WooCommerce Cost of Goods v2.10.0

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WooCommerce Cost of Goods

Download Free WooCommerce Cost of Goods v2.10.0

WooCommerce Cost of Goods WordPress Plugin Free Download 2.10.0 – WooThemes | WooCommerce Cost of Goods v2.10.0 WordPress Plugin | By default WooCommerce gives you access to great reports on revenue and top-sellers or earners. Now we’ve added Profit Reporting to make these reports even more valuable! You can evaluate not only revenue, but costs and profit all from within your WooCommerce store. Quickly and easily get the information you need to make marketing and sales decisions to optimize your store’s revenue.

Profit by Date report

By applying a “Cost of Good” field to simple and variable items, you can easily track total profit and cost of goods. Costs are automatically measured at checkout so you can see your benefit alongside basic sales data, and in-depth reports give you all the information you need to boost your bottom line.

Add Costs to Products

Add a Cost of Good to each product, including product variants, and use it to measure your overall order costs so you really know what you actually earned on each order – not just how much you sold. Total costs for each order line item are saved at checkout, so your total costs are still historically correct, even if your costs rise in the future.

Simple Product Cost Configuration

It is also easy to add costs to variable items. For all variations, you can apply a default cost, or manually set a variation cost.

Focus Your Marketing on Top Products

The extension of goods helps you to decide which products are most profitable and not only which produce most profits, by viewing the products that are most profitable and profitable to your shop.

Most / Least Profitable Products

Perhaps with the WooCommerce URL Coupons extension you can monitor pay-per-click or print ads? You now know which items these coupons are made for as you know which ones are best earned for your shop.



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