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Widgetkit v2.9.0 - YOOtheme Toolkit for WordPress

Download Widgetkit WordPress Plugin Free v.2.9.0 – YOOtheme | Widgetkit v2.9.0 – YOOtheme Toolkit WordPress Plugin is an easy to install and easy to use widget creator for WordPress and Joomla to build entire pages in no time. Widgetkit v.2.9.0 works perfectly on different systems such as Joomla and WP, As all the gadgets and their effects are fully responsive that adopt perfectly for all type of electronic device resolutions i.e. mobile phones, tablets and other desktop computers etc. It is build using HTML5 and CSS3 that give you complete advantage of modern web technologies such as Semantic HTML markup, standard compliant CSS and jQuery.



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Widgetkit v2.9.0 – YOOtheme Toolkit v.2.9.0 for WordPress Bloggers and Webmasters, is a best gadget wp plugin that comes with great features such as Transition Effects, Automatic Image Sizing, Fast Loading speed by compressing CSS and JavaScript files and combine them smoothly, Touch Screen Support, Drag & Drop Ordering, Theme Support, Slideshow, Map, Switcher, Grid and Grid-Stack widget, Custom Fields, 1-Click Updates, Extendable etc.


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