enable/disable option added for seller/buyer panel ui
[added] new mobile app api added
[added] mobile app improvements
[added] service add and footer widget menu add widget added
[added] interactive service adding/editing/update option added
[added] added support for description in category/sub category/child category
[added] allow duplicate mobile number register
[added] user online/offline mode support added for live chat
[added] improve SEO markup in many places 
[added] seller job request list, job image url support added in api..
[added] buyer job controller job image url support added in api
[added] account delete api added
[added] add pagination support in user my-orders page api
[added] buyer job request list -> added seller info data api
[added] added support for already applied message in all jobs list api
[added] jobs list , image url support added
[added] admin commission api support added
[added] added job image and buyer info support to seller job request list api.
[added] my order sending now as descending orders
[added] added check in service details api, that user is logged in or not..
[added] added seller image support in buyer job request list api..
[added] create support ticket for seller api added
[added] automatic update support added
[added] latest security fixed by Laravel
[added] updated to Laravel 9 latest version

[fixed] fixed renew subscription showing blank screen
[fixed] live chat issue fixed
[fixed] job edit page validation error issue fixed
[fixed] job request page 500 error fixed
[fixed] subscription expired sending mail everydate issue fixed
[fixed] job apply page 500 error fixed
[fixed] fix my orders page sorting api issues
[fixed] chat http class missing issue fixed
[fixed] fix date timestamp issue in single order api route
[fixed] date to timestam conver in my-orders api
[fixed] error fix for my-order date timestamp api
[fixed] fix search area api error issue
[fixed] update attirbute , extra service decline, job request list issue fixed
[fixed] search api issue fixed
[fixed] extra service order api issue fixed

Date : 13 February 2023

Version: 1.4.6

[fixed] Category,  Sub Category  &  Child Category issue fix
[fixed] Service Create and Edit Meta Data Issue fix
[fixed] Service Benefit and Include service title issue fix
[fixed] Service Faqs Issue Fix
[fixed] Admin Commission issue Fix
[fixed] Order Invoice Page  issue Fix
[fixed] Seller verification issue Fix
[fixed] Seller and Admin Dashboard Report issue Fix
[fixed] Subscription issue fix  
[fixed] Email Template RTL Issue fix

[added] Manually order status change option  in  admin panel 
[added] Seller Panel in  All Orders Page Review  Option Add 
[added] Manually verify email in Admin Panel  Add
[added] Seller and Buyer Sidebar New All Services Orders Page Add
[added] Job Page  Filtering show/hide Option Add
[added] Buyer Profile Page Create
Date : 30 January 2023

Version: 1.4.5

[added] added meta data option of category
[added] added meta data option of sub category
[added] added meta data option of child category
[added] Service List Addon Filtering Country, City, Area, text search add
[added] Service List Addon Filtering Show/Hide option add
[added] Search service country, city, area add and on/off option in addon
[added] Home Page Header Search service country, city, area add and Show/Hide option in addon
[added] Add Service benifits issue fix
[added] Add Service Attributes (FAQ validation issue fix )
[added] Service FAQ Delete Option Add 
[added] (Start As Seller, Start As Seller 2) content show/hide option add and addon image issue fix
[added] Admin user wallet add 
[added] conversation page responsive issue fix
[added] About page addon text-area add and content  show/hide option add
[added] All orders page Active, Delivery, completed, cancel page mobile responsive title issue fix
[added] Todo list design issue fix
[added] Child category show page add
[fixed]  Buyer Job post hire cash on delivery payment gateway issue fix
Date : 16 January 2023

Version: 1.4.4

[fixed] order payment issue
[fixed] translation issue in few page
Date : 10 January 2023

Version: 1.4.3

[added] wallet addon api added
[added] now when admin delete a user , system will delete everything related to that user
[improvements] improve loading time of user page in admin panel
[improvement] remove apply now button from job details page for buyer
[improvement] copyright addon now support dynamic property for year and copyright symbol
[fixed] home page, profile page, services, jobs select issue solved
Date : 24 December 2022

Version: 1.4.2

[added] add option use local fonts instead of google fonts
[added] Buyer cannot delete their account. Must be possible as this is required by law in Europe. (GDPR)
[added] seller cannot delete their account, they can only Deactivate Account. Both options must be possible as this is required by law in Europe. (GDPR)
[added] add the option of a child category?
[added] new api support is added for report, wallet and many other improvement for mobile app
[added] push notification settings added, for add your own pusher/firebase credentials 

[improvement] make job image field optional
[improvement] seller/admin panel attribute offline/online convert in services

[fixed] did not show categories if it inactive in backend
[fixed] translation issue fixed in many places
[fixed] select search space not working issue fixed
[fixed] register page area/cities not working issue fixed
[fixed] user email verify template issue fixed
[fixed] wallet active/inactive not working issue solved
Date : 8 December 2022

Version: 1.4.1

[added] added load more option in category page for subcategory, it will increase user experience
Date : 25 November 2022

Version: 1.4.0

[added] new api implemented for seller app
[added] new api implemented for buyer app
Date : 23 November 2022

Version: 1.3.9

[added] Report Conversation between admin and seller (on order report)
[added] Report Conversation between admin and buyer(on order report)
[added] Seller connect will be reduce for each job apply. (if the subscription system enable)
[added] Order complete request send with image file (earlier only request)
[added] Order complete request history show both order details and history page
[added] Order will be cancel only the payment type cash on delivery (if payment status pending)
[added] If the payment status completed than the order will automatically active.
[added] Email template added for all emails.
[added] Service history (how many times services editte by seller with description).
[added] Report history
[added] Category service only show if the category status active.
[added] In admin panel all job requests show with conversation
[added] Admin can see buyer and seller conversation details in admin panel while. (job post order)
[added] Order extra service add in invoice
[added] Seller can buy subscription using his current balance[wallet addon]
[added] Seller can buy subscription using his wallet balance [wallet addon]
[added] Buyer can placed his order using wallet balance [wallet addon]
[added] email template editor added, where you can change content of each individual email template of this script
[added] admin can enable/disable buyer/seller login in frontend
Date : 4th November

Version: 1.3.8

[fixed] register page service area not showing issue solved
Date : 29th October 2022

Version: 1.3.7

[fixed] admin forget password email missing rest password url issue fixed
[fixed] seller ticket create issue solved
[fixed] subscription manual payment image not showing issue in admin panel

[added] added job posting addon support to the core code
[added] new page builder addon added for showcase seller profile
[added] added new page to showcase all sellers
[added] new mobile api added for live chat support in mobile app
[added] add option to enable/disable multiple booking in single schedule
[added] added option to set the service available in all cities and areas 
[added] bulk import feature added for area, cities, countries from csv file
[added] added support for build payment gateway addon for qixer by other developer. now any developer can make payment gateway addon without braking core script code, which will allow you to update core without effect your page builder addon.

[upgrade] upgrade payment gateway pacakge to latest version 2.0.17

[improvement] improve home page header search by adding counties and cities
[improvement] improve home page search user experience by showing a loading icon while system searching for their service
Date : 08th October 2022

Version: 1.3.6

[added] added option to add extra service after place an order, it will allow seller to add extra service as per buyer request. 
[added] added option to create services by admin, from admin panel.

[fixed] when subscription addon is installed and admin commission type is set to commission , system does not showing service in frontend, issue solved
Date : 21 September 2022

Version: 1.3.5

[added] upgrade php version to 7.4 to 8.0
[added] added squareup payment gateway support
[added] added cinetpay payment gateway support
[added] added paytabs payment gateway support
[added] added billplz payment gateway support
[added] added zitopay payment gateway support
[added] api support added for all payment gateway for mobile apps
[added] api upgrade for support subscription module addon
[added] tax system upgraded in apis
[added] improve adding schedule time for seller, seller can create one schedule time for all days once by checking a checkbox

[improvement] set ordering system for blog order by id descending 

[fixed] seller notification page issue fixed
Date : 16 september 2022

Version: 1.3.4

[fixed] order note is not showing in seller panel issue fixed
[fixed] gdpr not showing to new visitor issue solved
[fixed] contact message addon title field type changed slider to text
[fixed] why marketplace section title not showing properly issue fixed
[fixed] google recaptcha not working issue fixed for form builder
[fixed] admin commission not updating issue solved
[fixed] seller addon and live chat both addon active causing issue fixed.
Date : 10 September 2022

Version: 1.3.3

[added] seller subscription module support added
[added] add option enter title of contact widget of page builder
[added] changed MAD Currency Symbol to DH
[added] if anyone not add profile image it will show a dummy image now.
[added] raw html page builder addon added
[added] Only Image page builder addon added
[added] Text Editor page builder addon added
[added] added option in admin panel to set any page as term & condition page for register page

[fixed] register page country not working issue fixed
[fixed] mobile app api issue fixed for seller order detail
[fixed] spelling issue fixed in seller panel
[fixed] service details page faq showing even if it does not have data issue [fixed] service adding page spelling mistake issue fixed
[fixed] profile edit page now show cities base on user selected country

Date : 29 August 2022

Version: 1.3.2

[added User profile update from admin panel
[added] User password change from admin panel
[added] Send mail to user after update his/her profile and password from admin panel
[added] Tax system from admin panel
[added] country based Tax system added, now admin will set tax from services based on country.
[added] add filters on featured service
[added] add filters on best selling service
[added] add filters on online service

[fixed] register page country select not working
[improvement] add check mark because pencil is for EDIT, while checkmark is for approval
[improvement]  add a dummy image if anyone not set any image in our next update 
[improvement] show cities only of user selected country and show area only user selected city in edit profile page ( Seller)
Date : 29 June 2022

Version: 1.3.1

[added] seller app api added
[fixed] order page booking information frontend calculation issue solved
[fixed] few translate string issue fixed
Date : 24 June 2022

Version: 1.3

[added] new api added for mobile app
[added] service details page image gallery make background image so that all of them stay same height. 
[added] restructure category page
[added] restructure sub category page
[added] filter in category/subcategory page
[added] Live Chat Addon Support Added

[fixed] many translatable string issue fixed
[fixed] service list page subcategory issue fixed, it automatically load all the subcategory, not it will only load selected category subcategory for it.
[fixed] rename mercado pago secret key to access token when you are in live mode
[fixed] fixed service book page static $.00 text
Date : 24 June 2022

Version: 1.2.2

[added] new mobile api implemented
[added] minor improvement in the code base

[fixed] Email styling issue in gmail fixed
[fixed] verification mail not sending after register from mobile devices
[fixed] notification error issue fixed
[fixed] GMT -2 timezone getting wrong date while placing a booking issue fixed.
Date : 03 June 2022

Version: 1.2.1

[added] order report system added, now any buyer can report to any order to admin directly from his dashboard.
[added] now admin can mark any order as complete 
[added] admin can cancel any order from admin panel
[added] mobile api updated 

[fixed] seller now can not change the order status multiple time
[fixed] faq description is not showing in frontend issue solved
[fixed] notification page error issue fixed
[fixed] seller coupon issue solved
Date : 03 June 2022

Version: 1.2.0

[added] now user can change support ticket status from the support ticket list page
[added] added option to enable/disable decimal point 
[added] showing rating instead of showing rating points
[added] add option to create ticket by click on create new support ticket by buyer 
[added] added minimum character of input for seller description 
[added] make all service showcase image to bg image so that it look same in all services 
[added] manual payment gateway support added for seller payout
[added] added update mobile app api 
[added] google calendar integration added, when a buyer complete his order he can mark it in his google calendar now
[added] all mobile api is added

[fixed] seller will not see verification page again if he already verified his/her id
[fixed] bulk delete not working issue solved in orders page 
[fixed] buyer page support ticket issue solved
[fixed] seller now can not delete any order is payment completed
Date : 13 May 2022

Version: 1.1.1

[added] added support for login using email or username fro seller/buyer and admin
[added] added search support for search translatable source text
[added] restructure the codebase of translation and redesign it to make more user friendly
[added] add option to regenerate source text for translate, now you can regenerate translatable string anytime
[improved] remove review delete option for seller, so that they did not able to delete negative reviews
[added] added option for admin to decide whether user has to login to system before order or not for offline services
Date : 30 April 2022

Version: 1.1.0

[added] added support ticking for seller, now seller can create support ticket to admin for any order related help / issues
[added] added option to set rating from buyer dashboard, it will make review adding easier for buyer.
[added]  added pagination support in user rating in seller profile
[added] added support for online services, seller can now decide it offline service or online services. seller can set how much revision he will give, also in online booking the system will not show any date & time picker nor show any country/city/area, when any buyer order an online services the system will automatically generate a ticket to discuss with seller/buyer about their project, once seller done it seller will mark service as complete, and buyer need to approve it, then seller will be get paid. 
[added] added text editor support in service description, so that seller can now describe their service in better way
[added] added option for translate many fields, including services details and others things
[added] admin / seller will get notified if payment status change
[added] seller will get mail if seller payout request status change by admin 
[added] now admin will get notified when a new user/seller register in the system
[added] now when seller add a new service, admin will get mail to review it for approve.
[added] added support for video to services, now seller can add video for services it will show in services details page. for now it only support youtube video
[added] add support for image gallery for services, now any seller ca n add multiple images in services, it will shown as slider.
[added] added notice in seller panel with info if seller account it not verified seller can not create services, or admin will not approve it for buyer order.
[added] send mail on order place to seller/admin.
[added] seller / admin get notification mail when any seller submit information for verify seller account. once admin approve seller account, seller get notified by mail.
[added] add notes in seller payout modal so that seller understand how this payment will be process. also now showing seller notes in admin panel so that admin get seller withdraw account details and paid seller.

[added] added mail notification system for admin, now admin will get notified when new order placed by buyer, when any order status change admin will get mail, also when any payout request send from seller to admin now admin get mail.

[added] no any non verified seller can not create services, also admin can decide either only verified seller can add service or non verified also create service, although both service must have to approve by admin in order to show it in frontend.

[improvement] now admin can not add duplicate city or country or areas, system will detect duplicate entry and will show warning 
[improvement] make email responsive so that it look good in all mobile devices as well
[improvement] now confirmation email is also mobile responsive

[fixed] an error showing in service details page, if delete service related country/city/area 
[fixed] admin forget password showing 500 error
[fixed] order note not saving issue solved
[fixed] new seller no service layout issue fixed
[fixed] new seller no ticket layout break issue fixed
[fixed] new seller no day layout break issue solved
[fixed] remove language show/hide option from admin panel "general settings > basic settings", because this script does not support multilingual

Note: few more adding/fixed/improvement done are untracked.
Date : 8 April 2022

Version: 1.0.6

[fixed] license submit showing 500 error issue fixed
[fixed] language translate text revert back to original after change few text
[fixed] language make default get blank admin panel screen  when draft language set as default language
[fixed] services search details page static link on image issue fixed
[fixed] website pre loader color not changing issue solved
[fixed] header 04 addon icon not changing issue solved
[fixed] blog single page comment login modal close button not working issue fixed
[fixed] blog page slug issue solved

[improved] improved mobile device login dropdown style
[fixed] subcategory single page showing 404 error solved
Date : 1 April 2022

Version: 1.0.5

[fixed] seller verify not working issue fixed
[fixed] google/facebook login email verify issue fixed
[fixed] added option to change status of cash on deliver in seller panel.
[fixed] email verify code submit issue solved
Date : 28 March 2022

Version: 1.0.4

[added] gdpr cookie support added
[added] seller address and national id card verification system added
[added] order cancellation payment return system added
[added] manual payment gateway support added 

[improvement] improved seller profile page url for better seo now url will be yourwebsite.com/sellerusername
[improvement] location wise service only in order booking page
[improvement] added calendar support in order booking page
[improvement] seller order status change option improved with more logical way and can not able to change order status once it  completed by buyer.
[improvement] added note for seller order status to understand it properly

[fixed] media modal duplicate image showing issue solved
[fixed] admin commission page duplicate commission select option issue fixed
[fixed] Flutterwave cancellation error 500 issue fixed
[fixed] language edit words page issue solved
[fixed] category/subcategory/register page invalid name issue solved
[fixed] languages add new word page issue solved 

Date : 17 March 2022

Version: 1.0.3

[improved] not showing title if there is no additional service
[improved] not showing title if there is not other service from the seller
[improved] not showing title if there is no extra benefits text
[improved] remove author charge to from payment success page, so that customer did not see it. 
[fixed] email verify mail not sending issue solved
[fixed] category link in admin panel showing wrong
[fixed] category page builder widget showing wrong url
[added] added pagination in notifications page in seller panel
[fixed] fixed calculation issue if price is over thousand 
Date : 10 March 2022

Version: 1.0.2

[fixed] stripe issue with some specific currency fixed.
[fixed] after installation showing error 500 issue fixed
Date : 07 March 2022

[fixed] admin login showing undefined
[fixed] new seller not able to create services
[fixed] license showing error 500 
[fixed] image upload issue in seller panel
Date : 03 March 2022

Initial Release
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