Download – WordPress Request & Feedback Plugin v1.0.1

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WordPress Request & Feedback Plugin v1.0.1
Free Download WordPress Request & Feedback WordPress Plugin v.1.0.1 – CodeCanyon | By using WordPress Request & Feedback Plugin v1.0.1 you may gather information on what your valued Customers and Target Audience think about your valued products or great services and you may easily enhance and improve your products and services. Make them feel special.

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  • Open Source
  • You may create feedback categories for more than one product/service.
  • One-time fee
  • Install on your own WordPress and start to use it
  • You may add status labels such as “New, Started, Planned, Completed, Declined”
  • Cute skin (fully customizable)
  • The added feedback may be voted or commented on by the visitors.
  • You may easily customize the display of the Feedback.
  • Without having to use any code you may adjust:
  • Your feedback box size, color
  • You may locate the feedback button/window
  • Widget, size, color