WP Reset Pro v6.02 – Advanced WordPress Reset Tools

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WP Reset Pro - Advanced WordPress Reset Tools

Download Free WP Reset Pro – Advanced WordPress Reset Tools v6.02

WP Reset Pro – Advanced WordPress Reset Tools Free Download 6.02 – Premium Plugins | WP Reset Pro v6.02 – Advanced WordPress Reset Tools instantly resets the database on the site to default settings without altering any files. It removes any customizations or content, or selects only the parts that are needed, such as the theme’s settings. WP Reset is quick and secure to use due to the built-in snapshots that offer restore capabilities with a single click. It is equipped with several fail-safe mechanisms to ensure that you don’t accidentally lose any data. WP Reset is extremely helpful for developers of plugins and themes. It accelerates testing and debugging through providing a simple method to reset settings and test code. It’s the sole WP development tool that provides advanced reset.

WordPress Development Tool for Non-Devs

Accelerate the speed of site installationtesting and recuperation by resetting, controlling and returning the WordPress environment in a single click. We utilize WP Reset every day to create, test and manage a variety of WordPress websites. We only include features that are necessary to complete the task.

Features of WP Reset Pro – Advanced WordPress Reset Tools

Your Own Time Machine

Then you clicked “update plugin” because why you didn’t? Then everything went downhill? Rewind to the time when everything worked with just one click.

Install Favorite Plugins With 1 Click

Make a list of your top plugins and themes and install them following resetting your site, or building a new website entirely from the ground up.

Your Personal WP Superhero

White screen. There’s nothing working! The mess you made was so bad that you’re unable to enter the admin of WP? No worries! Open the tool for recovery.

More Cleaning Tools

Everyone hates when the theme demo downloads an excessive amount of demo data, and it takes a whole hour to get it all cleaned. When you use WP Reset, you can delete any data in one click.

Nuclear Reset

Do you want to ensure that all is cleared? All options include all files, all custom databases, tables and entries? Then press the reset button.

Whitelabel Option

Do you not want WebFactory’s logos to be to be displayed in the plugin? Would you prefer to hide the information about your license also? Simply enable Whitelabel Option. Whitelabel Option.

Automatic Snapshots

Let WP Reset serve as your security net. It automatically creates snapshots prior to any significant changes to your website, so that you always be sure of a stable base to restore the website to.

The Cloud

Transfer and safely store Collections and Snapshots in the cloud that is controlled by the WP Reset team or use one of the many popular services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or pCloud.

Centralized Management

Manage all your licenses websites, collections and snapshots from one location. All your client websites all in one location, easily accessible and easily manageable.

I’m not understanding this plugin. Please explain it to me in the same way as I’m five

WP Reset is an efficient tool! If you spend the majority of your time in WP admin, you’ll discover it meets an need that you didn’t realize you were missing. There aren’t any tools comparable to it. The quickest method of examining the capabilities of it is to look at Five things that only WP Reset does . The video is brief and comes with bookmarks that allow you to jump through it.

Who is this plugin intended for?

For anyone who develops sites with WordPress. Webmasters, agents and people who have to install, developing and maintaining WordPress websites on a daily on a regular basis.

Could be a mistake that causes me to reset the website or erase some information?

This isn’t feasible due to the numerous fail-safe mechanisms. It is necessary to confirm every destructive actions, and double-check resets with two ways.

Does WP Reset a backup plugin?

WP Reset does not replace traditional backup plugins. Instead, it functions alongside the other plugins to provide greater security for your website. Check out the video for a more thorough explanation.

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WP Reset PRO changelog:

v6.02 – 2022-01-05
  • Minor bug fix related to log


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