WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator v3.21.3 Free Download

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Nulled
WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Nulled
WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator
WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator

Free Download Measurement Price Calculator Nulled v3.21.3 | Measurement Price Calculator Free Download v3.21.3 allows you to add and configure a calculator to your products that are sold in quantities based on their dimensions, square footage, volume, or weight. This allows you to easily sell products which have a known measurement per item. For instance, let’s say you have tile that’s sold for $2.09 per square foot, and you offer a box of tiles that covers 35 square feet or a larger box that covers 60 square feet. Using the same pricing per square foot, you can easily enter the size of the box and the calculator will display the total price per box.


Looking to instead allow customers to tell you how much they need? The Measurement Price Calculator also allows you to sell products based on the price by unit of measurement (per square foot, cubic yard, etc). Perhaps you sell mulch with a price per cubic yard — you can allow the customer to provide an area and depth of mulch, and the calculator derives the total cubic yardage and final price. Configure any combination of units and customize labels to meet your store’s needs!

Key Features

  • Use the quantity calculator for products based on known product measurements (i.e. box of tiles)
  • Use the pricing calculator for products priced and sold by the unit: foot, square meter, cubic yard, etc (i.e. garden mulch by volume, wallpaper by area)
  • Product prices can be displayed per unit (e.g., “$1.75 / ft”, “from $3 / sq m”) in shop and on product pages
  • Pricing calculator inventory support: product inventory can be managed “per unit”
  • Pricing calculator dynamic weight: product weight can be set/calculated “per unit” for shipping
  • Pricing calculator pricing table: set price breaks based on simple product measurement ranges
  • Calculators available for all physical attributes: dimensions, area, surface area, volume, or weight
  • Area, volume, perimeter, and surface area calculators all allow simple inputs, or entering length, width, and heigh independently
  • Use any combination of units
  • When allowing user-defined inputs, optionally include an overage estimate automatically NEW
  • Customize measurement and pricing labels
  • Set minimum and maximum values or the accepted step / increment on customers’ entered measurements NEW
  • Variable products supported for per-unit pricing, shipping weight, and inventory
  • Special “Room Walls” calculator for selling wallpaper

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Changelog Measurement Price Calculator Nulled

Version 3.21.1
RELEASED ON 2023.01.12
Compatibility with WC 6.6+ comma decimal separator handling
Version 3.21.0
RELEASED ON 2022.12.06
Require PHP 7.4 and WordPress 5.6
Version 3.20.2
RELEASED ON 2022.08.15
Replace deprecated usages of `is_ajax()` in favor of `wp_doing_ajax()`
Require WooCommerce 3.9.4 or newer
Add hooks to allow product data to be filtered before display
Version 3.20.1
RELEASED ON 2021.09.23
Address some PHP notices when handling measurement products without pricing rules in newer PHP versions
Address an issue where a "rounding necessary" error occurs when adding a product to cart under certain configurations
Version 3.20.0
RELEASED ON 2021.09.13
Address some floating point math issues by using BigNumber.js and Brick\Math libraries
Version 3.19.2
RELEASED ON 2021.07.15
Format available stock number for measurement products with thousands and decimal separators
includes functions
Version 3.19.1
RELEASED ON 2021.02.17
Address a PHP 8 compatibility issue when adding to cart products without specifying a measurement
Version 3.19.0
RELEASED ON 2020.12.07
Add compatibility for WooCommerce 4.7
Require PHP 7.0 or newer
Version 3.18.3
RELEASED ON 2020.11.24
Add PHP 8 support
Version 3.18.2
RELEASED ON 2020.11.13
Enable "Calculated Inventory" setting only if a variable product has at least one variation with stock management enabled
Version 3.18.1
RELEASED ON 2020.09.30
Remove the SkyVerge help menu item as part of the plugin assets
Version 3.18.0
RELEASED ON 2020.08.24
Add SkyVerge help menu for support on WooCommerce.com connected sites
Version 3.17.5
RELEASED ON 2020.06.02
When using a comma as the decimal separator in a quantity mode calculator, ensure that the actual amount displayed uses the same separator consistently
Version 3.17.4
RELEASED ON 2020.05.05
Add support for WooCommerce 4.1
Version 3.17.3
RELEASED ON 2020.03.19
In quantity mode, make sure that when updating the quantity and using a decimal separator other than a period, the updated needed amount retains the intended separator
If multiple amount needed inputs are present while in quantity mode, do not automatically change the amounts needed while adjusting quantity
Prevent the price for Measurement Price Calculator products from appearing without tax when WooCommerce is configured to display prices including tax
Version 3.17.2
RELEASED ON 2020.03.04
Add support for WooCommerce 4.0
Version 3.17.1
RELEASED ON 2020.01.02
Add support for WooCommerce 3.9
Version 3.17.0
RELEASED ON 2019.11.18
Ensure calculated inventory stock is replenished when marking orders as cancelled
Add support for WooCommerce 3.8
Version 3.16.2
RELEASED ON 2019.10.02
Fix "Editable" product setting checkbox becoming unintentionally editable
Version 3.16.1
RELEASED ON 2019.09.24
Prevent products with calculated inventories from being incorrectly adjusted in WC 3.6+
Version 3.16.0
RELEASED ON 2019.09.24
Add minimum price support for variable products
Version 3.15.1
RELEASED ON 2019.09.11
Update amount needed when quantity is changed
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