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Download Free W3 Total Cache Pro WordPress Plugin Nulled v2.1.6

W3 Total Cache Pro WordPress Plugin Free Download v.2.1.6 – W3-edge | W3 Total Cache Pro v2.1.6 WordPress Plugin enhances your site’s SEO and user experience by enhancing website efficiency, decreasing load times through characteristics such as inclusion of content delivery network (CDN) and the recent best practices.

WordPress’s only web host agnostic Web Performance Optimization (WPO) framework trusted for more than a century by millions of publishers, web developers, and web hosts around the world. W3 Total Cache Pro WordPress Plugin builds on W3 Total Cache’s (free) Community version and adds features that will be of interest to any publisher who is serious about running a successful website.

The Ultimate WordPress Performance Toolkit

W3 Total Cache lets you accelerate your WordPress website with all the resources you need to accelerate SEO, user experience and search ranking for beginners, intermediate and advanced WordPress people. Today, grow your W3TC brand!

10X Speed Improvement

W3 Total Cache Pro can provide an improvement of 10 times over the overall site efficiency, if properly configured, as indicated by Google PageSpeed Insights.

Easy Setup With Any Hosting

Compatible with most popular hosting, VPS hosting and server hosting plans. Simple installation and setup.

Includes Mobile Device Support

Whatever your users access it, W3 Total Cache speeds your website up. The same speed of lightning is provided to mobile visitors as on the desktop.

The Definitive WordPress Caching Plugin

A plugin that grows along with you is W3 Total Cache. First of all, most websites need to do page caching and browser caching, and with a few easy clicks W3 Total Cache does this for you. Your caching needs are the same as you evolve. And for you there will be W3TC.

WordPress Page Caching

Page Cache is one of the most important things you can do to accelerate your site for your WordPress website. This is done quickly and conveniently for you by W3 Total Cache, which offers you many disc and RAM storage options, such as Redis or Memcached.

Static File Compression

Either W3 Total Cache will leverage your server with Brotli or Gzip Compression, so you can use the least possible bandwidth, combined with the highest page speed. With W3TC, your site can load more quickly and efficiently.

On Demand Images (Lazy Loading)

Lazy charge delays the loading of images except when they are available in the original rendering. This helps you to have rich, longer pages while maintaining page efficiency as quickly as possible.

Web Server and Stack Compatibility

Use Apache, NGINX, or both to speed up the page speed like never before. W3 Total Cache uses the webserver like no other plugin available to speed up your WordPress website.

Eliminate Render Blocking CSS

Rendering CSS blocking delays the visibility of a Webpage in due time. Each CSS file delays the rendering of your website. The larger your CSS, the longer you load the tab. You can remove a CSS with W3 Total Cache, which is not required at initial load, and it will flash fast!

Lazy Loading for Google Maps

Optimize Google Maps for visitors to your website speeds up loading time. Facilitates the charging of your page so that the map is not loaded until required.



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