YouTube-to-Mp3 Converter (and more!) PHP Script (Linux)

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YouTube-to-Mp3 Converter (and more!) PHP Script (Linux)

Download Free YouTube-to-Mp3 Converter (and more!) PHP Script (Linux) Nulled

YouTube-to-Mp3 Converter PHP Script Free Download – RajWebConsulting | YouTube-to-Mp3 Converter (and more!) PHP Script (Linux) is the most popular and original conversion software! This feature-rich and reasonably priced software is certain to please any “conversion enthusiast.”

Aside from downloading/converting high-quality video/audio from 15 popular media sites to a variety of file formats, the software also allows you to cache converted files, crop files, edit file metadata, include album art, save files to the cloud, and much more!

With a mobile-friendly, responsive design, multi-language support, “direct-to-conversion” URLs, dynamic page meta tag creation, integrated advertising options, and additional “Add-Ons” available, you have the ideal solution for a thriving media conversion website.

Why to choose YouTube-to-Mp3 ConverterPHP Script (Linux)?

It is the newest and most effective addition to our product line! Videos are delivered and high-quality MP3 files are generated in a fraction of the time normally required by streaming downloaded/converted files directly to your device. And, because no files are stored on the server (when MP3 caching is turned off), you only need a small amount of hard disc space!

YouTube-to-Mp3 Converter Requirements

  • Linux or Windows Server
  • Works with any hosting plan (Shared*, Dedicated, VPS, etc.)
  • Apache or IIS
  • PHP 5.3 or later
  • cURL and PHP cURL extension enabled
  • ffmpeg.exe (executable file, provided in Win32 distribution) for Windows; FFmpeg and codecs packages (libvorbis, libvpx, libmp3lame, libx264, and/or aac codecs) installed on Linux
  • MySQL, PHP MySQLi extension enabled, and additional IPs (only required IF using IP rotation feature)
  • id3.exe (executable file, provided in Win32 distribution) for Windows; ‘id3v2’ package installed on Linux

Other Premium Features:

  • 15 Video/Audio Website “Extractors”
  • Convert Media to MP3, MP4, and more
  • Download/Convert encrypted YouTube (e.g., Vevo channel) videos
  • Cache downloaded/converted files
  • Crop converted files and add metadata
  • Templates & Add-Ons available
  • Lifetime Updates & Support
  • And more!
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Download Nulled YouTube-to-Mp3 Converter PHP Script(168)

Changelog YouTube-to-Mp3 Converter (and more!) PHP Script (Linux)

Notable changes:

1) Updated and improved the SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, VK, AOL, RedTube, and YouTube extractors

  • SoundCloud extraction was repaired, and the infamous SoundCloud “client id” value now automatically updates when the current id is revoked
  • Facebook thumbnail images now display correctly, and extraction from one Facebook URL format was repaired
  • Twitter, AOL, and RedTube extraction was repaired

2) Fixed “wildcard” pattern (used to validate URLs from some supported sites) to accommodate PHP 7.3+
3) Various (minor) bug fixes and refactoring of code.

The following files were updated/added since the previous (2020-2-2) version:

1) /docs/CHANGELOG.txt (updated!)
2) /extractors/AOL.php (updated!)
3) /extractors/Extractor.php (updated!)
4) /extractors/Facebook.php (updated!)
5) /extractors/RedTube.php (updated!)
6) /extractors/SoundCloud.php (updated!)
7) /extractors/Twitter.php (updated!)
8) /extractors/VK.php (updated!)
9) /extractors/YouTube.php (updated!)
10) /inc/index_header.php (updated!)
11) Config.class.php (updated!)
12) VideoConverter.class.php (updated!)


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