WooCommerce Notification Boost Your Sales Live Feed Sales Recent Sales Popup Upsells (v1.5.7) Nulled

WooCommerce Notification v1.1.3 - Boost Your Sales
WooCommerce Notification Boost Your Sales
WooCommerce Notification Boost Your Sales

WooCommerce Notification Boost Your Sales Live Feed Sales Recent Sales Popup Upsells Nulled v1.5.7 – CodeCanyon |WooCommerce Notification Boost Your Sales Live Feed Sales Recent Sales Popup Upsells Free Download v1.5.7 helps to displays recent orders on your storefront. It is the best online equivalent of a busy store and also to shows prospective customers that other people are buying your products.

  • Create orders for selected products: Select some products and put in the needed information. The plugin will create fake orders for the selected products.
  • Create orders for selected categories: If your store has too many products to select manually. This function will help you to select products to create fake orders of the product.
  • Create orders with the latest products: Create fake orders for the newest products. Help you to introduce new products to customers.
  • Product visibility: Products whose Product visibility is set will be displayed on the popup notifications.
  • External link: This option works with External/Affiliate products allows redirecting to the External/Affiliate products page after clicking on the popup notifications.
  • Out-of-stock products: The option allows you to select to display out-of-stock products on the notification or not.
  • Auto-detects address: Auto detect customer addresses via IP (city, country) and create fake orders near them.
  • Random purchase time: The plugin select a purchase time randomly between a time threshold selected by you.
  • Virtual customer’s first name and address: Type in the customer’s first name and address (city, country) as you want. Then the plugin will mix it with Selected products/Selected categories/Latest products and random purchase time to create faker orders.
  • Product image size:  Flexible change the image size on the popup notification. That can be Shop thumbnail – 100×100; Shop catalog – 600xauto; Shop single – 900xauto.

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Changelog WooCommerce Notification Boost Your Sales Nulled

/*1.5.3 - 2023.09.15**/
- Fixed: Get product in order with after date_query

/*1.5.2 - 2023.07.31**/
- Fixed: Image size slug
– Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce HPOS(COT)

/*1.5.1 - 2023.03.28**/
- Fixed: Enable mobile option

/*1.5.0 - 2023.03.10**/
- Fixed: Fixed conflict css with Theme Kinves and Plugin BoldGrid Inspirations
- Update: Minify css
- Added: Name by country option

/*1.4.7 - 2022.06.06**/
- Updated: Update support file
- Update: Use passive listeners to improve scrolling performance
- Fixed: Fixed grammar
- Fixed: Fixed security
- Update: Compatible with WC 6.5.0 and WP6.0

/*1.4.6 - 2022.03.29**/
- Updated: Update support file

/*1.4.5 - 2022.03.22**/
- Fixed: Fixed able replace multi shortcode in message
- Fixed: Error when getting null data from orders
- Updated: Compatible with WC6.3.0
- Updated: Update support file

/*1.4.4 - 2022.02.11**/
- Update: Compatible with WC 6.2.0 and WP5.9
- Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce Cart All in One by VillaTheme

/*1.4.3 - 2021.12.31**/
- Fixed: Compatible with the Polylang plugin
- Updated: Compatibility with WC6.0.0

/* - 2021.08.25**/
- Fixed: Hidden notify in new widget preview wordpress
- Fixed: Critical error when the product is not added to other languages in ajax.

/* - 2021.08.06**/
- Updated: Compatibility with WP5.8 and WC5.5.
- Fixed:   Critical error when the product is not added to other languages.
- Fixed: Style notify image on safari

/* - 2021.06.08**/
- Added: Filter product with product visibility
- Added: Notifications which are displayed on a category page are only related to the products of that category
– Updated: Remove the blank space between the city and the comma
- Fixed: Get product title in specific language WPML
- Fixed: Style notify image on mobile

/* - 2020.12.12**/
- Added: Compatibility with WP 5.6

/* - 2020.10.10**/
– Added: Auto detect with WooCommerce geolocation

/*1.4.2 - 2020.08.15**/
– Updated: Class support
- Added: Compatibility with WP 5.5 and WC 4.3
– Added: Auto change Virtual Time for site Timezone
– Added: Change {number} in a reasonable way
– Fixed: Appear message again after clicking close icon
- Fixed: Check update request

/*1.4.1 - 2019.10.09*/
- Fixed: Background templates

/*1.4.0 - 2019.09.24*/
- Fixed: Duplicated sound when hovering notification
- Fixed: Can not disable time loop
- Fixed: Wrong caching data
- Updated: Encrypt customer info(name, city, state, country) so that real info is not shown in page source
- Added: Support swipe notification to close for mobile devices
- Added: 22 new templates
- Added: Rounded corner style
- Added: Image padding
- Added: Close icon color
- Added: Loop by session
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