eForm (v4.18.4) Creating WordPress Forms + Addons

eForm - WordPress Form Builder Nulled
eForm - WordPress Form Builder Nulled
eForm - WordPress Form Builder
eForm – WordPress Form Builder

eForm Creating WordPress Forms + Addons Nulled v4.18.4 – CodeCanyon |eForm Creating WordPress Forms + Addons Free Download v4.18.4 (Updated on 27th July 2018) that is also known FSQM Pro is an advanced and more flexible form builder that can easily be integrated into your own existing WordPress site. This is a complete form for quizzes, management solution, data collection, surveys, payment estimation and user feedback of all kinds.

eForm (Previously FSQM Pro) is an advanced and flexible form builder that can be integrated into your existing WordPress site. This is a complete form management solution, for quizzes, surveys, data collection, payment / cost estimation and user feedback of all kinds.

With the quick and easy drag and drop form builder, you can build unlimited forms and manage them from your admin dashboard. All submissions are stored in your eForm database, so you can view, track, analyze and act on the data you have captured. A user portal also allows registered users to review and track their submissions.

We have integrated eForm with the best in class e-mail newsletter providers and payment services, for even greater flexibility and security.

The mathematical tools will help you estimate cost and finalize payments. For quizzes you have a separate scoring system, so collect payment before you calculate and show the scoring certificate to users.

This robust and comprehensive form builder is the perfect combination of style and functionality: packed with all the elements you need, while clean and elegant to use.

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Changelog eForm – WordPress Form Builder Nulled

Version 4.18.0 (18 Aug, 2023)
> jQuery UI 1.13 compatibility fix.

    -  **Fix** - jQuery UI 1.13 compatibility fix.
Version 4.17.1 (12 Mar, 2023)
> Security update to the file uploader.

-   **New** - Automatically add random characters before filenames which are being uploaded.

Version 4.17.0 (22 September, 2021)
> Integration and Summary Table Improvements.

    - **New** - Accept format string and custom value in integration metadata.
    - **New** - Add format strings for page based scores.
    - **New** - Add new metadata configuration in webhook/zapier.
    - **New** - Add option to show additional rows with custom values in the summary details table.
Version 4.16.0 (23 August, 2021)
> Elementor and File upload improvements.

-   **New** - Elementor integration for forms and popup.
-   **New** - Add new sendy.co API in integration configuration.
-   **New** - reCaptcha integration for securing file uploads.
-   **Fix** - iFrame embed issues in older iOS devices.
Version 4.15.1 (16 July, 2021)
> Bug fixes.

-   **Fix** - PHP8 issue on some quiz forms.
-   **Fix** - Node sass compilation issue.
Version 4.15.0 (26 February, 2021)
> PHP 8 support & general improvements.

    -   **New** - Support PHP8.
    -   **New** - Add delimiter option in the WebHook integration.
    -   **New** - Option to send user notification email right away with WooCommerce integration.
    -   **Update** - Automatically pass URL parameters to iframe embedded forms with shortcodes, blocks and widgets.
    -   **Fix** - Use divs instead of h3 tags for error messages for SEO.
    -   **Fix** - PDFs and Email not respecting table color config.
    -   **Fix** - Block UI not working for User Portal block (Gutenberg).
    -   **Fix** - Length type conditional logic is incorrect for numeric input.
Version 4.14.2 (7 October, 2020)
> Improve iFrame embeds on iOS devices.

    -   **New** - Add iframe embed option to eForm Widget.
    -   **Fix** - iFrame embedded form height and width issue on iOS devices.
    -   **Fix** - Conflict between popup form and iFrame embedded form.
    -   **Fix** - iFrame embed width inside widgets and pages.
    -   **Fix** - Fancy math element not hiding properly on conditional logic.
    -   **Fix** - Use div in error messages instead of heading tags (SEO).
Version 4.14.1 (20 August, 2020)
-   **Fix** - Email template source not being deployed to production.
    -   **Fix** - Issue in form builder where empty form causes live view to fail.
Version 4.14.0 (19 August, 2020)
> Email templates & instant integration.

    -   **New** - Email templates to make changing email appearance easier.
    -   **New** - Option to embed forms in responsive iframes.
    -   **New** - Instant subscription to add to newsletter before form submission.
    -   **Fix** - File upload breaking on some themes like avada.
    -   **Fix** - Remove deprecated code for PHP 7.4 compatibility.
    -   **Fix** - Some styling issues within gutenberg blocks with WP 5.5.
Version 4.13.2 (5 July, 2020)
> MailSter Gmail compatibility fix.

    -   **Fix** - Issue when MailSter and eForm would conflict over shared PHP dependency.
    -   **Note** - Update `guzzlehttp/psr7` dependency to latest.
Version 4.13.1 (2 July, 2020)
> Bug fixes.

    -   **Fix** - Issue with keypad on numeric text input breaking form.
Version 4.13.0 (1 July, 2020)
> Improve third-party, WooCommerce & Stripe integrations.

    -   **New** - Add multiple products with WooCommerce integrations.
    -   **New** - Ability to send custom fields data for all supported third-party
    -   **New** - Ability to completely disable automatic scroll to invalid elements.
    -   **New** - Ability to add scroll offset for the same.
    -   **New** - Ability add custom color and bold appearance to correct answers. Now we support
            -   Radio, Checkbox, Dropdown & Thumbselect.
            -   Sortables.
            -   Single line text & multiline text.
    -   **New** - Stripe multistep validation. Before form submission, money will be kept on hold and will be captured only after successful submission.
    -   **Update** - Show summary table title, subtitle and description in separate row.
    -   **Update** - Show scores in summary table with proper alignment.
    -   **Fix** - File upload issue from mobile devices.
    -   **Fix** - jQuery compatibility issue. We are now ready for WordPress core update to jQuery 3.5.
    -   **Fix** - Remove deprecated Stripe JS APIs.
    -   **Fix** - Admin appearance issue with list tables.
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