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Gravity Perks Nulled
Gravity Perks Nulled
Gravity Perks
Gravity Perks 

 Download Free Gravity Perks All Addons Pack v2.3.6

Gravity Perks All Addons Pack Nulled v2.3.6 – Gravitywiz | Gravity Perks All Addons Pack Free Download v2.3.6 is a premium WordPress plugin that automatically allows you to effortlessly install and easily manage easy-to-use enhancements (aka “perks”) for Gravity Forms. Perks WP Plugins Nulled are like bonus features for Gravity Forms Nulled. They are small single-purpose plugins which are proudly designed to be easy to use and beautifully integrate seamlessly with Gravity Forms.

Gravity Perks Nulled is a platform and delivery system for “perks”. Install Gravity Perks and then activate whichever perks make Gravity Forms more awesome for you. It’s like JetPack but specifically for Gravity Forms.


  • Zealously Supported

Gravity Perks is zealously supported by the whole Gravity Wiz team Nulled, which includes a core Gravity Forms Nulled developer. We are eager and able to help!

  • Seamless Integration

Don’t waste time learning a new system. Gravity Perks Nulled seamlessly integrates with Gravity Forms’ existing interfaces.

  • Forward Compatibility

Buying Gravity Perks Nulled grants you access to all perks. That’s 45+ and counting!

  • Manage in the Admin

Install and manage your perks right from the WordPress admin. Get the features you need without the hassle of installing plugins manually.

  • New Perks Regularly

New perks are developed throughout the year. We average a new perk every 3 – 4 months. Access new perks for free (up to your license limit).

Dependable Documentation

We take pride in our documentation. Each perk is exhaustively documented before it is published and kept up-to-date with each release.

  • Dependable Documentation

We take pride in our documentation. Each perk is exhaustively documented before it is published and kept up-to-date with each release.


Gravity Perks Addon List

  • Gravity Perks v2.3.4
  • Gravity Perks Advanced Save & Continue v1.0.13
  • Gravity Perks Limit Choices v1.7.13
  • Gravity Perks Unique ID Plugin v1.5.2
  • Gravity Perks Auto Login v2.2.3
  • Gravity Perks Media Library v1.2.28
  • Gravity Perks Nested Forms v1.1.42
  • Gravity Perks Multi-page Navigation v1.2.4
  • Gravity Perks eCommerce Fields v1.2.23
  • Gravity Perks Copy Cat v1.4.72
  • Gravity Perks Preview Submission v1.3.14
  • Gravity Perks Email Users v2.0.6
  • Gravity Perks Limit Submissions v1.1.12
  • Gravity Perks Conditional Logic Dates v1.2.13
  • Gravity Perks Conditional Pricing v1.4.9
  • Gravity Perks Better User Activation v1.2.10
  • Gravity Perks Live Preview v1.6.8
  • Gravity Perks Reload Form v2.1.6
  • Gravity Perks Limit Checkboxes v1.3.13
  • Gravity Perks Read Only v1.9.19
  • Gravity Perks PayPal One-time Fee v2.0 – 1.1
  • Gravity Perks Limit Dates v1.1.25
  • Gravity Perks Post Content Merge Tags v1.3.12
  • Gravity Perks Pay Per Word v1.2
  • Gravity Perks Disable Entry Creation v2.0.3
  • Gravity Perks Word Count v1.6.3
  • Gravity Perks Blacklist v1.3.6
  • Gravity Perks Expand Textareas v1.1.1
  • Gravity Perks Placeholder v1.3.7
  • Gravity Perks File Upload Pro v1.3.12
  • Gravity Perks Populate Anything v2.0.24
  • Gravity Perks Entry Blocks v1.0-alpha-2.31
  • Gravity Perks Advanced Calculations v1.0.15
  • Gravity Perks Inventory v1.0-beta 3.27
  • Gravity Perks Notification Scheduler v1.3.6
  • Gravity Perks Advanced Phone Field v1.0.19
  • Gravity Perks Easy Passthrough v1.9.28
  • Gravity Perks QR Code v1.0.10
  • Gravity Perks Date Time Calculator v1.0-beta-4.16
  • Gravity Perks Google Sheets v1.0-beta-2.10
  • Gravity Perks Page Transitions v1.0.24
  • Gravity Perks Advanced Select v1.0
  • Gravity Perks Auto List Field v1.0.4
  • Gravity Perks Blocklist v.1.3.4
  • Gravity Perks Address Autocomplete v1.2.17
  • Gravity Perks Randomizer v1.0.5

Changelog Gravity Perks Nulled

## 2.2.9

	- Improved performance by decreasing the number of calls to `get_plugins()`.

## 2.2.8

	- Fixed issue where a license validation function was being called on every request.
	- Improved permission handling of Gravity Wiz licenses and perk registration on subsites for users who are not network admins.
	- Improved license API performance on WordPress multisite.
	- Fixed issue where license data would become cached which would cause some actions such as refreshing, registering perks, and deregistering perks to not always show the correct information.
	- Added "Update URI" to plugin header to improve security.

## 2.2.7

	- Fixed positional tooltip issues introduced in Gravity Forms 2.5.6.
	- Added `gperks_tooltips_initialized` jQuery event to be used by Perks adding tooltips after initial load.

## 2.2.6

	- Fixed a potential issue where some perks may display settings in the wrong tab.
	- Updated field setting group label styles.

## 2.2.5

	- Added ASM Select so perks no longer need to include this individually.

## 2.2.4

	- Added additional helper styles for Gravity Forms 2.5 field settings.
	- Fixed issue where some perks relied on a script file that was loaded in footer.
	- Fixed issue where Perk minimum requirements would not be enforced in some situations.

## 2.2.3

	- Added support for customizing Gravity Forms tooltips.
	- Updated admin scripts to be output to the footer.
	- Added default styles for new `.gp-tooltip-right`. Used by tooltips that are close to the right side of the screen (particularly in the field settings).
	- Added new styles for child settings in Gravity Forms 2.5.
	- Fixed issue where Perk minimum requirements would not be enforced in some situations.

## 2.2.2

	- Fixed issue where minimum requirement admin notices were not displayed in WordPress dashboard. Gravity Forms 2.5 no longer shows notices on their settings pages.
	- Fixed issue where double notices were displayed on plugin row.
	- Fixed issue where perks' init was not correctly halted when min requirements were not met in Gravity Forms 2.5.

## 2.2.1

	- Fixed issue where request URL was not logged accurately.
	- Updated affiliate URL.
	- Added support for Gravity Forms 2.5. (#9)
	- Added support for disabling animation when toggling settings.
	- Added styles for Select2 with .gp-selectwoo selector.
	- Added support for enabling import/export of feeds for a given Gravity Perk by using the gravityperks_export_feeds_PLUGIN-SLUG filter.
	- Fixed styling of plugin row notices and disable auto-updater if license is not registered.

## 2.2

	- Added full support for Gravity Forms 2.5!
	- Added gf-legacy-ui body class on admin pages to allow perks to target specific styles to versions of Gravity Forms prior to 2.5.
	- Added support for a Perks tab for field settings in the GF 2.5 form editor.
	- Added helper functions for determining if a given version of GF is active.
	- Added default styling for GF 2.5's implementation of SelectWoo.
	- Fixed tooltips on Manage Perks page to work with GF 2.5.
	- Fixed issue where license setting did not have autocomplete disabled.

## 2.1.11

	- Fixed issue where extraneous HTTP requests checking for announcements would be sent from the WordPress admin dashboard when used in conjunction with W3 Total Cache's Object Caching.

## 2.1.10

	- Fixed issue where checking for add-on-specific requirement would create infinite recursion.

## 2.1.9

	- Removed deprecated Markdown library.
	- Added security enhancements.

## 2.1.8

	- Fixed potential warning if the Gravity Perks updater isn’t provided the optimal data format.

## 2.1.7

	- Updated perk settings view to require "manage_options" capability instead of "update_plugins".

## 2.1.6

	- Fixed an issue where certain API calls going to Gravity Wiz (such as checking for announcements) weren’t being cached.

## 2.1.5

	- Added security enhancements to perk settings API.

## 2.1.4

	- Fixed fatal error introduced in 2.1.3.

## 2.1.3

	- Fixed security issue.
	- Fixed notice generated when fetching available perks and no license key is specified.

## 2.1.2

	- Fixed several fatal errors that occurred when running older versions of Gravity Forms.
	- Fixed issue where unmet minimum requirements did not prevent GP_Plugin-based perks from initializing.
	- Updated minimum required version of Gravity Forms to fix fatal errors where GFAddon::meets_minimum_requirements() did not exist.

## 2.1.1

	- Fixed issue where Gravity Wiz API wouldn't have its cache cleared

## 2.1

	- Updated licensing and updates API for significant performance improvements.

## 2.0.12

	- Fixed issue with usage of WP_CONTENT_DIR; replaced with WP_PLUGIN_DIR

## 2.0.11

	- Added GP_Late_Static_Binding::Perk_value_pass_through() method.

## 2.0.10

	- Added support to disable API SSL verification with “edd_sl_api_request_verify_ssl” filter

## 2.0.9

	- Fixed fatal error that could occur when Gravity Forms was not loaded.

## 2.0.8

	- Fixed notice that could occur when Gravity Forms was deactivated.
	- Improved Perk installation experience by reducing the number of calls to
	- Updated API to use HTTPS

## 2.0.7

	- Fixed fatal error that occurred when fetching announcements when Gravity Forms was not loaded and announcements were not cached.

## 2.0.6

	- Fixed fatal error that occurred when attempting to log when Gravity Forms was not loaded.

## 2.0.5

	- Fixed fatal error that could occur when register_scripts() was called when Gravity Forms was not loaded.

## 2.0.4

	- Fixed notices generated by deprecated functions in PHP 7.2.

## 2.0.3

	- Added support for enforcing minimum requirements for GP_Plugin/GP_Feed_Plugin-based perks.

## 2.0.2

    - Fixed issue where incorrect response for announcements would cause PHP notices
    - Fixed confusing message when running into license site limit
    - Upgrade links/buttons are no longer disabled

## 2.0.1

	- Fixed issue where incorrect URL was used to check, activate and deactivate licenses.
	- Fixed issue where announcements did not show up for non-English sites.

## 2.0

	- Added GP_Plugin and GP_Feed_Plugin to integrate with Gravity Forms Add-on Framework.
    - Added support for announcements; short banner messages with news and updates about Gravity Perks.
    - Added support for new license types (Basic, Advanced, Pro).
    - Added license toolbar on Manager Perks page.
    - Added GRAVITY_PERKS_VERSION constant for managing plugin version.
    - Fixed a myriad of notices.
    - Removed a myriad of unused legacy code.
    - Removed settings page.

## 1.2.26

	- Added GRAVITY_PERKS_VERSION constant.
	- Added support for GW_STORE_URL for easier local development.

## 1.2.25

	- Replaced Markdown library to resolve several PHP errors.

## 1.2.24

	- Fixed fatal error when Gravity Forms was deactivated before Gravity Perks.

## 1.2.23

	- Fixed fatal error w/ older versions of PHP and the usage of namespaces.

## 1.2.22

	- Fixed error on multisite installs where Gravity Perks prevented any plugin from being networked activated if GP was activated but not network activated.
	- Improved styling on plugin table.

## 1.2.21

    - Added doing-it-wrong notice when a perk is instantiated too early.
    - Fixed styling of no license and update required messages on the Plugins page.
    - Fixed issue where 3rd party plugin could cause fatal error on perk's settings pages.

## 1.2.19

	- Replaced Markdown library to resolve on-going conflicts with newer versions of PHP (7+).
	- Fixed issue where Gravity Perks updates were not displaying correctly do to an encoding issue in the API request.


    - Added 'gp-child-settings' helper style for use in Form Editor.


    - Fixed fatal error when activating plugin in Network mode due to removed function.
    - Fixed notice generated due to missing 3rd parameter for 'update_plugin_complete_actions' filter.


    - Fixed issue where WP Engine's PHP validator was throwing a false positive error when PHP version was upgraded.


    - Updated GP_Perk::generate_options() method to better handle numeric associative arrays.


    - Fixed issue where in some cases the perk post-installation actions would show up for non-perk plugins.


    - Fixed issue with perk installation and updates for Windows servers.
    - Changed plugin author to Gravity Wiz.


    - Updated plugin URL
    - Fixed PHP standards issue

## 1.2.18

    - Fixed fatal error introduced in 1.2.17

## 1.2.17

    - Fixed PHP7 warnings with Markdown class.

## 1.2.16

    - Fixed strict standards notice for GravityPerks::register_perk_activation_hooks() being called statically.
    - Updated adminOnly check to use object notation rather than gwar()

## 1.2.15

    - Fixed notice that occurs when 3rd party plugins return an invalid form object or a bad form ID is provided to the GF shortcode

## 1.2.14

    - Added support for activation hooks for perks

## 1.2.13

    - Added CSS style for styling perk field setting rows

## 1.2.12

    - Renamed GWPerk class to GP_Perk; GWPerk class is still accessible.
    - Added GP_Perk::doing_ajax() method to deterine if an AJAX action is being processed.

## 1.2.11

    - Added GWPerk::add_css_class() helper function for adding a new CSS class to an existing CSS class string
    - Added better translation support (and including new .pot file with plugin)
    - Updated welcome pointer verbiage
    - Updated admin.css with proper formatting
    - Fixed minor security issue where unsanitized value would be stored in database. Props: Jeremy Felt

## 1.2.10

    - Updated settings page to always check license status after saving settings; resolves issues where license is renewed by remains invalid in cache
    - Updated GravityPerks::flush_license() to also flush cached get_perks() response
    - Updated GWAPI::get_api_args() with a 'timeout' of 15 to further diminsh the impact of any downtime on client websites
    - Updated styling on Manage Perks page to better equalize the heights of perk listings


    - Added support for getting perk file name based on perk name; required for older perks moving to GP_Bootstrap


    - Updated "Perks" menu permission from "administrator" to "update_plugins"


    - Updated Manage Perks page to automatically hiding Install Perks tab when user does not have ability to install plugins

## 1.2.9

    - Public release of 1.8.x changes to encourage updates.
    - Updated to work with new API
    - Fixed issue where newer perks were not visible in Inactive Perks section when deactivated


    - Added GWPerk::register_noconflict_styles() method for registering "No Conflict" styles


    - Fixed lingering issue with GP and individual perk updates caused by different in http vs https on activated URL
    - Updated GWAPI to clean up & consolidate API parameters and request arguments


    - Added versions to all enqueued scripts so new versions will force a refresh on cached script files


    - Required for the new GP Limit Dates perk.
    - Added gperk.togglePerksTab() function; allows toggling the perks tab when any field setting changes


    - Added support for GWPerk::$prefix property; used by GWPerk::key() method for future-proof setting names


    - Added helper styles for field settings
    - Added template for tooltips: GravityPerks::$tooltip_template
    - Fixed issue where activating perks from non-network admin was giving warning that Gravity Perks must be network activated


    - Fixed issue where 'extra_plugin_headers' usage was overriding 3rd party headers set via the same hook


    - Fixed notice caused when no slug is set on the plugin object.


    - Fixed issue where version info was not loading correctly due to slug changes in


    - Reverted; added correct slug via API response
    - Fixed styling issue with Perk menu highlight on first-run
    - Updated several usages of GWPerks to GravityPerks
    - Added escaping to several API calls
    - Added "gperks_loaded" action; will be used to load perks via bootstrap


    - Fixed issue where updates for perks with WP 4.2 were not working due to invalid slug


    - Fixed strict standards notices in GWNotice class
    - Fixed styling issue in Perks Settings view

## 1.2.8

    - Added support for dynamic hooks for the "gform_field_appearance_settings" filter
    - Added logging to the GWAPI::pre_set_site_transient_update_plugins_filter() method
    - Fixed issue where GP stylesheet was not included when GF no-conflict mode was enabled
    - Fixed issue where https site URLs were failing license validation if originally activated for http site URL


    - Added logging support!
    - Added logging to the GWAPI::perks_plugins_api_filter() method which handles retrieving the download package when installing new perks
    - Update: refactored GravityPerks::display_plugin_row_message() method
    - Fixed notice in GravityPerks::save_last_modified_plugin() method

## 1.2.7

    - Updated order of page checks in GWField::filter_input_html() so entry_detail_edit is checked before entry_detail
    - Fixed typo in error message when GWField::input_html() is not correctly overridden

## 1.2.6

    - Added support for uninstallation process for perks
    - Added GravityPerks::drop_tables() and GWPerk::drop_tables() to support dropping tables more readily
    - Added GWPerk::init() to better support GWPerk::setup(), classes which extend the GWPerk class can now call parent::init() to include standard init functionality
    - Added GWPerk::maybe_setup() which will call GWPerk::setup() if the version is set and has changed
    - Added GWPerk::drop_options() to drop all perk related options on uninstall
    - Updated GWPerks::dynamic_setting_actions() to be static (resolved a lot of notices)
    - Fixed styling issue with failed requirements icon on Manage Perks page
    - Fixed JS bug where gform_apply_tooltip was no longer available
    - Miscellaneous code cleanup

## 1.2.5

    - Added GWPerk::register_script() to register scripts and simultaneously register them as no conflict

## 1.2.4

    - Added GWPerk::register_preview_style() method to support loading style in GF preview mode
    - Added GWPerks::dynamic_setting_actions() to add position based filters for easier display on form editor
        (i.e. gform_field_standard_settings_1, gform_field_standard_settings_100, gform_field_standard_settings_250, etc )
    - Fixed issue in GWAPI::perks_plugins_api_filter() to only use $args->_slug if defined
    - Fixed issue with GWPerk::register_noconflict_script() method

## 1.2.3

    - Added new parameter $input_id to 'gform_save_field_value' filter
    - Fixed license success/failure images which are no longer included with Gravity Forms
    - Fixed fatal error which occured when perk with custom field type was placed on a form with any field set to adminOnly
    - Updated admin input styles to override default GF styling

## 1.2.2

    - Added runtime cache for Gravity Perks update checker
    - Fixed JS issue where hasOwnProperty was not checked for properties array
    - Updated GWAPI::get_perks() to correctly return false rather than null
    - Updated GWAPI::get_perks() method to no longer cache API response when download URL is included
    - Updated GWAPI::get_perks() cache to 12 hours (down from 24 hours)
    - Removed deprecated method: GravityPerks::remote_get_perk()
    - Removed plugin cache clearer code

## 1.2.1

    - Added GWAPI::get_site_url() to return current site making API request
    - Added GravityPerks::is_debug() method for use in debugging
    - Added setup process for version changes; forcing licensing to be revalidated on new versions

    - Updated GWPerks class to GravityPerks; GWPerks now extends GravityPerks class for backwards compatibility
    - Updated GravityPerks::get_license_key() method to trim the license key
    - Updated remote GWAPI calls to pass URL; fixes issue where user's were getting "Install package not available"

    - Fixed styling issue with Perk listings on Manage Perks page

## 1.2

    - Added debugging output for license validation
    - Added 24 hour transient caching to GWApi::get_perks()
    - Added 24 hour cache to Gravity Perks version API call

    - Updated GWPerk::get_perk() to check for singleton class before getting new instance of class
    - Updated GWPerk::include_field() to check for singleton class before getting new instance of class
    - Updated API get requests to use "Gravity Perks x.x.x" as the user agent to avoid caching issues with WP Engine
    - Updated GWPerk::get_plugins() method to clear the plugin cache if the 'Perk' plugin header is not available.
    - Updated GWPerk->get_perk() method to convert "-" in perk filename to "_".
        example: gp-nested-forms.php => gp_nested_forms (class is actually GP_Nested_Forms)
    - Updated/enhanced the GWPerk->include_field() method to allow including the fields.php in an '/includes/' folder
    - Updated cache time on valid license check from 15 minutes to 24 hours
    - Updated GPerks::init() to be a static function
    - Updated priority of 'update_plugins' transient modifer to 99 to bypass issues where other plugins modify the transient incorrectly or fail to return it (for both Gravity Perks and Perks)
    - Updated minimum WordPress version to 3.7 (requires jQuery Tabs 1.10 or greater)
    - Updated gperk.addTab() method to bind tab loading events to 'beforeActivate' rather than the deprecated 'select'

    - Fixed notice when updating themes and no "plugin" index is available in $_REQUEST
    - Fixed notices relating to 'gf_tooltip_init' no longer being included with GF
    - Fixed issue in manage_perks.php where invalid perk caused a fatal error
    - Fixed various code formatting issues

    - Removed some old, commented-out code; cleaning is fun!

    - GWField: Added support for filtering the field content via the 'gform_field_content' filter
    - GWField: Added GWField->has_field_type() method for determining if a given form object contains the current field's field type
    - GWField: Various updates/improvements to GWField class

## 1.1.7

- Fixed issue where license check for "inactive" license was failing to auto-activate license

## 1.1.6

- Updated GWPerk->get_base_url() method to use plugins_url(), which auto-handles http/https; WP_UPLOAD_URL does not

## 1.1.5
- Fixed issue where license check was return "site_inactive" status; GWPerks::is_valid_license() will now attempt to activate license if this status is returned

## 1.1.4

- Added support for testing perk management on local servers

## 1.1.3

- Fixed issue where the 'Perk' plugin header was not added soon enough causing activation of some plugins to fail to load it

## 1.1.2

- Updated min GF version
- Updated tooltip functionality on Manage Perks page to work with new GF tooltips

## 1.1.1

- Fixed issue where other plugin's incorrect usage of the 'plugins_api' hook was preventing perks from being installed

## 1.1

- Resolved issue with WP 3.6, jQuery UI Tabs no longer supports "add" method

## 1.0.7

- Added Markdown() support on Manage Perks page as a temporary fix until old perks that rely on this function can be updated

## 1.0.5

- Added support for returning URL for documentation

## 1.0.4

- Added missing 'gravityperks' textdomain to several strings

## 1.0.3

- Fixed issue where plugin updates were not showing up when GP was active

## 1.0.2

- Fixed an issue where if the user submitted their license key with a space at the beginning or end it would correctly validate, but then fail when they attempt to download a perk.

## 1.0.1

- Updated perk install link to use subsites update.php rather than the network

## 1.0

- Added own helper functions for retrieving values from arrays, $_GET & $_POST. Reliance on GFs was resulting in too many unexpected fatal errors.
- Updated interaction with storefront API
- Updated many unused functions to be commented out for later review and removal
- Updated constant URLs
- Fixed error with documentation markdown call

## 1.0.beta4.5

- Updated has_valid_license() function to only check once per execution
- Fixed fatal error when attempting to use multisite function on non-network install
- Updated font color style on "Install Update" button on "Manage Perks" page
- Added caching for valid license check
- Fixed issue where gwget() was not available and generating fatal error
- Added GWPerks::is_gravity_page() function which checks if RGForms exists before running RGForms::is_gravity_page() check
- Fixed issue where if FTP credentials were requested, plugin package data was not retrieved and install failed
- Updated get_perk_info on the plugins_api hook to priority 11 to resolve issues where other plugins did not return $api

## 1.0.beta4

- Added support for retrieving individual perk change logs on Update Plugins page
- Updated handle_errors() to only count $pagenow as plugins.php if no 'action' parameter is set in the query string to avoid error message being output when on the delete confirmation screen
- Updated how plugin row message is output for perks.
- Added additional styles for perk documentation
- Added plugins.css which is output on the plugins.php page and handles styling perk-generated admin messages
- Added support for "header links" which includes "buy license", "register license", and "get support" conditionally based on valid license
- Fixed several issues with how error messages were being generated
- Added new pointer system along with a "tour" of pointers to familiarize new users with Gravit Perks
- Added system for adding requirements for perks
- Added support for showing failed requirements on manage perks page
- Added better support for perk actions: activate, deactivate, install, delete
- Added better support for managing perks on Network installs

## 1.0.beta3.2

- major improvements to network mode support
- fixed issue where 'gwp_active_perks' and 'gwp_active_sitewide_perks' options were not being updated correctly
- updated manage perks page to list installed perks in 'Active' and 'Inactive' sections
- added system for adding requirements for perks
- added support for showing failed requirements on manage perks page

## 1.0.beta3

- various bug fixes
- updated version

## 1.0.beta2.6

- Updated gwpSlide() function to support true boolean override

## 1.0.beta2.5

- Updated GWPerk::has_min_version() method to avoid T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM error

## 1.0.beta2.4

- Removed auto-update functioanlity for beta testers while that is polished
- Fixed issue where Perks form setting tab was being removed when there were no field settings

## 1.0.beta2.3

- Fixed issue where no perks returned from API was causing an issue

## 1.0.beta2.2

- Updated get_license_key() function to no longer use gwar() as this is not available during this time of the process

## 1.0.alpha2

- Added GWField model for easier creation of GF fields
- Fixed various minor issues.
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