Canopy Shopify Theme Free Download v4.3.1

Canopy Shopify Theme
Canopy Shopify Theme
Canopy Shopify Theme
Canopy Shopify Theme

In the increasingly competitive world of e-commerce, your business needs more than just an online presence; it needs an edge. Enter Canopy, a Shopify theme designed with the core idea of providing an unrivalled shopping experience. Engineered to accommodate large inventories and carts, Canopy sets the stage for a digital shopping journey that not only impresses but also converts.

At the heart of Canopy’s features is a focus on user convenience and seamless navigation. The prominently displayed search bar ensures that your customers can effortlessly find the products they’re seeking. Furthermore, the optional always-visible cart sidebar facilitates a smooth and constant overview of the shopper’s selected items, fostering a sense of instant gratification that keeps customers engaged.

What sets Canopy apart is the wealth of experience poured into its creation. With over a decade of refining and perfecting, the creators behind Canopy have unraveled the secrets of e-commerce success, embedding this valuable knowledge into every corner of the theme. This experience is manifested in the theme’s intuitive design, effective navigation, and overall performance, creating a platform that’s as much a pleasure for you to manage as it is for your customers to explore.

But Canopy does more than just level the playing field; it empowers you to compete with big retailers. The theme comes packed with an arsenal of tools designed to maximize your online store’s potential. It boasts features that enhance SEO, speed, performance, and includes flexible sections for easy customization. The predictive search and advanced product filters make it easier for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for, enhancing user experience and improving conversion rates.

Moreover, Canopy understands the importance of speed in the modern e-commerce landscape. Slow-loading websites contribute to cart abandonment, but with Canopy’s focus on performance, your customers will experience lightning-fast page loads, keeping them engaged and increasing the likelihood of completed transactions.

In essence, the Canopy Shopify Theme is not just a backdrop for your e-commerce store; it’s a comprehensive, high-performing solution that positions your business to succeed in the competitive digital marketplace. Discover the difference Canopy can make for your online store today. Experience the power of a decade’s worth of e-commerce expertise at your fingertips with Canopy.

Release notes

Version 5.0.0 April 26, 2023

Added support for new Shopify features and some general improvements


  • Added support for Focal points
  • Added support for MP4 setting

Fixes and improvements

  • Changed external video setting to be compatible with metafields
  • Collection page – Fixed placeholder text color for price range filter
  • Product page – Improved scrolling behavior when opening the size chart
  • Product page – Reduced space gap when product quantity is hidden
  • Video section – Improved layout on mobile
  • Search – Improved layout on mobile when the header is not sticky

Version 4.3.1 January 24, 2023

Maintenance release

Version 4.3.0 January 6, 2023

Support for Complementary products, and some general improvements


  • Support for Complementary products
  • Sections now allowed on all account pages
  • Setting to select image used on Gift Card page
  • Additional social media links

Fixes and improvements

  • YouTube and Vimeo background videos now play on iOS
  • Better favicon support for larger files and different file formats
  • Improved resource loading for a performance boost
  • Add fallback for predictive search in non-supported countries
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