Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro (Premium) v1.5.59 Nulled 

Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro Nulled
Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro Nulled
Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro
Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro

Take your Elementor page building experience to the next level with Free Download Unlimited Elements for Elementor Nulled v1.5.59 | Unlimited Elements for Elementor Free Download v1.5.59 . This is the last widget pack you will need. Find everything in one place and get more than +100 free widgets for your Elementor website. All our elements are easy to use and built with our unique Widget Creator framework.


Use any of are free widgets or upgrade to our pro version and enjoy +200 more unique widgets for Elementor. Each element comes with a bunch of options to control every possible setting. In case you are missing something you can easily add it using our unique Widget Creator Framework.

From now you can create advanced dynamic layouts with our loop widgets.
Stop being frustrated trying to create what you want and get started with our Dynamic Loop Builder.
Loop your custom built templates to create grids, carousels, tabs, accordions or even sliders with a custom skin. You can design a loop item just like a single template by drag and drop and then choose how you want to output the loop. Insert custom fields to add different data types and create advanced flexible layouts.

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Our widget catalog is updated daily with new elements and improvements to existing elements. There is no need to update your plugin since we have created a unique api that will keep your Element Catalog updated.

Create Amazing Widgets in Seconds. In less than five minutes you can create custom Elementor widgets Nulled. Only basic coding knowledge is required (HTML/CSS)!

Changelog Unlimited Elements for Elementor Nulled

version 1.5.56: 2023-03-13:

Feature: added option authors by dynamic field in post query
Feature: done some integration with flycart discounts
Feature: added option to show post type and post type title in posts fields
Feature: added option to add multiple values in multisource
Fix: fixed get posts by terms meta field – add taxonomy
Fix: fixed responsive css in dynamic loop
Fix: fixed dynamic loop with jet engine acf fields
Fix: fixed slider control units for vh, vx and %
Fix: added “before today” for past year in date qury
Change: the uc_id will not change now when page refresh
version 1.5.55: 2023-02-23:

Fix: fixed wpml integrate fields
Fix: fixed some write file error, will not crash if happend
Fix: fixed entrance animation js on popup
Fix: fixed strip tags in intro from content
Fix: fixed some php 8.1 issues
Fix: fixed some post intro with html tags issues
Change: do_action function is working now in free version

version 1.5.54: 2023-02-15

Change: added some define variable that indicate the under ajax search
Change: added “collect”, and “output” to schema types in content accordion widget for example
Feature: added wpml auto translate integration
Feature: added option to select “all taxonomies” in exclude terms in terms selection
Feature: added option – only direct children to terms select include by
Feature: added option to post select to get posts by terms from curent meta field
Fix: preserve tags when truncate
Fix: fixed load more with second meta add in post query
version 1.5.53: 2023-02-07

Fix: keep exclude terms in grid when filtering with “override terms” mode
Fix: fixed get_terms() not found php error from 1.5.52 version
version 1.5.52: 2023-02-06

Change: done some protection agains infinite loops in templates
Fix: fixed popup button type conditions
Fix: fixed term meta fields in multisource
Fix: fixed exclude term not found in post select
version 1.5.51: 2023-01-31

Feature: added version to js comment output
Feature: connected the galleies to remote play / stop like the carousels
Feature: added some error message when image size attribute is missing in multisource
Feature: added dynamic popup special attribute type
Fix: fixed title source and description source in multisource gallery for products.
Fix: added supress filtres to ajax search query

version 1.5.50: 2023-01-24

-feature: added “media” to post types select in advanced post query
-feature: improved the date time attribute

version 1.5.49: 2023-01-23

-bug fix: fixed some js optimization issues
-bug fix: fixed filters related small js bug

version 1.5.48: 2023-01-19

Feature: added gallery to multisource
Feature: added post type override selectin current post query options
Fix: fixed remote play with carousel
Fix: fixed some multisource and ajax related bugs
Fix: fixed popular posts plugin integration multiple post types
Fix: fixed background widgets some problematic attribute names
Fix: fixed include terms by current post terms in some cases.
Fix: fixed default url_assets value in multisoure
Fix: fixed dark mode svg icons

version 1.5.47: 2023-01-10

Feature: added more units to slider attribute
Feature: added “any” post type to post types select
Feature: added include and exclude current post terms in terms selection
Feature: added option to carousel – scroll to head – force
Feature: allow import widgets with theme activate
Fix: fixed dynamic template render css for dynamic popup
Fix: fixed users list select by manual
version 1.5.46: 2023-01-08

Feature: set the items image size chooser work for certain image
Feature: made option to put js script in saparate tags with id’s for optimization plugins like wprocket
Feature: enriched the uc_lang variable. now it’s always showing the current language
Feature: added user_login variable to the users list output
Feature: has put the preview link always as a help link in widget edit panel.
Change: updated the multisource that it works better with items images
Change: allow html tags in post intro (excerpt) in widgets
Fix: fixed filters with sync multiple grid issues
Fix: fixed the exclude users list with similar names
version 1.5.45: 2022-12-26

Feature: added json decode filter to twig
Feature: added catalog images from shortpixel for speed loading
Feature: done multisource group setting
Fix: fixed entrance animation on ajax refresh
Fix: done sync pause / play between carousels
version 1.5.44: 2022-12-19

Change: updated freemius to the latest version
Fix: fixed remote play / pause button
Fix: fixed search filter unicode phrase
Fix: fixed entrance animation appear on scroll
Feature: added video gallery responsive options
Fix: fixed some owl carousel size on init bug
Fix: fixed js widgets under the dynamic grid template like flipbox
version 1.5.43: 2022-12-04

Feature: add settings output to dynamic grid fields debug
Fix: fixed pods multiple image data
Fix: fixed url terms in filter with dynamic grid
Fix: fixed users and menu not found bug in front
Change: updated twig engine to the latest version
version 1.5.42: 2022-11-29

Feature: added functionality for time ago in posts widgets
Feature: added woo variables to woo fields – woo_price_withtax, woo_price_notax
Feature: added option for term child filter role
-optimization: reduced number of queries in post related widgets
version 1.5.41: 2022-11-24

-bug fix: fixed post select in post query

version 1.5.40: 2022-11-23

Feature: added integration to woocommerce multicourancy plugins
Feature: made some integration with translate press plugin
Feature: added select post and select term attribute
Fix: fixed dynamic loop css backgrounds with containers
Fix: fixed mousewheel event in the carousel
Fix: fixed some rare php error with filters
version 1.5.39: 2022-11-16

Fix: fixed small bug with zip extract
Update: updated black friday sale banners
version 1.5.38: 2022-11-10

Fix: fixed galleries default sizes with post filters
Fix: fixed hidden option in select filter in safari browser
Fix: fixed non ssl assets url
Feature: added “schema” special attribute
Fix: fixed false autoplay in carousel
version 1.5.37: 2022-11-09

Fix: fixed 1px glitch bug in the carousel, on 1 item (slide mode)
Feature: prepared the filters to work with ajax search
version 1.5.36: 2022-11-6

Feature: added function that outputs items schema
Feature: improved include by meta in posts selection, added option for multiple values
Feature: added option to get current user with meta in twig
Addition: validate number of post list attributes, allow only one when creating widget
Fix: fixed count posts in post query summary
Fix: fixed entrance animation blur type
Fix: fixed avoid duplicates with random order while posts load more
Fix: the timeout now reset after slide change in owl carousel
Fix: fixed terms selection taxonomies with idetical post type title
Fix: added protection against inifinite loop in putElementorTemplate twig function
Fix: fixed acf field unaccessable in some cases with elementor pro 3.8
version 1.5.35: 2022-10-24

-Fix: fixed include by id’s from dynamic field, and terms from dynamic field in post selection

version 1.5.34: 2022-10-19

Feature: added items image size attribute (special type)
Fix: fixed show backgrounds in elementor editor
version 1.5.33: 2022-10-15

Fix: fixed avoid duplicates with filters
Fix: fixed select dropdown filter js
Feature: added avoid duplicates option to manual posts selection
version 1.5.32: 2022-10-11

Fix: fixed some ajax pagination issues
Fix: fixed pagination widget appearance on archive ajax pages with filters
Fix: added twig functionality to put product attributes text
Fix: fixed export with images not worked in some cases
Fix: made some protection with ezcache plugin integration and filtering
Fix: fixed some small php bug with this month post selection
Fix: fixed some visible and hidden filters collision
Fix: fixed terms select in terms filter on history back click in filters
Fix: set child filter always first unselected
Fix: set option for the tabs filter to be unselected
Fix: fixed the pagination numbers if exclude offset chosen

Feature: added multiple taxonomy terms in term selection

Feature: added query id in terms selection
Feature: added functionality for next / prev post
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