WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro v1.9.2

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Download Free WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro v1.9.2

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro Free Download 1.9.2 – WooCommerce.com | WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro v1.9.2 adds advanced event tracking to your WooCommerce store and pushes those other events into Google Analytics automatically, allowing you to easily gain insights into important metrics such as average order value, conversion rate, product or category sales, and other valuable information.

In WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro, the advanced event tracking gives you far more information about your selling process, and you can track things such as “viewed account” or “coupon applied” to get a complete view of what customers are doing on your site. In ones purchasing workflow, you can also track these events, such as viewing coupon data for orders and coupon conversion rates.



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