WooCommerce Product Finder

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WooCommerce Product Finder

Download Free WooCommerce Products Finder v1.2.19

WooCommerce Product Finder Free Download 1.2.19 – WooCommerce | WooCommerce Product Finder v1.2.19 | Your users can browse your site more effectively by giving you the capability to include a comprehensive advanced search feature on your website.

A product search extension that is advanced for WooCommerce

Do you have lots of items on your WooCommerce website, but are trying to bring customers to the items they are looking to purchase? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to connect them with just only one search?

This extension allows users to browse your website more thoroughly, giving you the option to include a comprehensive advanced search feature on your site.

Product Finder comprises:

  • Users can select the attributes of their products or categories they want to include in search results.
  • Standard text search
  • Price slider
  • The combination of of these features makes an effective search engine that can assist customers to find exactly the information they require, no matter how big your business is.

Add it easily to your website

The Product Finder is able to be integrated into your website by using a shortcode, template tag, or as a widget which can be placed in any widgetized area on your website.



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