UserPro v5.1.2 – User Profiles with Social Login Free Download

UserPro v4.9.21 - User Profiles with Social Login
UserPro v4.9.21 - User Profiles with Social Login

Download Free UserPro WordPress Plugin v.5.1.2 WordPress Plugin NulledCodeCanyon |  UserPro v5.1.2 – User Profiles with Social Login version v5.1.2 offers an out standing and beautiful login, front-end profiles and great registration for WordPress. UserPro is also packed with lots of  many premium features and easy to control options. It is undoubtedly more than just a user profiles plugin.

UserPro comes with lots of great extra features in addition to the beautiful user login, profiles and registration, member directory. It offers social connect. It is also integrated with viral marketing, user badges, responsive videos, 1 click auto signup/signing, file upload and photo uploads having light-box support, follow and unfollow users, content restriction (private content), verified accounts, front-end publisher, public/private activity feed, posts by user, and much more. That is why it gives you more than front-end profiles and registration system for WordPress.

Create beautiful front-end user profiles and community sites in WordPress using UserPro.

It comes packed with amazing features like,

+  Customizable login and registration forms
+  Social connect and integration
+  User badges
+  Multiple member list displays
+  Viral marketing
+  Content restriction
+  Public/ private feed
+  Verified accounts, and much more.

It is simply an all-in-one plugin to help you create a complete community site.UserPro offers beautiful front-end profiles, login and registration for WordPress. Besides these, UserPro comes with loads of other features like social connect and integration, viral marketing, user badges, verified accounts, content restriction, public/private activity feed, and more. It is simply all-in-one plugin!

UserPro WP Plugin Free Download Link

Changelog UserPro WP Plugin Nulled

Version 5.1.0 (09 Aug 2022)
 - Update: Increased datepicker date range
 - Fixed bug: Fixed "Change your Password" forms design issues

Version 5.0.1 (03 Aug 2022)
 - Fixed bug: Fixed "Forgot your password?" and "Already a member?" forms design issues

Version 5.0.0 (11 Jul 2022)
 - Update: This update is for Memberlist layouts for UserPro addon plugin
 - Fixed bug: Fixed redirect to login page after clicking on "Already a member?" 
 - Update: Guzzle 7.4.5 - PHP HTTP client library

Version 4.10.1 (30 March 2022)
 - Update: Support with newer PHP version and code more readable

Version 4.9.40 (12 July 2021)
 - Security fix: User posts
 - Security fix: Reset password by URL will always return generic response
 - Enhancement: Date to age converter is now more dynamic with separators
 - Fixed bug: Min length validation (empty fields will no longer pass it)
 - Fixed bug: EMD filter with select field - no longer adds backslash to apostrophe or doesn't work
 - Fixed bug: Request verification
 - Fixed bug: Some servers had issues with google oAUTH file import
 - Fixed bug: WPML ?lang format issue with profiles/redirects
 - Fixed bug: Warning in a file "fields-functions" 

Version 4.9.39 (26 January 2021)
 - Enhancement: Twitter social connect
 - Enhancement: Google social connect
 - Enhancement: Date to age converter now supported in EMD
 - Enhancement: Licensing page response, after submit
 - Enhancement: "popup-login,register" have been renamed to "popup_userpro-login,register" to avoid incompatibility
 - Fixed bug: Incompatibility with social connect - facebook in popup window 
 - Fixed bug: Date to age converter minor issues
 - Fixed bug: Javascript error "undefined variable" 
 - Fixed bug: WordPress 5.6 incompatibility with popup-login,register
 - Fixed bug: Multiselect field - "required" option 

Version 4.9.38 (22 September 2020)
 - New feature: Option to convert datepicker value to age in user profile
 - Enhancement: LinkedIn social connect v2
 - Enhancement: Removed CURL notice in licensing page (no longer used)
 - Enhancement: Datepicker format validation
 - Enhancement: Add new connection now returns "Pending request" instead of "Undefined" 
 - Enhancement: Country now can be de-selected by users
 - Enhancement: File upload field "allowed extensions" now can be edited
 - Enhancement: Function "post_thumb" accepts more parameters and can be used via template override
 - Fixed bug: File/Picture upload no longer ignores size limit
 - Fixed bug: MultiSelect field now works with required option
 - Fixed bug: Follow - unfollow issues
 - Fixed bug: Pop-up registration - webcam issue
 - Fixed bug: Incompatibility with MailChimp for WooCommerce plugin
 - Fixed bug: Email is in use, when administrator edits another user
 - Fixed bug: WordPress site health issue - The REST API encountered an error 

Version (29 April 2020)
 - Fixed bug: License activation issue in UserPro admin page

Version 4.9.37 (10 April 2020)
 - Fixed bug: Email validation in edit profile
 - Fixed bug: Mailchimp newsletter subscription not working
 - Fixed bug: Datepicker is now hideable from public by user's choice
 - Enhancement: Role-based fields no longer have adminstrator option
 - Enhancement: Mailchimp will now automatically unsubscribe upon deleted account
 - Enhancement: In registration settings, allowed roles, administrator is no longer available
 - Enhancement: Custom dropdown profile fields are now available for search in mobile versions

Version 4.9.36 (30 Dec 2019)
 - Fixed bug: Date picker field not showing newer dates after picking older
 - Fixed bug: Professional layout, show/hide fields now respond to user/userpro-admin interaction
 - Enhancement : Emd fields are available for translation in .po files
 - Enhancement : Email texts are available for translation, that are generated upon user interaction in .po files

Version (24 Sep 2019)
 - Fixed bug : Remove files from Example dir.

Version 4.9.35 (24 Sep 2019)
 - Security fix : Automatically remove Instagram example dir if dir exist.
 - Fixed bug : The user export download link doesn't appear.
 - Fixed bug : UserPro version not increased.

Version 4.9.34 (02 Sep 2019) 
- Enhancement : Refactor follow/unfollow functionality
- Fixed bug : . (dot) symbol not allowed in username 
- Fixed bug : Font awesome 5 version update, follow button ajax action refactor 
- Fixed bug : Restricted content redirects on subdomain not working 
- Fixed bug : No alert on reset options 
- Fixed bug : Media manager add-on not working with professional layout 
- Fixed bug : Webcam is not working on chrome/safari 
- Fixed bug : User import not working even if file is .csv extension 
- Fixed bug : Post by user title goes over the borders 
- Fixed bug : Facebook login breaks if social features are disabled
- Fixed bug : Removed example Instagram library directory

Version 4.9.33 (05 Jun 2019)
 - Fixed bug : Appearance of recaptcha
 - Fixed bug : Appearance of connection slug
 - Fixed bug : Restricted content redirects on subdomain not working
 - Fixed bug : Block email from registration not working
 - Fixed bug : Email field not trimmed
 - Fixed bug : Auto badges for roles are not working
 - Enhancement : Requesting/awaiting approval users design changes
 - New feature : Added buttons to accept/deny all users at once who requesting/awaiting approval
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