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WordPress Advanced Database Cleaner Pro

Download Free WordPress Advanced Database Cleaner Pro v3.1.6 Nulled

WordPress Advanced Database Cleaner Pro Nulled Free Download 3.1.6 – SigmaPlugin | WordPress Advanced Database Cleaner Pro v3.1.6 can help you get rid of all the leftovers and optimize your database.

Did you know that plugins and themes can remain in your WordPress database even after they are deleted? Orphan options, tables, and cron tasks are just a few examples. You may not be aware that all plugins/themes are concerned about maintaining a clean WordPress database.

You can keep your website running smoothly if you remove plugins/themes. This data should be removed to reduce your database size and increase efficiency when accessing tables. Your backup files will also be smaller and faster.

Why choose?

Clear out orphaned items like spam comments, old revisions, and spam comments. Optimize your database.

A database cleanup is something you should do if you’ve been using WordPress for some time. Your database could be full of junk that slows down your website and makes it bloated.

This includes old revisions, abandoned post metas, spam comments, and other garbage. To reduce the size of your database and increase website performance and speed, you should delete unnecessary data. You will also have a faster backup of your database because the backup file will be smaller.

Why the Advanced Database Cleaner is so important

Make sure you clean up the Posts Table

You can delete old revisions of pages and posts, as well as auto drafts. This will reduce the size of your “posts table”.

Make sure to clean up the Comments Table

You can delete pending comments and spam comments. This will decrease the number of rows in the “comments” table.

Make sure to clean up any abandoned metadata

Delete orphan metadata, orphan comments metadata, orphan user metadata orphan term metadata and/orphan relationships

Get rid of unused transients

Expired Transients should be deleted from your database as they have expired.

Display and View Orphaned Items

You can view details about an orphaned item prior to cleaning up your database. This will allow you to be certain about the items you are going after you clean it up.

Keep the Last x days’ data

You can delete the data that was older than x days and keep it intact.

View and Manage Tables

Table information, such as number of rows and table size, can be displayed. Optimize tables and repair damaged ones. If necessary, you can also empty or delete tables

View and Manage Options

All options list and information, such as name, value or size, will be displayed. If necessary, set options autoload to yes/no and delete options

View & Manage Cron jobs

Active cron tasks (scheduled task list) displayed with information like arguments, next run, and others. Clear and delete all scheduled tasks

Take a look at the overview

This plugin will give you a clear picture of the data in your database. It will notify you of any unused/orphaned items which should be removed.


The plugin will automatically run the cleanup/optimization based on your settings. It’s all automated so you don’t have to do it manually every time.

Reduce DB size

You can save space and create faster backups by deleting any items that are not being used/orphaned.

Detect and delete abandoned options

Your ‘wp_options table’ may have many unutilized options that can negatively impact your website’s performance. It is important to clean up any abandoned options.

Detect and delete orphaned table

There may be tables you don’t use anymore that were created using plugins or themes. Performance will be improved if you clean up any abandoned tables.

Detect and delete orphaned Cron jobs

Some of the cron tasks that were set up after you have uninstalled a plugin/theme may still be running, causing WordPress to call unknown functions. These cron tasks should be removed.

Scan and Edit Categorization

To verify which plugin/theme an item belongs to, you can scan it or all of the items. You can also change the “belongs too” value

Search and Filter Everything

Filter options, tables, and cron jobs can be searched and filtered based on a variety of criteria like “name”, “creator”, or “value”.

How to Clean Your WordPress Database

  1. Back up your WordPress database.
  2. Install WP-Optimize
  3. Trash can be removed from your database
  4. Remove Tables that are left behind by Old Plugins
  5. You can schedule regular database clean-ups.
  6. You can also use other plugins to clean your database.
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Download WordPress Advanced Database Cleaner Pro Nulled 3.1.6(44)

Changelog WordPress Advanced Database Cleaner Pro

= 3.1.6 – 06/10/2020 =

  • Tweak: Cleaning the code by deleting unused blocks of code
  • Tweak: Enhancing the security of the plugin

= 3.1.5 – 04/09/2020 =

  • Fix: an issue of timeout that occurs when scanning items is now fixed
  • Fix: some calls in JS file has been corrected
  • Fix: fixing an issue in the general cleanup tab preventing users from deleting orphaned items on WP 5.5
  • Fix: the warning “Deprecated: array_key_exists()” is now solved
  • Tweak: deleting two scan files generated by the plugin to enhance security
  • Tweak: we are now using SweetAlert for all popup boxes
  • Tweak: enhancing the JavaScript code
  • Tweak: enhancing some blocks of code
  • Tweak: enhancing the security of the plugin
  • New: you can now scan individual items besides scanning all items
  • New: you can now edit the categorization of items and correct it manually if needed
  • New great features are coming very soon!
  • Tested with WordPress 5.5
  • (Note: When upgrading to this new version, please make sure to clear your browser cache)

= 3.1.0 – 04/12/2019 =

  • Fix: In some previous versions, tables were not shown for some users. This has been fixed
  • Fix: The plugin is not ready to optimize InnoDB tables, this feature has been deleted temporarily
  • SECURITY (PRO): Add security level to the folder containing scan results
  • SECURITY (PRO): Hide the license key after deactivating it

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