WordPress Real Media Library v4.17.7 – Media Categories / Folders File Manager

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WordPress Real Media Library - Media Categories / Folders File Manager

Download Free WordPress Real Media Library – Media Categories / Folders File Manager v4.17.7 Nulled

WordPress Real Media Library – Media Categories / Folders File Manager Nulled 4.17.7 – CodeCanyon | WordPress Real Media Library v4.17.7 – Media Categories / Folders File Manager help you to turn your WordPress media library to the next level with folders/categories. Get organized with thousands of images. Organize media into folders. RML (Real Media Library) is one of the most wanted media WordPress plugins. It is easy to use and it allows you to organize your thousands of images in folders. It is similar to WordPress categories like in the posts.

The Real Media Library WordPress Plugin is an advanced media management plugin for WordPress. You will arrange your media library in folders for the thousands of pictures, audio, video and PDF files. Essentially it’s a Windows Explorer or Mac Finder file manager, but it is for WordPress.

Why WordPress Real Media Library?

An increasing WordPress blog or site means you are adding lots of new media files every day to your archive. You will have thousands of media files to fill your website in a few weeks.

How are you going to find a file in a flat list?

Naturally, you can use the feature of WordPress search and spend many hours finding a file, but who can remember thousands of files?

Folders, Collections and Galleries

It supports three ways to order your files, as you can see from the Real Media Library screenshots (GIFs):


Any file and collections, excluding galleries, will be present in a folder. Only pick a folder from the list and click on this button to create a subfolder.


There can be no files in a collection. But other collections and galleries can be built there. The gallery above is just a gallery data folder, that means it is not placed on your frontend automatically (your website). With the Gutenberg Editor on your page/post, you can create a visual Gallery in this gallery data directory.


Only photographs may be in a gallery data folder. The location of your visual galleries is easier to discern. Drag and drop pictures into your own picture order.


This is the point where this is where the Real Media Library Plugin comes in. This plugin allows you to easily create collections, folders and galleries for your images to arrange your media library in a proper manner. If you’re ever in search of an image, it’s only a an easy click away in your file management.

The process of organizing your blog’s media files using Real Media Library plugin. Real Media Library plugin is as simple as dragging them the files into folders. You can change the order in which your files are stored by moving them around to shift the most important files to on top for quicker access.

In addition, you can utilize also the Real Media Library plugin to integrate media galleries into your posts via the WordPress New Post editor. This plugin lets you create a whole media folder that can be used as a custom gallery in any of your WordPress posts.

Real Media Library Real Media Library is the essential WordPress plugin to manage your media and can save you lots of time you’ll need to devote to organizing your files for media.


You can observe from Real Media Library plugin screenshots (GIFs) It supports three methods to organize your files:


A folder can include any kind of file or collection however, not galleries. To build a subfolder select one of the folders and click.


A collection is not able to contain files. However, you can create additional collections and galleries on the same site. The gallery mentioned above is merely the gallery’s data folder meaning that it is not automatically put on the front end of your website (your site’s frontend). You can make an interactive gallery from this gallery data directory with the Gutenberg editor on your page or post.


The gallery data folder will only hold images. It’s simpler for you to identify where your images galleries are. You can drag and drop images into your own order.



Download WordPress Real Media Library Nulled 4.17.7(25)

Changelog WordPress Real Media Library WP Plugin Nulled

4.17.7 (2022-01-17)
  • create cachebuster files only when needed, not in dev env (CU-1z46xp8)
  • improve build and CI performance by 50% by using @devowl-wp/regexp-translation-extractor (CU-1z46xp8)
  • some input fields started to lag while typing (CU-1y7nr4t)
  • compatibility with Xdebug 3 (CU-1z46xp8)


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