WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches (v1.1.4) Download

WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches Free Download
WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches Free Download
WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches Free Download

WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches Free Download v1.1.4

WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches Free Download v1.1.4 | WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches Nulled v1.1.4 | Displaying variation swatches for WooCommerce Nulled is a very helpful and necessary feature for a WooCommerce website. Do you want your variations to look more decorated, with different styles, and you can even customize them? A plugin that helps you create and customize variation swatches for WooCommerce websites makes the variations of your items look impressive and professional. Customers find it more comfortable and convenient to view variations of products as swatches. It catches their eyes, therefore, they make a decision to purchase more quickly.

WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches Nulled is a variation swatches for WooCommerce plugin that allows you to show the product attributes in the front end the way you design them in the back end. It contains multiple options for the admin to manage the settings of global attributes and make them display in different types, styles, or profiles. The admin can decide to show them on a single product page, or on the Product list. You can also customize the swatches profile, enable showing variation swatches for WooCommerce on the widget, add custom CSS to design variation swatches for WooCommerce, and do many more things with our plugin.



WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches Free Download

woocommerce-product-variations-swatches-nulled.zip ( LATEST)

Changelog WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches Nulled

/**1.1.0 - 2023.08.08**/
- Updated: Update file support
- Updated: Option show all attribute in product loop
- Updated: Compatibility with HPOS-WC 7.9
- Fixed: Type button and radio not change image

/**1.0.19 - 2023.06.20**/
- Updated: Compatibility with WC 7.8

/**1.0.18 - 2023.05.15**/
- Updated: Compatibility with WC 7.7

/**1.0.17 - 2023.05.03**/
- Fixed: Fixed error display

/**1.0.16 - 2023.04.28**/
- Fixed: Can not save attributes for simple products
- Fixed: Slider not working in product loop
- Updated: Compatibility with WC 7.6

/**1.0.15 - 2023.04.06**/
- Fixed: Variable Slider in product page not working

/**1.0.14 - 2023.03.23**/
- Updated: Updated show all items of the attribute in a slider on Product Detail Page
- Updated: Compatibility with WP 6.2 and WC 7.5

/**1.0.13 - 2022.12.21**/
- Added: Compatibility with Oxygen builder

/**1.0.13 - 2022.12.21**/
- Added: Compatibility with Divi theme
- Added: Added filter hook to sort option before limit apply_filters( 'vi_wpws_sort_options_before_limit', $options, $product, $attribute_name );
- Updated: Update optimize loading global attributes in Global Attributes settings

/**1.0.12 - 2022.11.18**/
- Updated: Update file languages
- Updated: Updated to allow display of images in tooltip custom attribute with button and color display type
- Updated: Compatibility with WP 6.1 and WC 7.1
- Added: Compatibility with 'Germanized für WooCommerce' plugin

/**1.0.11 - 2022.07.29**/
- Fixed: Tooltip covered by out-of-stock attributes if Position is set to Right
- Fixed: Initialize swatches after a request to admin-ajax.php but not an ajax request
- Added: Prioritize first attribute

/**1.0.10 - 2022.06.15**/
- Fixed: CSS of out-of-stock icon when enabling option to show attribute value for Color/Image type
- Fixed: Custom attributes not saving correctly if name contains quote sign

/**1.0.9 - 2022.06.13**/
- Fixed: "Change the size of attribute items" not applied to Select type
- Improved: Values of Global attributes are paginated
- Improved: Remove empty css
- Added: Preview of attribute image and color on Global attributes page
- Added: Ability to modify tooltip content, show attribute image/variation image in tooltip
- Added: Option to show attribute value for Color/Image type

/**1.0.8 - 2022.03.29**/
- Fixed: Swatches sometimes not initialize on product page built with Elementor
- Fixed: Small bug causes Elementor Hamburger menu not working when using along with WP rocket
- Updated: VillaTheme support

/**1.0.7 - 2022.03.23**/
- Fixed: Out-of-stock visual issue
- Improved: Use srcset for attribute image when available
- Updated: VillaTheme support
- Added: Option to only use Custom position for swatches on product list

/**1.0.6 - 2022.03.11**/
- Fixed: Zoom image not changing accordingly for "Change product image" option when using with Woodmart theme
- Fixed: Impeka theme - product item height on archive not auto correcting after variation swatches init
- Fixed: Tooltip not showing for out-of-stock attributes
- Added: Action hooks viwpvs_before_loop_variation_swatches and viwpvs_after_loop_variation_swatches

/**1.0.5 - 2022.01.15**/
- Fixed: Deprecated is_ajax in WC6.1
- Fixed: Backorder status condition check
- Fixed: Swatches not working with Woodmart theme's quickview
- Fixed: Some fields of global attributes(Edit screen) are duplicated when WPML is active
- Fixed: "Change product image" option not working if a product has more variations than "Ajax variation threshold"
- Updated: Make "Out of stock" design(Swatches profile) apply no matter "Disable 'out of stock' variation items" option is on or off

/**1.0.4 - 2021.11.16**/
- Fixed: Custom attribute not saving the value 0
- Fixed: "Change product image" option overrides variation image when a variation is selected
- Added: Custom hook for swatches position

/** - 2021.10.15**/
- Fixed: Missing variation price on product list if swatches position is before/after title
- Fixed: Custom attributes not saving correctly if attribute name is in non-latin language
- Updated: Load images/colors(filter by attributes) from original language if not set in a second language(WPML)
- Added: Option to set maximum items shown by default for WooCommerce filter widget

/** - 2021.09.15**/
- Fixed: Change attribute select when an attribute does not exist in any variations
- Fixed: Swatches in product list not working if Default Form Values do not exist in any variations
- Fixed: Custom attributes not saving correctly if attribute name contains special characters
- Fixed: Out-of-stock attributes not blur out when turning off "Disable Out of stock variation items" option if Default Form Values are set
- Fixed: "Show selected attribute item" not working with products that have more variations than the Ajax variation threshold
- Updated: Remove Ajax variation threshold limitation
- Optimized: Do not print css with empty style
- Added: Compatibility with JetSmart filters plugin

/**1.0.3 - 2021.04.22**/
- Fixed: Show selected attribute item on single
- Fixed: Variation image in product list not change when selecting an attribute with image caused by some lazyload functionality of some plugins/themes
- Fixed: Swatches type Variation image not working with translated product variations(WPML)
- Fixed: Conflict with Contact form
- Updated: Hide 'out of stock' variation item option for Product list
- Updated: Product edit page: button "Add new" -> "Add", add button "Add new" like WooCommerce which is to create a new term for global attributes
- Updated: “Out of stock” products are still selectable
- Added: Option to change product image according to attribute/variation image when selecting an attribute value
- Added: Compatibility with FacetWP, Ajax load more(Darren Cooney)
- Added: Add to cart button text on product list can be translated with WPML, Polylang
- Added: Swatches align for single product

/** - 2020.12.18**/
- Added: Reset settings general
- Added: Attribute image size
- Fixed: Auto update

/** - 2020.12.12**/
- Fixed: Swatches select revert to attribute slug after add to cart
- Fixed: Color separator selection changes not reflecting
- Fixed: Display swatches slider
- Fixed: Save attribute on product editor page
- Updated: Delete image for attribute item
- Updated: Style quantity on product list
- Updated: Compatibility with WP 5.6 and WC 4.8
- Added: New position on Product List - before product title, after product title
- Added: Enable/disable attribute title on single
- Added: Show selected attribute item on single
- Added: Import/ export settings general

/** - 2020.08.15**/
- Added: Compatibility with WP 5.5 and WC 4.3
– Fixed: 'Out of stock' Swatches - namesake
- Fixed: Check update request

/** - 2020.07.01**/
– Fixed: Design 'Filter Products by Attribute' WooCommerce

/** - 2020.06.29**/
– Updated: Class support
– Added: Add Quantity field in Product list
– Added: Add default Swatches profile
– Added: Add ajax variation threshold
– Added: Select multi value for global in the product edit page
– Added: Custom design Global Attribute for Product category
– Added: Design 'Filter Products by Attribute' WooCommerce
– Added: Carousel format for a large number of variations in Product list
– Added: filter 'viwpvs_variation_option_tooltip' to change content of the tooltip

/** - 2020.05.09**/
- Fixed: 'Out of stock' Swatches in single product page
- Fixed: Show in product list for custom attribute
- Fixed: Display color type and image type for custom attribute

/**1.0.2 - 2020.04.18**/
- Fixed: 'out of stock' Swatches in Product list
- Added: Text of 'add to cart' button in Product list
- Added: Hide 'out of stock' variation item

/**1.0.1 - 2020.04.04**/
- Fixed: Function prefix
- Fixed: Horizontal style

/**1.0.0 - 2020.04.02**/
~ The first released
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