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XStore Responsive WordPress Theme Free Download v9.0.6 – ThemeForest | XStore WordPress Theme Nulled 9.0.6 is an elegant and fully intuitive theme which is carefully developed and it also includes that set of tools, pages, and settings that will surely help you to easily create a stunning, professional looking and trustworthy online shop.


The XStore WP Theme comes with several premium widgets that will help you to improve the user’s perception on your online shop. This professional Theme Options is user-friendly and requires no any special technical knowledge, adding value to a beautifully responsive theme.

Note: Put any key to register XStore WP Theme Nulled fully Cracked and also install its main plugin that is also included in the package. This theme is Nulled by JOJOTHEMES.com

Why XStore Theme?

With a sleek, intuitive eCommerce WordPress theme, it’s easier than ever to set up a professional looking online store. The WooCommerce WordPress theme includes the necessary pages and tools for your site to catch eyes and be trustworthy.

They provide an intuitive installer demo to import gadgets, clothing, furniture, niche store, sports apparel, optical frames, watches and jewelry.

You’re also going to find a number of widgets that will help you improve the user’s perception of your shop. There are no advanced or technical skills required to add Synthax functionality to your website. Synthax is intuitive and cleanly designed, giving unparalleled control for better retail appeal.




Changelog XStore Nulled Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Latest version 9.0.3 / Core plugin 5.0.3
January 30, 2023
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo for "Kids Toys"
ADDED: XStore Advanced Sticky Header plugin
ADDED: WooZone plugin updated to v13.8.4
ADDED: Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress plugin updated to v6.6.10
ADDED: "Primary Attribute" option for "Show Variations as Simple products" option (available under Theme Options -> WooCommerce -> Shop -> Products Style -> Variable products settings)
ADDED: Mobile Browser Bar Color option (available under Theme Options -> Styling) 
ADDED: New product image hover effects (Back Image - Zoom in, Back Image - Zoom out, Zoom in) available under Theme Options -> WooCommerce -> Shop -> Products Style.
ADDED: New Image hover effects (Back Image - Zoom in, Back Image - Zoom out, Zoom in) for Elementor Products widget
ADDED: New Image hover effects (Back Image - Zoom in, Back Image - Zoom out, Zoom in) for Elementor Products grid widget
ADDED: New Image hover effects (Back Image - Zoom in, Back Image - Zoom out, Zoom in) for Elementor Products carousel widget
ADDED: "Show new label" option for Elementor Products grid widget, Elementor Products carousel widget, and Elementor Products list widget.
ADDED: GDPR & Cookies settings (available under Theme Options -> GDPR & Cookies)
ADDED: SEO settings (available under Theme Options -> SEO) 
ADDED: Compatibility with WPML for built-in Wishlist (forum topic)
ADDED: Compatibility with WPML for built-in Compare (forum topic)
ADDED: Header content hooks (et_before_header_top, et_after_header_top, et_before_header_main, et_after_header_main, et_before_header_bottom, et_after_header_bottom)
IMPROVED: Built-in Wishlist with ajax fragments refresh for compatibility with cache plugins (forum topic)
IMPROVED: Built-in Compare with ajax fragments refresh for compatibility with cache plugins (forum topic)
IMPROVED: Calculations for the Estimated delivery Sales Booster feature to account for weekends (forum topic)
IMPROVED: UI/UX for copying static block shortcode in admin
IMPROVED: Buy now button on mobile in sticky cart panel for variable products
IMPROVED: SEO requirements (forum topic)
IMPROVED: Xstore API connection check
IMPROVED: Header templates import system
FIXED: Product information on Built-in Wishlist page (forum topic)
FIXED: Product information on Built-in Compare page (forum topic)
FIXED: Critical errors in some cases from Sales Booster (forum topic)
FIXED: Missed border option for Frequently bought together element of Single Product builder (forum topic)
FIXED: Double YITH Compare buttons in Products grid/Product carousel on Single Product builder (forum topic)
FIXED: Click on select tag in the sticky sidebar (forum topic)
FIXED: Mobile panel wishlist element’s icon if Built-in Wishlist feature is enabled
FIXED: Mobile panel compare element’s icon if Built-in Compare feature is enabled
FIXED: Header overlap should not apply on advanced cart/checkout pages if not using the header builder
FIXED: Calculation of free shipping progress bar (sales booster) with coupons (forum topic)
FIXED: Variation gallery (forum topic)
FIXED: Kirki font management for downloading (forum topic)
FIXED: Mini cart promo message (forum topic)
FIXED: False text display in mobile view select option in sticky cart panel (forum topic)
FIXED: Inheritance of Page Slider setting from shop on single product page (forum topic)
FIXED: Compatibility of Quick View Add to Cart with Redirect to the Cart Page after Successful Addition (forum topic)
FIXED: Display of Panel Demos/Plugin Images for Users with No Internet Connection or SSL Problems
Version 9.0.2 / Core plugin 5.0.2
January 10, 2023
ADDED: Compatibility with Elementor v3.10.0
FIXED: Reinit swatches on infinite scroll for Elementor Products Grid widget
FIXED: Quantity discounts in quick view/single product in some cases
FIXED: Elementor Products grid with catalog mode (forum topic)
FIXED: Elementor Products list with catalog mode (forum topic)
FIXED: Elementor Products carousel with catalog mode (forum topic)
FIXED: Variation product quick view clear btn (forum topic)
FIXED: Off-Canvas mobile sidebar svg php notice (Screenshot)
FIXED: Header dropdown search with categories (Screenshot)
REMOVED: Empty mail-chimp.js
Version 9.0.1 / Core plugin 5.0.1
January 5, 2023
ADDED: Alert advanced (Theme Options -> WooCommerce -> Shop Layout -> Product added notification type)
ADDED: Сompatibility with WC Fields Factory plugin (forum topic)
FIXED: Minor CSS improvements Quantity Discounts
FIXED: Header templates import (forum topic)
FIXED: Header templates: Furniture02, Furniture03, Marseille02 Marseille03.
FIXED: Single product (not builder) tabs in case when woocommerce_product_tabs action multiple callbacks, "array" or "object" instend of "string"
FIXED: Xstore core plugin PHP notices
Major update – Version 9.0 / Core plugin 5.0
January 03, 2023
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce v7.3
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo Marseille04
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo Furniture03
ADDED: Built-in Wishlist (Details)
ADDED: Built-in Compare (Details)
ADDED: Quantity discounts (Details)
ADDED: Basket cart icon in the list of Mobile panel element’s icons (forum topic)
ADDED: Compare element to Mobile panel elements
ADDED: Search icon none type Details
ADDED: Quantity select options Details
ADDED: Countdown options for Single product page Details
ADDED: Automatic carousel image effect for Elementor Products grid widget
ADDED: Automatic carousel image effect for Elementor Products Carousel widget
ADDED: Safe & Secure Checkout (XStore Control Panel -> Sales booster) (Screenshot)
ADDED: Elementor Static Block widget
ADDED: etheme_et_js_config filter (forum topic)
ADDED: DOMDocument enabled check for System Requirements (Screenshot)
FIXED: Follow shortcode didn’t show on AMP version -> (forum topic)
FIXED: Elementor instagram widget slider arrow styles
FIXED: Elementor Products grid image effect slider after ajax load more action (ajax navigation, load more button click, infinite scroll)
FIXED: Elementor Products Carousel image effect slider after ajax load more action (ajax navigation, load more button click, infinite scroll)
FIXED: Security issue (direct php file calling) (Screenshot)
FIXED: Dashboard changelog page structure (Screenshot)
FIXED: Theme changelog is now always actual (Screenshot)
FIXED: Elementor/wpb elements, shortcodes, theme option - wrong size params like 200x100x50, 100xlarge, 500 etc (Screenshot) (forum topic)
FIXED: WPML language in ajax loaded mobile menu (Screenshot 01) (Screenshot 02) (forum topic)
FIXED: Single product (not builder) tabs in case when woocommerce_product_tabs action has incorrect callbacks
FIXED: Products per page on shop select action in case while Ajax Product Filters - disabled and Ajax Product pagination - enabled (forum topic)
FIXED: Single post breadcrumb while using the posts as guides (forum topic)
FIXED: Variation product quick view for selected variation (Screenshot) )
FIXED: Variation product quick view gallery (Screenshot) )
FIXED: Variation product quick view image on changing (Screenshot) )
FIXED: Special offer wpb element php notices (Screenshot)
IMPROVED: Speed Optimization
Version 8.3.9 / Core plugin 4.3.9
December 20, 2022
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce v7.2.1.
ADDED: Automatic Carousel option (Theme Settings -> WooCommerce -> Shop -> Products style -> Product image hover).
IMPROVED: Product sale countdown works for product variations now (forum topic).
IMPROVED: Icons weight for Elementor Products grid and Elementor Products Carousel widgets Details.
FIXED: Customer reviews (Sales Booster -> Customer’s reviews) (forum topic).
FIXED: Search results count (forum topic).
FIXED: Header builder compare options for multiple headers.
FIXED: 8theme search widget Details (forum topic).
FIXED: Compatibility some strings with WPML (forum topic).
FIXED: 8theme Static Block widget PHP Notice Details.
FIXED: Product swatches PHP Fatal error - (Screenshot).
FIXED: Header builder PHP Warning - (Screenshot).
FIXED: Customizer PHP Warning Details.
FIXED: 8theme widgets gutenberg preview.
FIXED: PHP Fatal error - WP_REST_Widget_Types_Controller->get_widget_preview.
FIXED: PHP Warning - Details (Screenshot).
FIXED: Elementor editor getAttribute js error.
FIXED: Compatibility with Elementor pro v3.5.1.
FIXED: 8theme search widget.
FIXED: Recent comments wiget.
FIXED: Extract before/after args for widgets (Screenshot).
FIXED: Elementor editor wordpress widgets error while gutenberg editor enabled and 8theme widgets are edited for the first time or elementor editor was closed without saving.
FIXED: Elementor compatibility (Screenshot).
FIXED: Version check update fatal error.
FIXED: 8theme Elementor add to cart widget PHP Warning - Details.
FIXED: PHP Fatal error - Details.
FIXED: WPBakery live editor js error.
FIXED: Single product builder php warning (when all columns were removed) (Screenshot).
FIXED: Header style after switching themes (Screenshot).
FIXED: PHP fatal errors in (Elementor widgets / WPBakery elements / sidebar widgets) Details.
FIXED: Shop page breadcrums while ajax filtering + ajax pagination (forum topic).
FIXED: Undefined array key "Offset" In callbacks.php (forum topic).
FIXED: PHP Warning et_col-xs-offset- for builder.
FIXED: Quantity input styles Details.
FIXED: Product’s quantity input value stayed limited if one of variation was selected with max quantity options (Screenshot) + fix on reset variations.
REMOVED: 8theme - Flickr Photos widget.
REMOVED: Static image links Details.
REMOVED: etheme_demos_url filter.
REMOVED: etheme_http function.
DEV: etheme_protocol_url filter.
DEV: etheme_documentation_url filter.
Version 8.3.8/ Core plugin 4.3.8
November 30, 2022
ADDED: Theme Settings -> Speed Optimization -> Disable REST API Endpoint option.
ADDED: Сompatibility with Video Press service (forum topic).
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce Additional Variation Images plugin.
ADDED: Product SKU locations (mini-wishlist option).
ADDED: "product_new_label_on_date_created" filter for adding new label for products only on date created. Add next snippet in your child-theme/functions.php - add_filter("product_new_label_on_date_created", "__return_true").
ADDED: [etheme_sales_booster_estimated_delivery] shortcode.
ADDED: "et_estimated_delivery_settings" filter for modifying sales booster -> estimated delivery output based on specific options or product settings.
IMPROVED: 8theme Static Block widget.
IMPROVED: New label range (option) with max value of 365.
FIXED: Single product category size guide when primary category was deleted.
FIXED: Elementor PRO popup editor. (forum topic).
FIXED: 8theme recent post widget Dokan Multi Vendor plugin compatibility (forum topic).
FIXED: Brands list alphabetic filtering (forum topic).
FIXED: 8theme - Product Status Filters (forum topic).
FIXED: Embeds (Theme Settings -> Speed Optimization) REST API (forum topic).
FIXED: Embeds (Theme Settings -> Speed Optimization) embeds_rewrites (forum topic).
FIXED: Еheme HTTP/HTTPS protocol error (getting version/plugins information).
FIXED: Frequently bought together total price calculations (forum topic).
FIXED: Leave product name in main content too (option) (forum topic).
Version 8.3.7/ Core plugin 4.3.7
November 10, 2022
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce v7.1.0.
ADDED: Dashboard -> System requirements -> Clear WooCommerce system info cache button.
FIXED: Select does not work in order details section with Advanced Cart/Checkout Layout (forum topic)
FIXED: PHP notice (xstore formatting with translation) (Screenshot)
FIXED: PHP notice: function WP_Object_Cache::get was called incorrectly.
FIXED: Static blocks after import.
IMPROVED: Theme Settings -> General/Layout -> Static Blocks cache
UPDATED: 8theme Static Block widget.
Version 8.3.6/ Core plugin 4.3.6
November 04, 2022
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce v7.0.1
ADDED: Compatibility with WordPress v6.1
ADDED: Compatibility with MultiVendorX v.4.0.1 (old named – Multivendor Marketplace Solution for WooCommerce – WC Marketplace )
ADDED: Multiple date for single product builder/header builder
ADDED: Header builder -> Search -> Ajax Search History option
ADDED: Header builder -> Search -> How Long Save Cookies option
ADDED: Header builder -> Search -> “Search History:” Text option
ADDED: Header builder -> Search -> How Many History Requests To Show? option
ADDED: Forced Cache option (Customizer -> Speed Optimization)
ADDED: Developer mode (option) -> (Theme Settings -> Age Verify Popup)
IMPROVED: Elementor posts widget with Masonry option
IMPROVED: Estimated delivery (Sales booster feature) – (forum topic)
IMPROVED: Elementor Products Grid with swatches options
IMPROVED: Elementor Products List with swatches options
IMPROVED: Elementor Products Carousel with swatches options
IMPROVED: Optimized duplications of conditions in code
IMPROVED: Minimized database queries from Swatches 75%
IMPROVED: WPBakery categories/products
IMPROVED: WPBakery fancy button
IMPROVED: Header menus code improved (prevented duplications of wp_nav_menu())
IMPROVED: Optimized using of get_option(‘woocommerce_enable_myaccount_registration’)
IMPROVED: Optimized using of get_option(‘woocommerce_registration_generate_password’)
IMPROVED: Search Elementor widget js
IMPROVED: Lottie Elementor widget js
IMPROVED: Posts Elementor widget js
IMPROVED: Products Grid Elementor widget js
IMPROVED: Ajax Products Tabs Elementor widget js
IMPROVED: Using of is_user_logged_in() function
IMPROVED: Autoload param for some options
IMPROVED: Code refactoring
IMPROVED: Frequently bought together scripts load only when this feature is used
IMPROVED: Query_vars in useful cases
FIXED: Sale label text (forum topic)
FIXED: XStore Elementor 3d-hover effect with ajaxify widgets
FIXED: Sticky cart on variable products (forum topic)
FIXED: Quick view canvas slider arrows
FIXED: RTL email order information (forum topic)
FIXED: Progress bar reinit on cart page (when Advanced layout is activated) (forum topic)
FIXED: Estimated delivery CRITICAL Maximum execution time of 120 seconds exceeded if all days are set non-working
FIXED: Blog page posts load more loader
FIXED: GTIN field with variable products (forum topic)
FIXED: Bought together price calculation (forum topic)
FIXED: Shop product categories display when primary category was set and then deleted (forum topic)
FIXED: WPB page importer (Rewrite page content) (Screenshot)
FIXED: Few wrong icons form xstore font (Screenshot)
FIXED: Theme activation (spaces at start or end of code (Screenshot) )
FIXED: 8theme – Static Block widget (when block selected for widget and then deleted but not removed from widget)
FIXED: Syntax error, unexpected token “.=” in \plugins\et-core-plugin\app\models\customizer\builder\template-parts\conditions\multiple-header.php on line 31
FIXED: Undefined variable $data in \plugins\et-core-plugin\app\models\customizer\builder\template-parts\conditions\multiple-header.php on line 31
FIXED: Cannot access offset of type string on string in \plugins\et-core-plugin\app\models\customizer\builder\template-parts\conditions\multiple-header.php:36
FIXED: Js error while saving multiple (Screenshot 1) (Screenshot 2)
FIXED: Twitter wpb element
FIXED: Twitter shortcode
FIXED: 8theme – twitter widget
FIXED: Cannot access offset of type string on string in C:\xampp\htdocs\xstore-8.1\wp-content\plugins\et-core-plugin\app\models\widgets\twitter.php:43 (Screenshot 1) (Screenshot 2)
FIXED: Edit name for multiples (Screenshot)
FIXED: Multiple header/single product builder creating when browser notification is disabled (Screenshot)
FIXED: Custom product variation name changing (Screenshot) (forum topic)
FIXED: WPML translations for single product builder elements (forum topic)
FIXED: Js error (Screenshot)
FIXED: PHP notices (Screenshot)
FIXED: PHP fatal error (Details)
FIXED: PHP warning (Details)
FIXED: Admin import popup (Screenshot)
FIXED: Installing and activation WPBakery page importer (Screenshot)
FIXED: Show Product Stock Status in builder and simple options (forum topic)
DEV: Added ‘etheme_bought_together_fix_total_prices’ filter for some invalid cases of calculation in Frequently bought together total price (forum topic)
DEV: Removed etheme_get_post_options()
DEV: Removed etheme_load_template()
DEV: Removed etheme_custom_font_exists()
DEV: Removed et_force_name_sort()
DEV: Removed et_activation_redirect()
DEV: Removed etheme_search_post_join()
DEV: Removed etheme_woocommerce_notice() function
DEV: Removed etheme_woocommerce_installed() function
DEV: Removed etheme_get_brands_list_params() function
DEV: Removed etheme_get_slider_params() function
DEV: Removed etheme_VC_setup() function
DEV: Removed et_rewrite_vc_google_font() function
DEV: Removed etheme_get_tweets() – function
DEV: Removed etheme_twitter_cache_enabled() – function
DEV: Removed etheme_print_tweet_error() – function
DEV: Removed etheme_pick_tweets() – function
DEV: Removed etheme_store_tweets() – function
DEV: Removed etheme_tweet_linkify() – function
DEV: Removed etheme_connection_with_access_token() – function
DEV: Removed etheme_capture_tweets() – function
DEV: Removed themes\xstore\framework\cache – folder
DEV: Removed themes\xstore\framework\post-types\social-functions.php – file
DEV: Added etTheme.deleteCookie – js function
REMOVED: et-core-plugin/app/assets/js/elementor.js
Version 8.3.5/ Core plugin 4.3.5
October 14, 2022
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Hemp & CBD
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce v7.0.0
ADDED: Disable Embeds (Theme Settings -> Speed Optimization)
ADDED: WordPress Image Quality (Theme Settings -> Speed Optimization)
ADDED: WordPress Big Image Size Threshold (Theme Settings -> Speed Optimization)
ADDED: Enable Flying Pages (Theme Settings -> Speed Optimization)
ADDED: XStore documentation (beacon) button in customizer preview
ADDED: Global sections (Theme Settings -> Global sections)
ADDED: Age Verify Popup options (Theme Settings)
ADDED: Product video position (Theme Settings -> WooCommerce -> Single product layout and Theme Settings -> WooCommerce -> Single Product Builder -> Gallery )
ADDED: Image loading offset (Theme Settings -> Speed Optimization)
ADDED: Product sku locations (option)
ADDED: Search Extra content ( Theme Settings -> Header Builder -> Search Note: search type should be full-width selected )
ADDED: Hot label options (Theme Settings -> WooCommerce -> Shop Elements -> Product Badges )
ADDED: Enable advanced stock (Theme Settings -> WooCommerce -> Shop Elements -> Advanced Product stock)
ADDED: Enable advanced stock on archives (Theme Settings -> WooCommerce -> Shop Elements -> Advanced Product stock)
ADDED: Swatch design (option) (Theme Settings -> WooCommerce -> Shop Elements -> Variation swatches)
ADDED: Swatch Out of Stock (option) (Theme Settings -> WooCommerce -> Shop Elements -> Variation swatches)
ADDED: Swatch shape (option) (Theme Settings -> WooCommerce -> Shop Elements -> Variation swatches)
ADDED: Estimated Delivery (XStore Control Panel -> Sales booster)
ADDED: Customer Reviews (XStore Control Panel -> Sales Booster)
ADDED: Compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Badge Management (forum topic)
ADDED: Checking connection for XStore APIs every 10days
ADDED: Password strength check for off-canvas account content (forum topic)
FIXED: Variations swatches structure in Quick view (if swatches popup type enabled on shop)
FIXED: Show only min price on variable products (option) with Elementor widgets (forum topic)
FIXED: Sale percentage text for translations
FIXED: PHP notices if XStore Core was not activated (forum topic)
FIXED: Header builder fonts enqueueing (forum topic)
FIXED: Single product builder fonts enqueueing (forum topic)
FIXED: Custom fonts enqueueing
FIXED: Prev/next navigation (forum topic)
FIXED: PHP notices in etheme_get_svg_icon function (screenshot)
FIXED: PHP notices in Massive Addons for WPBakery Page Builder (screenshot)
FIXED: PHP notices in WPBakery Page Builder v 6.9.1 (screenshot)
FIXED: Warning: Attempt to read property “post_title” on null in wp-content\plugins\js_composer\include\helpers\helpers.php (screenshot)
IMPROVED: Pre-built headers list (Theme Settings Header Builder > Header Templates)
IMPROVED: Custom options UI/UX on Single product/Single post/Page (backend)
IMPROVED: Sales Booster tabs for better UI/UX (XStore Control panel)
IMPROVED: Sticky cart for variable and grouped products
IMPROVED: Ajax search with tabs (if one tab only and count of results are more than 5 we add show more button)
IMPROVED: Optimized code structure of Theme Settings
IMPROVED: FontAwesome 5 icons in menu options (screenshot)
UPDATED: FontAwesome 5+ library
TWEAK: Set Elementor as default builder for demo versions (XStore Control Panel -> Import Demos)
INFO: Renamed Sale & Out of Stock & New (Theme Settings -> WooCommerce -> Shop Elements ) to Product badges
DEPRECATED: etheme_ajax_search_products_sku – filter. Use instead settings Product SKU positions and select ajax search results option (screenshot)
DEV: Removed autoload for et_header_builder_fonts option
DEV: Changed add_action( ‘woocommerce_single_product_summary’, ‘etheme_product_share’, 50 ); to add_action( ‘woocommerce_share’, ‘etheme_product_share’, 50 );
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