Download – WooCommerce Predictive Search Pro v2.4.2

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WooCommerce Predictive Search Pro v2.4.2
WooCommerce Predictive Search Pro Nulled Free Download | WooCommerce Predictive Search Pro v2.4.2 is now become the most powerful website search engine ever which is developed by especially for WooCommerce and WordPress platforms. It has one of only 2 new advanced generation WooCommerce backbone.js extensions. This Professional and latest version allows you to easily optimize your whole site search to perform just like the way as you want it too.
Backbone makes it possible to add front end functionality that in many cases where just not possible before or if they where possible, they where not practical because of the server side resources required. Events in backbone are not fired via the admin-ajax.php file like all other JavaScript events, but are instead executed via the JSON RESTful API that is baked into the WooCommerce core.

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