WHMpress (v6.6-revision-0) WHMCS WHMCS WordPress Integration Plugin Nulled

WHMpress Nulled WHMCS WordPress Integration Plugin Free Download
WHMpress Nulled WHMCS WordPress Integration Plugin Free Download
WHMpress Nulled WHMCS WordPress Integration Plugin Free Download
WHMpress Nulled WHMCS WordPress Integration Plugin Free Download

Free Download WHMpress WHMCS WordPress Integration Plugin v6.6-revision-0

WHMpress WHMCS WordPress Integration Plugin Free Download v6.6-revision-0 – CodeCanyon | WHMpress WHMCS WordPress Integration Plugin Nulled v6.6-revision-0 automatically fetches your hosting plan names, order links, prices & domain lists from WHMCS Nulled and then smoothly shows in the form of fancy pricing tables, order buttons, order combos & domain price tables. It also offers you easy to use Shortcodes to insert these components into your WordPress Webhosting website exactly the way whatever you want and where you want. Main focus of WHMpress Nulled is to greatly provide you with the professional tools that help you make webhosting site as good as hosting giants.

whmpress-whmcs-wordpress-integration-plugin-rev-3-nulled.zip (LATEST)

WHMpress has been designed for web hosts with flexibility in mind. It is highly customizable, so it can match your existing website design

A professional plugin developed for professional webhosting companies

WHMpress fetches your hosting plan names, prices, order links & domain lists from WHMCS and shows in the form of fancy pricing tables, order combos, order buttons & domain price tables. It offers you shortcodes to insert these components wherever you would like within your WordPress webhosting site.

WHMpress Nulled sync pulls data from your WHMCS database through into your WordPress database, so any changes you make in WHMCS Nulled can be quickly applied to your WordPress site by a simple sync – no need to enter the data twice.

Built from scratch by a Webhosting company with a deep love for WHMCS. WHMpress Nulled is your last stop with all the tools you need to make a perfect web hosting site from WordPress and WHMCS, a fully loaded WHMCS Bridged and Integrated website to give you more options to display your web hosting services.

More than 25 Shortcodes:
  • Product Price
  • Price Matrix Domains
  • Pricing tables
  • Price Matrix Producs
  • Price boxes
  • Order button
  • Order links & URLs
  • Order combo (with auto discount calculations)
  • Domain Search
  • Sitewide domain search (Land results on domains page and Search from any page)
  • Domain Whois
  • Domain Search Extended (Search all 540 domains)
  • Ajax Domain Search (with name spinner)
  • Bulk domain search
  • Client Area (Addon)
  • Login Form
  • WHMCS Links
  • Currency
  • Package Name
  • Package Description
  • Live Currency Changer/ Currency Select (let user to select currency)
  • And many more.


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whmpress-whmcs-wordpress-integration-plugin-rev-3-nulled.zip (LATEST)

Old Version







WHMpress WHMCS WordPress Integration Plugin Nulled Changelog

Change Log
6.0-revision-2 (29-10-2022)
- Order button set behavior to same page load set
6.0-revision-1 (17-08-2022)

- security issue due to session not close
- WHMPRESS SYNC frequency short code added
6.0-revision-0 (24-08-2022)

- Add price filter parameters in Elementor's price matrix extended widget
5.9-revision-9 (05-08-2022)

- Remove Tiny button in wordpress rich text
5.9-revision-8 (04-08-2022)

- Bugs fixed in WHMpress verification process
5.9-revision-7 (28-07-2022)

- Make the "Use Direct WHMCS order process" option.
5.9-revision-6 (25-07-2022)

- Hide all hidden products from shortcodes
5.9-revision-5 (18-06-2022)

- Bug fixed with the dual appearance of price matrix domain in visual composer.
5.9-revision-4 (27-06-2022)

- Improve Plugin verification process
5.9-revision-3 (27-06-2022)

- Bug fixed in group pricing table prices
5.9-revision-2 (31-05-2022)

- Bug fixed with php 8
5.9-revision-1 (12-05-2022)

- Adding Widget templates security
5.9-revision-0 (22-04-2022)

- Adding display text option in the tooltip
5.8-revision-9 (22-03-2022)

- Setting specific products in price matrix issue fixed
5.8-revision-8 (25-02-2022)

- Price decimals issue fixed
5.8-revision-7 (15-02-2022)

- Extensions order issue fixed
5.8-revision-6 (25-01-2022)

- Fixed issues with PHP 8
5.8-revision-5 (17-01-2022)

- Fixed WHMCS Syncing Fatal Errors.
- Fixed Style issue in whmpress-21.tpl template.
- Added New Pricing Table named whmpress-24.tpl.
5.8-revision-4 (12-01-2022)

- Issue fixed in rendering billingcycle in price domain list
5.8-revision-3 (10-01-2022)

- Make it Compatible with PHP 8
5.8-revision-2 (07-01-2022)

- Bug Fixed in WHMpress Price.
- Bug Fixed -> Price Matrix Domain rendering issue in wp-bakery page builder.
5.8-revision-1 (28-12-2021)

- target blank in the order button.
5.8-revision-0 (04-12-2021)

- Added Addon in the plugin.
- Addon Conflict resolved.
5.7-revision-9 (24-11-2021)

- Added Vietnamese translations
5.7-revision-8 (22-11-2021)

- Warnings fixed in domain price list shortcode
5.7-revision-7 (12-11-2021)

- Number format issue fixed in the bundle pricing table
5.7-revision-6 (23-10-2021)

- Fixed warnings in whmpress.class
- Make compatible with elementor 3.4.6
- Fixed thousand separator issue in price shortcode
5.7-revision-5 (09-09-2021)

- Fixed pricing slab issue in price matrix domain
5.7-revision-4 (09-09-2021)

- Added swedish translations
5.7-revision-3 (27-07-2021)

- Improve Price Matrix Domain.
5.7-revision-2 (19-07-2021)

- Add hide show parameters in Price Matrix Domain.
5.7-revision-1 (08-07-2021)

- Bugs fixed in Domain Price shortcode.
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