Ultimate SMS – Bulk SMS Application For Marketing

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Ultimate SMS - Bulk SMS Application For Marketing

Download Free Ultimate SMS – Bulk SMS Application For Marketing v3.0.1

Ultimate SMS – Bulk SMS Application For Marketing Nulled Free Download 3.0.1 – CodeCanyon | Ultimate SMS v3.0.1 – Bulk SMS Application For Marketing can be described as a robust Flexible, user-friendly, and flexible Bulk SMS Marketing Software. It’s also a complete solution for marketing via SMS. It’s simple to use and install.


PHP >= 7.3
BCMath PHP Extension
Ctype PHP Extension
Fileinfo PHP Extension
JSON PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension
XML PHP Extension

Ultimate SMS Features

If you wish to use Ultimate SMS, you have purchase an API for SMS gateways from providers of SMS gateways like Twilio and nexmo, plivo and more. There are over 50 SMS gateway APIs that are already integrated into ultimate sms. You can select one of them or connect your gateway to ultimate SMS. You will need to change your sms API credentials in ultimate SMS. You can then send an sms via the sms gateway API on ultimate SMS.

Client Management

Clients are among the most important people in any company. Ultimate SMS is an program that helps you remain focused on your client in a quicker, easier method.

Campaign Builder

Send out your SMS to your customers via Contact Groups or upload csv files. Ultimate SMS will automatically queue your messages and delivers them to your customer one at one.

Send Schedule SMS

With scheduled messages you can contact your friends or family members at once , whenever you wish to. Simply select the groups of your clients or upload csv file files and select the date and time. The message will be delivered at the the correct time.

Send Recurring SMS

With Recurring Message, it is possible to can connect with yourself or many individuals at once whenever you wish to by recurring times. Simply select the groups of your clients or upload csv files , and select the time. The message will be delivered at the the correct time.

Two-way SMS

Two way SMS means that you can send and receive an SMS message that lets you talk to the person receiving it. Send and receive text messages from your client via Ultimate SMS.

Clean SMS Reports

Ultimate SMS provides you with simple, clean and attractive History of SMS reports. You’ll get your SMS history as a mobile inbox.

Custom SMS Templates

Create fully secure and custom SMS templates that assist you in reducing your work time. Simply create your template, save it in the system, and then use it when you need to.

Contacts Groups/Contact List

Contacts group is a helpful feature that allows you store and organize your contacts contact information, search and browse contacts edit and delete contact details. The principal goal of Contact groups is to effectively manage contacts information using a completely automated systems. You can define an opt-in and out keywords to store or eliminate the phone numbers you have on your list.

Sender ID Management

With an SMS sender ID that is dynamic, you can show your company’s name as the sender of text messages that transforms a text message into an effective branding tool. It is possible to block and remove the Sender ID of a specific clients.

Anti-Fraud message system

Its Anti-Fraud warning is way to detect fraud while sending Spam message or illegal text. Administrators will receive emails whenever someone sends Spam message or any illegal text, and control the process using a an automated system.

Integrated Popular SMS Gateways

Ultimate SMS includes more than 20of the most well-known SMS gateways. It is possible to send SMS messages to your clients or customers through these gateways. You can also integrate your own gateway to Ultimate SMS which are not integrated.

Build Your own API

SMS API integration is a way to incorporate SMS services into your panels, such as websites or software. Callable APIs that are advanced and sophisticated service give users the flexibility to be creative in the ways you utilize.

Price Plan

Ultimate SMS lets you make different kinds of Price Plans for your clients or customers. You can define the features you want to include in your plans. You can also decide if you want to make your plan popular or not popular features.

Unlimited Role Management

Role management lets you manage authorizations, which allows you to set which resources your users of your application are permitted to access. Role management allows you to treat the users in groups as a whole by assigning them roles like manager members, sales and so on.

Multi-language Support

The ability to transliterate Ultimate SMS to any language. Simply type in your translation country’s Name, add your country’s flag, and then translate your value from English into the language you own. There is no expertise in programming for this.

Popular Payment Gateways

Ultimate SMS include most popular payment gateways. It is possible to receive payments through Paypal and Stripe in different currencies. They also have an automated payment gateway that can include your bank account or any other thing.


Ultimate SMS is simple to personalize and anyone can modify anything easily. If you’d like, to make it your own with no hassle.

Well Documented

Begin building using all the data you require and break free quickly using instructions on how to build, samples of code and an extensive API documentation.

Open Codebase

Ultimate SMS was designed using developers’ mind.its easy to read and flexible. It is possible to modify anything depending on your requirements.

Auto Installer

It is possible to install Ultimate SMS with ease using Ultimate SMS auto-installer. Follow the steps and press the button.

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Download Ultimate SMS Nulled PHP Script 3.0.1(139)

Changelog Ultimate SMS Nulled – Bulk SMS Application For Marketing

Version 3.1.0 / (09.12.2021)

[New] – Upgrade Bootstrap 4.0 to Bootstrap 5.0
[New] – Add New 15 SMS Gateways or Sending Servers
[New] – Add Country Based Pricing
[New] – Theme Customizer
[Update] – Change Full Registration system
[Update] – Change Full Application user interface
[Update] – Update Full SMS Sending System.
[Update] – Update Sending Server System. Now customers can select Sending Server
[Fixed] – Fixed lots of issues regarding customer tickets.
and many more…

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