WooCommerce Custom Thank You Pages v1.0.8 Nulled

WooCommerce Custom Thank You Pages Nulled
WooCommerce Custom Thank You Pages Nulled
WooCommerce Custom Thank You Pages
WooCommerce Custom Thank You Pages

With Free Download WooCommerce Custom Thank You Pages Nulled v1.0.8 | WooCommerce Custom Thank You Pages Free Download v1.0.8 you can do exactly what it says; configure custom thank you pages, per product. The thank you page is a very powerful place that can be optimized, which not many eCommerce sites do. Why is it such a powerful place? Customers have just purchased something, giving you their hard earned money and more importantly, their trust.


Assuming you sell something amazing, the customer will have a good feeling about their purchase and probably a boost of endorphin (having a feeling of euphoria). As you can imagine this is the best time to use that feeling and interest for good.


When knowing exactly what a customer purchased a more personal experience can be created to upsell the customer to purchase again with your business.

Show Related Products

The Thank You page is one of the pages that customers actually pay greater attention to, meaning for any store owner this is a great opportunity.

Showing related products based on what someone just purchased is incredibly powerful. The customer may not order it right away, but they will remember your store next time they need it.

Provide an Amazing Onboarding Experience

With a custom thank you page based on the purchase of the customer you’ll be able to create a seamless onboarding experience for the product they just purchased. Whether this is a downloadable product that they can download and start right away or a physical product that you want to give more details about, its all possible.

Thank You Page After Purchasing A Digital Product

After purchasing a digital product, showing how to download it is the most important thing. Right now this is shuffled away as something small and insignificant, but with relevant information this experience can be greatly improved.

Get More Newsletter Subscribers

Of course you can also consider doing it during the checkout, but you and I both know that the checkout should be as short and simple as possible. Adding a newsletter subscription box can only distract customers from their purchase.

When someone purchased something at your site you know 100% sure they’re interested in what you have to offer. A great opportunity to also ask them to subscribe to your newsletter. No more pesky pop-ups with newsletter signups – please.


Sample Scenarios

A few sample scenario for eCommerce sites of different categories of products.


When selling any type of clothing such as a t-shirt or pants you can think of adding; – Washing instructions to best maintain shirt quality – Matching products with what they’ve purchased – Refer-a-friend offer


Imagine having just purchased a new pair of shoes. On the Thank You page you’ll see how you can; – Maintain your new shoes for longevity – How to make them water proof – How to properly clean shoes without damaging them


  • Getting started with the product / setup
  • Tips / Tricks using the product
  • Instructions on how to register for extended warranty

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Changelog WooCommerce Custom Thank You Pages Nulled

Version 1.0.6
RELEASED ON 2023.01.10
Add check to see if product exists (for extensions where a dynamic product is added to the cart)
Add check to see if cart exists before trying to clear it
Version 1.0.5
RELEASED ON 2022.02.03
Custom Thank You Pages are now excluded from search results (requires to save a product once)
Improved compability with WC Payments by adding filters
Version 1.0.4
RELEASED ON 2021.02.10
Add new key for shortcode 'woocommerce_thankyou_order_received_text' (sometimes used by payment gateways)
Prevent emptying the cart when payment fails
Version 1.0.3
RELEASED ON 2020.09.22
Use the pretty order status instead of slug
Use order object methods when available in [order_detail] shortcode
Navigation showing when setting is disabled
'order_date' for [order_detail] shortcode
Version 1.0.2
RELEASED ON 2019.10.07
Ensure custom thank you pages are recognized as 'order received page'
'order_number', 'thankyou_action', 'download_urls', and custom order meta for order detail shortcode
'status' order detail shows pretty order status instead of slug
Global settings not saving in latest WooCommerce
Notice in exceptional case where order is not found on thank you page
Version 019.03.19
RELEASED ON 2019.03.19
Limited WPML support when using a (custom) post (type) as the thank you page
Better compatibility with WC Subscriptions (empty the cart when purchasing a free subscription with a custom thank you page)
New shortcode key [order_detail key='gateway_action'] for gateway specific content
fixes incorrect timing for certain 3rd party payment gateway(s)
Quick/bulk edit field width style
Global setting not able to be cleared
Version 1.0.0
RELEASED ON 2018.11.28
Initial release.
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