WP Rocket Nulled v3.12.7.2 – WordPress Cache Plugin Free Download

WP Rocket Nulled - WordPress Cache Plugin
WP Rocket Nulled - WordPress Cache Plugin

Download Free WP Rocket – WordPress Cache Plugin v3.12.7.2 Nulled

WP Rocket – WordPress Cache Plugin Free Download v.– WP-Rocket.me | It is the best WP Rocket v3.12.7.2 Nulled – WordPress Cache Plugin | Caching Plugin for WordPress – Speed up your website with WP Rocket Nulled that Speed up your website with WPRocket great powerful features and mind-blowing flexibility which every user want.

Download Wp Rocket Nulled Latest Version

By using this WP Tool your website or blog will make itself an amazing site having the fastest loading speed which every search engine WP Rocket – WordPress Cache Plugin Nulled like and also all your customers and users will surely like. It also helps to increase your website ranking and pageviews, so that you could touch your desires by making fast browse on your website.

When it comes to speeding up your website, WPRocket is undoubtedly the most effective tool. As a result, your Google PageSpeed and Core Web Vitals scores will immediately improve as a result of this. No coding knowledge is required.

Why WP Rocket Plugin?

Because WP-Rocket is more than just a caching plugin for WordPress. It’s the most effective way to speed up your loading time, raise your PageSpeed score, and optimize your Core Web Vitals.

Skyrocket your PageSpeed scores instantly

Experience high-performance unlike any other time. With WP-Rocket, you can immediately notice a significant increase in the speed of your site and the Google PageSpeed Insights score as well as the Core Web Vitals.

Optimize your speed with a cutting-edge technology

WP Rocket includes the most powerful features to make your website lightning fast right away.

WP Rocket offers a set of advanced options to boost your performance even further, including delay JavaScript execution, remove unused CSS, minification, and LazyLoad, in addition to its default features that will make your site faster in a blink (page caching, browser caching, or GZIP compression).

It also includes all of the best optimization options found in 3-5 plugins.

Core Features:

It is built specifically for WordPress and regularly updated to meet the latest requirements for web performance, WP Rocket not only improves the speed of your website’s loading and enhances the overall performance of your website to help you meet the most crucial PageSpeed Insights tips.

High Performance

This is the fastest you’ve ever seen it. WP Rocket boosts your site’s performance and Core Web Vitals scores instantly.

Don’t worry about configuration headaches, and enjoy the most amazing results instead!

Easy to Use

WP Rocket Nulled automatically applies 80 percent of the best practices for web performance. Setting it up and taking advantage of it doesn’t require you to be an expert in rocket science.

Great Support

WP Rocket relies heavily on its support team to keep the site running smoothly. For any questions or issues with WP Rocket, our support team has you covered.

Why Is Website Speed Important?

As many as 40% of people who visit websites that take longer than 3 seconds to load will leave the site.

Because of this, Google and other search engines consider speed to be one of the most important ranking factors.

In order to achieve a high PageSpeed score and pass the Core Web Vitals, you’ll need a powerful caching plugin.

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Changelog of WP-Rocket Nulled January 19, 2023
Staggered for 20% of customers, learn more.
Bugfix: Export settings before applying Safe Mode might not work (#5684)
Bugfix: Turkish translation special characters not showing as expected on 3.12.5 (#5695)
Bugfix: Blank admin after updating to 3.12.5 (#5685)
Bugfix: Fix metadata cleanup error in rocket_renew_all_boxes function (#5237)
3.12.5 January 17, 2023
Enhancement: Update Delay JS script to the latest version (#4988)
Enhancement: Guard against 'table doesn't exist' errors in specific conditions (#5439, #5582)
Enhancement: Allow users to export configuration file just before applying Safe Mode (#5094)
Enhancement: Automatically clear Used CSS table when changing the permalinks (#5506)
Bugfix: Prevent /wp-json/ from being cached by default in specific conditions (#5624)
Bugfix: Make sure 'Never Cache This Page' is applied just after saving the post (#5519)
Bugfix: Make sure all sites in the multisite environment are loading correct config files (#5632)
Bugfix: Fix on applying Image Dimensions when specific CDN CNAMES are used (#5608)
3rd-party compatibility: Add '?no_optimize' query string to the requests sent to RUCSS SaaS (#4327)
3rd-party compatibility: Compatibility with One.com hosting (#5189)
3.12.4 December 29, 2022
Enhancement: Update banners in the plugin (#5639) December 8, 2022
Bugfix: Fixes an issue with WordPress feeds being cached by default. Also brings back possibility to exclude index.php from being cached.(#5599) November 25, 2022
Bugfix: Guard against corner database cases when upgrading without visiting the admin dashboard (#5593) (#5579)
Bugfix: Prevent PHP fatal error when Delay JS is activated and the HTML of a page is null (#5555)
Bugfix: CNAME field is emptied and can't be added anymore with https protocol. (#5577)
Enhancement: Clear NGINX cache via Nginx Helper after the Used CSS has been generated (#5559)
Enhancement: Never Cache URL(s) exclusions work only when they match the existence or not of a trailing slash in permalinks (#5509) November 17, 2022
Bugfix: Prevent PHP fatal error when delaying massive inline scripts (#5570)
Bugfix: Prevent PHP fatal error when Action Scheduler returns error (#5567)
3rd-party compatibility: Prevent fatal error when deactivating BigCommerce plugin (#5550)
3rd-party compatibility: Exclude non-existing URLs coming from The Events Calendar plugin from the prelod (#5510)
3.12.3 November 14, 2022
Enhancement: Improve various capabilities checking and sanitizations (#5105)
Enhancement: Catch Actions Scheduler exceptions (#5463)
Enhancement: Clear cache of taxonomy pagination pages when a post is cleared  (#4035)
Enhancement: Don't apply lazyload on background images added into a style attribute using base64 (#5293)
Enhancement: Improve headers filter for preload feature (#5521)
Enhancement: Guard against unnecessary request when RUCSS and Preload are used together (#5401)
Enhancement: Save RUCSS error messages in the database (#5400)
Bugfix: Prevent fatal error in specific conditions (#5501, #5483)
Bugfix: Prevent 404 error on some links of the French documentation (#5502)
3rd-party: Improve compatibility with WPX hostPrevent fatal error when delaying massive inline scripts (#5570)ing (#3717) October 27, 2022
Bugfix: Prevent PHP warning related to get_current_screen() in some cases (#5526)
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