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HashBar Pro - WordPress Notification Bar
HashBar Pro – WordPress Notification Bar

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HashBar Pro – WordPress Notification Bar Free Download v1.3.8 – CodeCanyon | HashBar Pro – WordPress Notification Bar Nulled v1.3.8 is a WordPress Notification / Alert / Offer Bar plugin that enables you to generate unlimited notification bars for customer notification. This plugin has the option to display email subscription form (it sometimes increases email subscriber up to 500 percent), offer text and buttons about your promotions. To make your notification bar more professional, this plugin has the possibilities to add infinite background colors and pictures.



HashBar Pro – WordPress Notification Bar Free Download Link


VERSION: 1.4.2 – DATE: 13 SEP 2023

  • Tweak: Filtered the gutenberg blocks link while displaying.
  • Fixed: Showing the notifications on search page issue.

VERSION: 1.4.1 – DATE: 05 SEP 2023

  • Fixed: Prevent allowing to input javascript: in the URL field in the notification bar, promo banner, and promo banner image block.

VERSION: 1.4.0 – DATE: 01 AUG 2023

  • Updated: Language file.

VERSION: 1.3.9 – DATE: 19 JUNE 2023

  • Added: Cookie expire time.

VERSION: 1.3.8 – DATE: 14 JAN 2023

  • Tweak: Updated all URLS which is treated as Malware URL by Wordfence plugin

VERSION: 1.3.7 – DATE: 12 JAN 2023

  • Tweak: Updated pattern image for WordFence DNS issue

VERSION: 1.3.6 – DATE: 26 DEC 2022

  • Fixed: Some bugs in the hashbar_btn shortcode

VERSION: 1.3.5 – DATE: 27 SEP 2022

  • Updated: Plugin list in the Recommendations menu
  • Fixed: Invisible directory of javascript file in Codestar library

VERSION: 1.3.4 – DATE: 11 AUG 2022

  • Fixed: Keep close bar option was not working after enabling show/hide scroll position.

VERSION: 1.3.3 – DATE: 25 MAR 2022

  • Added: No Follow and Sponsored attribute add in button.
  • Fixed: Hashbar block pattern disable for other post.

VERSION: 1.3.2 – DATE: 16 MAR 2022

  • Fixed: When Custom->All Posts is selected as the display location. The notification also displays for products.

VERSION: 1.3.1 – DATE: 13 FEB 2022

  • Added: Filter hook named hashbar_should_output
  • Fixed: Guentenberg block text missplacement

VERSION: 1.3.0 – DATE: 24 JAN 2022

  • Added: Countdown feature with lots of customization options
  • Added: Countdown Block for gutenberg editor
  • Removed: Update notice

VERSION: 1.2.8 – DATE: 2 DEC 2021

  • Fixed: image uploads url cnaged by hashbar post

VERSION: 1.2.7 – DATE: 13 NOV 2021

  • Fixed: Individually show or hide the show button in notificaiton bar
  • Fixed: Left and right’s wall notification bar width in mobile device.

VERSION: 1.2.6 – DATE: 6 NOV 2021

  • Added: Option to notification show button enable disable

VERSION: 1.2.5 – DATE: 16 OCT 2021

  • fix issue of admin bar dropdown menu cover by notification bar
  • fix jQuery load function deprecated issue


  • Completely Rewrites: Old CSS & the JS codes (Clearing cache after updating to this version is recommended)
  • Improved: Metabox options to make it more user friendly & serve better user experience
  • Improved: A few options names to describe the usages of those options more clearly
  • Added: Analytics feature
  • Added: Option to show/hide notification based on scroll position
  • Added: Option to keep the notification bar closed by using cookie
  • Added: Option to set notification for Specific Posts / Pages / Products (Previously it was available in the PRO version only)
  • Updated: Background image field data type (previously it was “string” from now the field type is “array”)

VERSION: 1.2.3 – DATE: 26 AUG 2021

  • Fixed: Gutenberg widget conflict problem

VERSION: 1.2.2 – DATE: 14 AUG 2021

  • fixed: fix notification bar conflicting issue with promobanner.
  • fixed: fix notification bar menu cover issue with scrolling.
  • Added: only show and only hide notification and promo banner with scrolling.

VERSION: 1.2.1 – DATE: 02 AUG 2021

  • fixed: multiple promo banner selector issue.
  • fixed: improve scroll position accurate value.

VERSION: 1.2.0 – DATE: 19 JUL 2021

  • Added: Promo Banner gutenberg block.
  • Added: Promo Banner image gutenberg block.
  • Added: Enable Mobile Device break poing option
  • Added: Option for Promo Banner show hide with scroll positon.
  • Added: Top and bottom position for Promo Banner

VERSION: 1.1.9 – DATE: 27 MAY 2021

  • Pro version deactivate option on activate the light version
  • add pro feature only for showing and highlight the pro version.

VERSION: 1.1.8 – DATE: 18 JAN 2021

  • Remove Material icon dependency
  • Add svg icon

VERSION: 1.1.7 – DATE: 2021-01-06

  • Capability With latest WordPress version

VERSION: 1.1.6 – DATE: 2020-12-01

  • Add alignment option in block.
  • Fix blang p tag issue.

VERSION: 1.1.5 – DATE: 2020-10-25

  • Gutenbeg block Issue solved.

VERSION: 1.1.4 – DATE: 2020-10-25

  • Add content margin and padding option.
  • Enable gutenbeg block.
  • Add hashbar button shortcode as gutenberg block in block editor.

VERSION: 1.1.1 – DATE: 2020-04-25

  • Divi conflict issue solved.
  • Mobile body Extra space issue solved. (thanks to mikeydiamonds)
  • Avada mobile menu conflict issue solved

VERSION: 1.1.0 – DATE: 2020-03-30

  • Multiple Activation Issue Solved.
  • Close Button Style issue solved.
  • Meta box conditional Field issue solved.
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