Visual Composer Popup Notifications v2.0

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Visual Composer Popup Notifications v2.0
Download Free Visual Composer Popup Notifications v2.0 Add-on for WordPress – CodeCanyon | Visual Composer Popup Notifications v2.0 lets you eaisly add the popup notifications to your desire posts and pages. Notifications are smoothly shown on page load. You can also completely customize the look of the popups by applying different themes styles and colors. Popups can also be restricted to show only set number of times and can also be hidden forever on close button click. Popups also support easy to use shortcode in the content, so that you can use any shortcode like gravity form shortcode to show form in popups or woocommerce product shortcode to show a certain product etc.

Download Links[v2.0].rar[v2.0].rar_links

  • 439 font awesome icons
  • 06 different themes for notifications / New theme added
  • Set delay time for showing popup
  • 09 different colors for each notification theme
  • Shortcode Support
  • Set global
  • Set height
  • Set number of times popup displays
  • Set width of popup
  • Set position of the popup
  • Hide forever on close button click
  • Set delay time for hiding popup automatically
  • Lot of Animation options
  • Make it sticky or auto hide it after some time and many more…


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