WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro v1.17.0

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WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro v1.17.0

Download Free WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro v1.17.0

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Free Download 1.17.0 – WooCommerce.com | WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro v1.17.0 | It’s no secret that product reviews are an immensely effective tool as they provide social evidence for online conversions. Studies show that over 70% of clients look at product reviews before buying, and if a platform has product ratings and reviews, over 63% of clients are more likely to buy.

Although product reviews are extremely powerful tools for sale, online retailers usually underuse them. WooCommerce includes some of the best available core review options, but when compared to what product reviews can do, they also underachieve.

Product Reviews Pro allows you to accept product reviews in the same way as you do now but as part of the review, you can also accept user pictures and videos as well as add “review qualifiers” that are questions in a dropdown about the product (how it fits, whether it was comfortable, etc.).



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