Zoom Integration for WooCommerce Bookings v2.3.0

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Zoom Integration for WooCommerce Bookings v2.3.0

Download Free Zoom Integration for WooCommerce Bookings v2.3.0

Zoom Integration for WooCommerce Bookings Free Download | codemanas | Zoom Integration for WooCommerce Bookings v2.3.0 allows you to automate 1 to 1 Zoom meetings as well as (New Update from 2.1.0 Group Meetings i.e. Max Booking per block (Check FAQ section) directly from your WordPress dashboard by automatically linking zoom meetings when a Booking Product is created to your WooCommerce Booking products. Allows the option to also pick a host from the frontend.

At the time of booking, it allows users to select which host to choose. To do this, you will need to check the “Allow customer choose HOST” choice at the time of creating a booking product.

It also compatible with WooCommerce Booking. When you create a booking product, you will be able to choose the host to delegate that booking product to so that when a booking is made, the host will manually start the meeting.

After a reservation is completed or a regular meeting is purchased. Users will be able to access their reservations through an email link. In the booking email as well as inside the users my-account > bookings frontend table section, the Zoom meeting will be included. Frontend > My-account > Meetings section for normal meetings.



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