User Rating Review Add on for UserPro v2.3 WP Plugin

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User Rating Review Add on for UserPro v2.3
Download Free User Rating Review WordPress Plugin v.2.3 – CodeCanyon | User Rating Review Add on for UserPro v2.3 WordPress Plugin is the best choice if you have a community of members, where in you freedomly would like users to easily provide wish-able reviews or self liked ratings for each other. For above mentioned features you can use this premium UserPro addon. It is powered with ajax, its mean you do not need to reload the entire page.

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  • Ability to rate other users by using using Text Comments or Star Ratings
  • You can choose an option to allow Anonymous reviews. If you disabled it, then UserProfiles will show up against the Text Review Comments
  • Allow only certain roles to rate other users
  • PO/MO files are available in this pack – all labels and messages can be translated easily
  • Can be set up on a multi-site installation too
  • Restrict the Text Comments to a specified limit using the settings
  • View average numerical ratings for other users
  • Users can rate each other easily without any compromise (using 5 stars) either through the profile or via a specific page using this shortcode

Version 2.3 (26 Aug 2015)

  • Bug in Role restriction has been fixed for rating now working properly.