WP Travel Engine Pro All Addons (v5.8.2) (Agency Bundle) Latest versions as of Oct 11, 2023 Free Download

WP Travel Engine Pro All Addons
WP Travel Engine Pro All Addons
WP Travel Engine Pro All Addons
WP Travel Engine Pro All Addons

WP Travel Engine Pro All Addons Nulled v5.8.2 | WP Travel Engine Pro All Addons Free Download v5.8.2 is one of the best travel booking WordPress plugins to create SEO-friendly travel booking websites.


They have created WP Travel Engine, a travel WordPress plugin, to help every travel website owner to generate travel and tour booking websites quickly, and increase bookings, inquiries and Average Order Value (AOV).

WP Travel Engine has everything you need to create a full-fledged travel website and start selling – from creating complete itineraries to collecting customer payments.

Create unlimited itineraries, add destinations and prices to your trips; collect payments from guests all while managing the entire process through your website!

WP Travel Engine takes out the pain of creating and selling travel packages so that you can focus on enjoyable and safe experiences for your guests.


What will you get?

  • wp-travel-engine-authorize-net-payment-gateway_2.0.0
  • wp-travel-engine-social-proof_1.0.0
  • wp-travel-engine-legal-documents_1.0.0
  • wptravelengine-woocommerce-payments_1.1.1
  • wp-travel-engine-trip-fixed-starting-dates_2.3.15
  • wp-travel-engine-group-discount_2.1.2
  • wp-travel-engine-extra-services_2.1.6
  • wp-travel-engine-advanced-itinerary-builder_2.1.2
  • wp-travel-engine-trip-reviews_2.1.5
  • wp-travel-engine-partial-payment_2.1.3
  • wp-travel-engine-trips-embedder_2.1.0
  • wp-travel-engine-form-editor-2.1.1
  • wp-travel-engine-itinerary-downloader-2.1.1
  • wp-travel-engine-user-history_2.1.0
  • wp-travel-engine-file-downloads_2.0.3
  • wp-travel-engine-currency-converter-1.1.6
  • wp-travel-engine-trip-fixed-starting-dates-countdown_2.1.0
  • wp-travel-engine-trip-weather-forecast-1.1.2
  • wp-travel-engine-zapier-1.1.2
  • wp-travel-engine-stripe-payment-gateway_2.2.2
  • wp-travel-engine-paypal-express-gateway_2.2.0
  • wp-travel-engine-payumoney-payment-gateway_2.1.1
  • wp-travel-engine-midtrans-payment-gateway-2.0.1
  • wp-travel-engine-payhere-payment-gateway_2.0.0
  • wp-travel-engine-hbl-payment-gateway_2.1.1
  • wp-travel-engine-payu-payment-gateway_2.1.1
  • wp-travel-engine-payfast-payment-gateway_2.1.0
  • w-ptravel-engine-per-trip-emails_1.0.0
  • wptravelengine-email-customizer_1.0.0
  • wp-travel-engine-affiliate-booking_1.1.0

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Changelog WP Travel Engine Nulled

5.7.8 – 4TH OCTOBER 2023
Fix: Code improvement to fix js error.
5.7.7 – 20TH SEPTEMBER 2023
Enhancement: booking_url tag in email templates.
Feature: Trip duration column in backend.
Fix: Warning on customer post type.
Fix: Same date different pax issue.
Fix: Seats booked on one package effecting other package seats issue.
Fix: Adds data in inventory to fix packages on same date booked issue.
Fix: Reply-To email address.

5.7.6 – 14TH AUGUST 2023
Compatible: Compatibility for Email Customizer Add-on.
Fix: Export bookings option on other screens fixed
5.7.5 – 11TH JULY 2023
Fix: Dates issue when trip has multiple pricing packages is fixed.
5.7.4 – 3RD JULY 2023
Feature: Added destinations, activities and trip types tab in analytics dashboard.
Feature: Bookings data can be exported as CSV.
Feature: Personalize static strings within the plugin
Compatible: Compatibility for Extra Services mandatory feature
Improvement: Added Editor in FAQs content
Improvement: Added Destination, Activities and Trip-Types overview tabs in Analytics dashboard.
Fixes: Addresses Currency Converter related issues
5.7.3 – 27TH JUNE 2023
Update: Freemius wordpress-sdk updated.
5.7.2 – 26TH JUNE 2023
Feature: Customers data can be created and updated from admin dashboard.
Improvement: Scroll to view when used custom enquiry forms.
Compatible: Compatibility updates for Partial Payment full payment toggle feature.
Fix: Admin menu related issues are fixed.
Fix: Enquiry form moved down when a form shortcode used on the sidebar is fixed.
5.7.1 – 19TH JUNE 2023
Add: Added filters for Per Trip Emails Addon.
Add: Added support for Elementor Trip Search Widget to change icons.
Feature: List of email addresses can be added for enquiry notification emails.
Feature: The popular Ninja Forms, WPForms and Gravity Forms shortcode can be used as Enquiry Form alternatives.
Improvement: Added support for WebP format for image uploads.
Improvement: Added Editor for Trip Package Description field.
Fix: Fixed a bug related to the set-cookie header in each response header
Fix: Fixed default gateway is not get selected on checkout
5.7.0 – 25TH MAY 2023
Feature: Adds Analytics page that gives an overview of transactions, customer information, and trip details
Feature: Adds WP Travel Engine Booking Summary widget
Tweak: Organizes Plugin Admin Menu Items
Tweak: Removes Messages from Menu and Admin message for User consent
To obtain additional information, kindly refer to our release note.
5.6.11 – 18TH MAY 2023
Tweak: Trips Block Enhancement
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.6.10 – 9TH MAY 2023
Tweak: Adds Trip Extras data for Zapier
Fix: Terms Listings show children terms not working
Fix: Enquiry Email Subject is not translatable.
Fix: Partial Script loading issue when used with CDN plugins.
5.6.9 – 25TH APRIL 2023
Tweak: Speed up loading time of booking Widget
Tweak: Show Tax percentage in mini cart and emails for tax inclusive prices.
Tweak: Adds {payment_method} tag for emails.
Fix: Removes deprecated function get_page_by_title
5.6.8 – 6TH APRIL 2023
Fix: Trip Settings is not applicable in case of disabled Participants and Age #324
Fix: Admin email is send when notification is disabled
Fix: Trip facts title is hidden #330
Fix: Trip Gallery Slider not loading on later loaded items
Fix: Error when customer listing
Fix: Customer last booked date is incorrect
Fix: Space Gap in footer in single trip
Tweak: Shows Age for pricing categories if set.
Tweak: Optimizes flush_rewrite_rules action
Tweak: Option to enable sticky booking area. #326
Tweak: Custom Tax Label option #312
Tweak: Currency formatting consistency #339
Tweak: Dynamic trip map shortcode #325
Tweak: Shortcode for Enquiry Form. #336
5.6.7 – 30TH MARCH 2023
Fix: Date selection issue on Smaller Devices
Enhancement: Booking Inventory update for multilingual Trip booking
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.6.6 – 27TH MARCH 2023
Fix: Styling compatibility for new pricing widget category
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.6.5 – 21ST MARCH 2023
Fix: Undefined function issues on some pages
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.6.4 – 21ST MARCH 2023
Feature: New pricing widget layouts for smaller devices
Fix: Missing custom taxonomies in admin menu
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.6.3 – 2ND MARCH 2023
Compatibility: WPML compatible for translating trips and string translations
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.6.2 – 28TH FEBRUARY 2023
Fix: Total price calculation issue on booking popup
Fix: Displays bullets when cost excludes content is empty
Fix: Data type issue when there is only item of trip highlight
Fix: Shows unapproved reviews
Fix: Multiple entries of difficulty/tag taxonomy terms
Feature: Sends trip package name in email
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.6.1 – 28TH FEBRUARY 2023
Fix: Pricings not displays correctly when used with GD
Fix: Selects all the time with same starting time while booking
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes

5.6.0 – 12TH JANUARY 2023
Feature: WP Travel Engine Admin Home
Compatible: RTL Compatible
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.5.12 – 6TH JANUARY 2022
Enhancement: Cleanup trip data when deleted permanently
Fix: Booking widget not displayed when sale price is enabled and price is empty.
Enhanement: Adds option to enable/disable featured image in gallery.
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.5.11 – 21ST DECEMBER 2022
Fix: Lists all Packages while creating new trips.
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.5.10 – 16TH DECEMBER 2022
Fix: Trip Facts overrides if tab is not active when saving trip.
Fix: Admin Settings Tab Sticky always keeps enabled.
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.5.9 – 9TH DECEMBER 2022
Fix: Map button and tooltip not working on new card when list updated
Fix: Trip facts gets hidden on sidebar after update
Fix: Trip Duration settings shows same value
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.5.8 – 9TH DECEMBER 2022
Fix: Trip Search Duration Slider Issue
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.5.7 – 8TH DECEMBER 2022
Fix: Trip Search form slider label issue
Enhancement: Reduced booking widget load time
Tweak: Adds default trip facts options
Tweak: Adds New Tab – Display, on Admin settings Page with layout conditions
Feature: Options to set default trip sorting and list view options
Feature: Adds Tag and Difficulty taxonomy for trips
Feature: New Trip Card advance layout
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.5.6 – 28TH NOVEMBER 2022
Fix: Shows packages as page issue
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.5.5 – 15TH NOVEMBER 2022
Fix: Fancybox Gallery Button Issue in Single Trip Page
Fix: Check availability loading issue
Fix: Image blur issue in trip listing page
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.5.4 – 18TH OCTOBER 2022
Fix: Trip Duration label
Fix: Typo fixes
Fix: Layout issue of check availability section on small devices
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.5.3 – 19TH SEPTEMBER 2022
Design: Trip availability booking widget in mobile improvement
Enhancement: Booked seats tracking functionality enhancements
Enhancement: Booking update and creation from admin page
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.5.2 – 15TH SEPTEMBER 2022
Fix: Trip content scroll issue
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.5.1 – 14TH SEPTEMBER 2022
Fix: Missing Dropzone script on dashboard
Fix: Social Login redirection issue
Enhancement: Rating stars not displays when no ratings
Fix: Missing Icons
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.5.0 – 12TH SEPTEMBER 2022
Feature: Customers can now Log In or Sign Up via socials. Facebook, Google and LinkedIn
Feature: Show/Hide related trips on Single Trip page.
Feature: Tax can be enabled and tax details will be shown while checkout.
Feature: Enable hours on week days basis for short day tours or multi day tours.
Enhancement: Both admin and customer will get information of each travellers in email.
Enhancement: Quick menu of WP Travel Engine has been added on Admin bar for easy navigation.
Enhancement: Enhanced and user friendly customer dashboard with new looks.
Enhancement: Optimization for page speed by reducing resource size and requests.
Enhancement: UI/UX enhancements
Fix: Search filters not being displayed when enabled Hide in Search Page – FILTER BY Section
Fix: Remaining amount is 0 for partially booked trips on Dashboard
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.4.4 – 1ST AUGUST 2022
Fix: Disable fontawesome option not working
Fix: All videos can not be deleted from gallery tab on Trip Edit
Minor enhancements and Issue fixes
5.4.3 – 15TH JULY 2022
Fix: HTML entities not renders on Script templates used on trip booking popup.
Fix: Travellers info not displaying.
Minor issues fix
5.4.2 – 4TH JULY 2022
Minor issues fix
5.4.1 – 27TH JUNE 2022
Fix: Booked Date formatting issue
Fix: Cannot create booking manually from admin
Fix: Checkout button label shows full payment amount when discount applied.
Fix: Support for elementor trip slider widget
Minor issues fix


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