X The Theme (v10.2.7) + X Pro v6.1.13 Premium WordPress Theme Free Download

X The Theme for WordPress Nulled Free Download
X The Theme for WordPress Nulled Free Download
X The Theme for WordPress Nulled Free Download
X The Theme for WordPress Nulled Free Download

Free Download X The v10.2.7 – X Pro v6.1.13 Premium WordPress Theme

X | The Theme Free Download for WordPress v10.2.7 – X Pro v6.1.13 – ThemeForest | X Nulled v10.2.7 – X Pro v6.1.13 | The Theme WordPress Theme is best ThemeForest Premium WordPress Theme having more than 45000+ valuable customers and good rating which gives you multiple designs and free extensions free of cost but included in this pack. X The ThemeForest WordPress Theme Nulled is the only web-design on the market with multiple unique awesome designs and built-in powerful tools such as Integrity, Renew, Icon and Ethos, this is why the web-designer called those unique designs STACKS. 


X – The Theme Nulled comes with more than dozen premium WP Plugins which are included in this pack for free. All the customers of this template are giving best reviews about it and its stunning qualities.

X Premium WordPress Theme Nulled – Themeforest is build with light weight coding that does not being hurt SEO of your website on search engines but it also increase to help your blog get higher rank on Search Engine Result Pages.

X The Theme for WordPress Nulled has a customizer with new and exciting features such as layout Type, Changing Color Facility, Text and Images, in other words it is more easier for any kind of users like newbies. It has fully responsive design that is build keeping mobile focus in mind, it adopts any screen resolution of any type of electronic devices such as Android Mobile and Tablets, Computer PCs like Desktop and Laptop, Apple iPod and iPad etc. Moreover it has unique page builder with drag and drop facility, more than 600 Google Fonts with more improvements and performance, Awesome Shortcodes that provide high end functionality, Dozens of extremely Utilized Navigation Options, Stylish Mega Menus with latest unique design, Site Layout, Clean and Stylish Search Bar and much more.

X – Themeforest WordPress Theme is 100% Fluid that easily adopts all screen resolutions with spectacular look, moreover it has multiple beautiful backgrounds like Patterns, Images and Solid Colors etc, Various Premium Sidebars. X The Theme Nulled Latest Version comes with multiple unique portfolio pages with creative look, Woo-Commerce Supportive, BuddyPress Supportive, BBPress Supportive, Icons Fonts having more than 400 individual icons, Premium Social Sharing Widget, Retina Ready, Post Formats and Demo Data and much more.

X The Theme Complete List of Features

  • Stack selection
  • Site layout
  • Site max-width
  • Site width
  • Content layout
  • Background pattern, color, image and fade
  • Countless Stack-specific options
  • Enable custom fonts and its subsets
  • Logo font, color, size, weight, letter spacing
  • Navbar link color with hover, size and weight
  • Headings font, color, weight, letter spacing
  • Body font, color, size and weight
  • Link color and link color hover
  • Button style (3D, flat, or transparent)
  • Button shape (square, rounded, or pill)
  • Button size
  • Button font color, border color and background color
  • Header position
  • Logo and navigation layout
  • Enable or disable Navbar Search
  • Navbar top height
  • Navbar side width
  • Logo upload
  • Make logo retina ready
  • Navbar top and side logo alignment
  • Navbar top and side link alignment
  • Mobile navbar button alignment
  • Mobile navbar button size
  • Header widget areas (1, 2, 3, or 4)
  • Header widget area button color
  • Header widget area button color hover
  • Enable or disable topbar
  • Top-bar content for taglines
  • Footer widget areas (1, 2, 3, or 4)
  • Bottom footer content (accepts HTML input)
  • Enable or disable the Scroll Top Anchor
  • Update blog style
  • Update blog layout
  • Update archive style
  • Update archive layout
  • Portoflio Items with Custom URL slug
  • Custom portfolio tag list title
  • Custom portfolio project title
  • Custom portfolio project button text
  • Social sharing links can be Enabled or disabled on portfolio items
  • Manage and preview your bbPress setup
  • BuddyPress setup can be Managed and previewed with ease
  • Update BuddyPress layout
  • Custom BuddyPress component titles
  • Custom BuddyPress component subtitles (in applicable Stacks)
  • WooCommerce shop can be easily Manage and preview
  • Update shop layout
  • Select product columns
  • Posts per page for the shop
  • WooCommerce widget and image alignment ca be easily Adjusted
  • Site icons (touch icon, favicon, tile icon background color and tile icon)
  • Input custom CSS right and Input custom JavaScript in Theme Customizer
  • Manage all of your widgetized areas in Theme Customizer

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Very Old Version (security risks and lots of bugs)


Changelog X The Theme ThemeForest Premium WordPress Theme Nulled

X 10.1.9 - March 20, 2023
Bugfix: If no valid Contact Form 7 form was found the app would crash. This caused the "Creative Contact Form" templates to never be inserted properly
Bugfix: PHP 8 multiplication math in style sheet generation was invalid due to unstrict float value type
Bugfix: Bear with me, inside the default consumer of an archive if you added a Looper Provider that was also a consumer, at the end of that Provider + Consumer combo the consumer would reset two steps back causing any dynamic calls to be the top level post and not the current post to consume
X 10.1.8 - March 15, 2023
Updated: On an author page, author dynamic content will use the current author if not consuming a post
Bugfix: Revert of our touch handlers until Android off-canvas support and known scenarios that break are fixed
Bugfix: Most onLoad events in our frontend libraries were firing twice
X 10.1.7 - March 10, 2023
Updated: Version to reflect other packages
X 10.1.6 - March 6, 2023
Feature: Ajax cart notification now resets it's state upon a page redirection
Updated: Ajax cart notification's z-index has been raised
Updated: On mobile all toggle events are handled through `touchstart` to improve iOS interaction time
Updated: Further performance improvements to our scroll event and resize events
X 10.1.5 - February 27, 2023
Bugfix: Drag and drop was broken due to new toggle state detection code
X 10.1.4 - February 27, 2023
Feature: Filters to change default view partials. `cs_get_partial_view` and `cs_get_partial_view_{ELEMENT_NAME}`
Bugfix: The last version setups all Javascript elements asyncronously improving speed. As a result some elements that get deleted right away were causing JS warnings, but no major issues discovered from new performance upgrades
X 10.1.3 - February 20, 2023
Bugfix: Some scroll position linked effect warnings have been removed
X 10.1.2 - February 13, 2023
Bugfix: Hotfix to remove error when max wasn't registered
X 10.1.1 - February 13, 2023
Feature: xToggleGetId function added to window, use to grab the toggle id from a DOM Element
X 10.1.0 - February 6, 2023
Feature: Max release. Templates & Training. Right In Your Builder. See https://theme.co/max
Feature: Option to disable our buddypress integration entirely or just the view templates we use
Bugfix: Check ReflectionParameter has method named hasType before using to prevent fatal error
Bugfix: Retina image rounding was failing on PHP 8 because of round() function being sent a string
X 10.0.7 - January 30, 2023
Bugfix: Hotfix to make sure that old shortcodes are loaded even if classic elements is not turned on
X 10.0.6 - January 30, 2023
Feature: WooCommerce products sold individually displayed a disabled quantity field. This is hidden by default now, use the filter `x_woocommerce_hide_sold_individually` and set to false if you want to display a disabled quantity field
Bugfix: Removal of some deprecated WordPress functions like `get_page`
Bugfix: When a dropdown menu did not have an href it caused the first item in the dropdown menu to appear active
X 10.0.5 - January 16, 2023
Bugfix: Hotfix release to revert the background upper layer z-index change. We will be creating a new layer to satisfy the request of having a layer to cover content like a dark seethru color over your entire content
X 10.0.4 - January 16, 2023
Feature: Breadcrumbs will display the post title of the archive page and not the post type label
Bugfix: jQuery was being queued in the wrong spot giving a warning
Bugfix: Navigating off-canvas was preventing scrolling after
Bugfix: Classic Feature box animation were not working past the first animation
Bugfix: One page navigation fixes like auto-closing off-canvas and smooth scrolling to anchored content
Bugfix: Trailing slashes added to legacy site import to prevent errors on sites without request redirects
Bugfix: Contact Form 7 Spinner / Ajax Loader had a class name change and is changed on our end. Upgrade Contact Form 7 if you lose the loading spinner
Bugfix: Legacy Navigation Collapsed's padding was also controlled by the "Sub Links" padding
X 10.0.3 - January 6, 2023
Bugfix: Close button in content dock was not a correct html entity
Bugfix: Google Font weights were not loading properly
Bugfix: jQuery added back in to support older Themeco plugins
Bugfix: Woo Checkout Editor was having a fatal issue when woocommerce had no country or states data
Bugfix: Youtube "src is not defined" error removed
X 10.0.2 - December 30, 2022
Bugfix: Custom Fonts were not falling back to family name when font family stack was not set
Bugfix: Video lock plugin was redeclaring a function and having a fatal error
Bugfix: Submenu buttons ons X headers were not working
Bugfix: Searching by site name in the creator pane was not working, site installs still do not work for post content only colors and settings
X 10.0.1 - December 27, 2022
Updated: Google Fonts list
Updated: Release notes URL
Bugfix: Yoast sitemap was doubling featured image number
Bugfix: X was asking for cornerstone validation after you had already validated
Bugfix: Content Dock using invalid CSS feature in older browser versions
Bugfix: WooCommerce cart dropdown was having extra margin applied to it on pages not created with Cornerstone
Bugfix: Under construction plugin would have a fatal error when using a custom page
Bugfix: Under construction plugin gave undefined index warnings when upgrading
Bugfix: Retina images with odd numbers would give invalid width and heights with decimals
X 10.0.0 - December 20, 2022
Updated: jQuery is no longer loaded unless using masonry blog/portfolio, the Ethos post carousel, or site wide BG images
Bugfix: Fix Scroll Top anchor not appearing
Bugfix: Fix WooCommerce Add To Card Notification not allowing global colors
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