Ultimate POS – Best Advanced Stock Management, Point of Sale & Invoicing application

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Ultimate POS - Best Advanced Stock Management, Point of Sale & Invoicing application

Download Free Ultimate POS – Best Advanced Stock Management, Point of Sale & Invoicing application v4.7.5

Ultimate POS – Best Advanced Stock Management, Point of Sale & Invoicing application Free Download 4.7.5 – CodeCanyon | Ultimate POS v4.7.5 – Best Advanced Stock Management, Point of Sale & Invoicing application is completely committed by us with 10 years of business experience. We’ve been adding features and improving them continually for 3plus years, completed hundreds of releases, and a thousand plus features. It’s likely to cost nothing more than $19, $29, or $39, it is designed for those with a serious mindset and truly would like to grow their business. You’ll find yourself an affordable price when you purchase UltimatePOS.

Ultimate POS Features:

Multiple Business/Shops:
  • You can create multiple businesses within the application.
  • There is no limit to the number of companies.
  • Accounting and inventory information is stored separately for every company.
  • Add Location / Storefronts / Ware House:
  • Set up multiple locations for your shop or business
  • All of them simultaneously.
  • Purchases, stocks, and sells can be tracked differently in different the different locations.
  • Create a custom invoice layout and invoice layout for every site
User & Role Management:
  • User-friendly and efficient role management system
  • Predefined roles: Admin and Cashier
  • Create various roles with the permission you requirements.
  • Create unlimited users and assign them different roles.
Contacts (Customer & Suppliers):
  • Contacts are identified as either supplier or customer or both(customer and Supplier)
  • Review the details of transactions made with an individual contact.
  • Check the total of the Credit/Debit balance amount
  • Pay term definition and notifications about your payments each week, a week before payment due.
  • Purchase & Sale report
  • Tax Report
  • Contact Reports
  • Stock Reports
  • Expense Report
  • View Trending Products, drill down to Brands, Categories Units, Sub-categories, Units and dates
  • Expense Reports
  • Cash Register Report
  • Sales Representative report
Other features that are useful:
  • Timezone, currency and financial year. This is the profit margin for a company.
  • Translation is ready.
  • Barcode sticker settings that are predefined.
  • Make sure you have a barcode sticker set-up
  • Management of Brands, Tax Rates & Units, Tax Groups, Category and Sub-Categories
  • Easy 3 steps installation.
  • Complete documentation
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Express Checkout
  • Works Offline
  • Manage Single & Variable products.
  • Sort the products according to Categories, Brands, Sub-Categories, and Category.
  • Add units to products that have different units
  • Include SKU number or automatically generate SKU number using prefixes.
  • Alerts about stock on low stocks.
  • Reduce time spent by automatically calculating selling prices, the system can automatically calculate the selling price based on the purchase price as well as profit margin.
  • There is no need to create variations each time. Instead, design a template for variations and then use it whenever you require to design Variable products.
  • It is easy to add purchases easily.
  • Purchases can be made for various locations.
  • Manage Paid/Due purchases.
  • Be notified of purchases due prior to the date of payment.
  • Add tax and discount coupons
  • Simple interface for selling products
  • Automatically added as a default walk-in-customer to the business
  • New customer can be added from POS screen.
  • Ajax basis selling screen – reduce the time spent reloading
  • Mark an invoice with a draft or final
  • Many payment options
  • Create your own the layout of invoices and invoices.
Manage Expenses:
  • It is easy to add your business expenses
  • Categories expenses
  • Examine expenses based on categories and business locations using the expense report.
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Changelog Ultimate POS – Best Advanced Stock Management, Point of Sale & Invoicing application

V4.7.6 -Released Feb 2, 2022

  1. NEW: Price group selection option added to print label form
  2. NEW: Download image from URL implemented in import products
  3. NEW: Custom field tags added to notification templates
  4. NEW: Location permission check on product list stock added
  5. NEW: Out of stock check removed from sales order
  6. NEW: Subcategory option in add expense
  7. NEW: Import purchase products in xls file
  8. NEW: Added option to add date & notes when adding opening stock.
  9. NEW: filters added in List Customers & List suppliers
  10. NEW: Added units selection option in stock transfer
  11. NEW: Location dropdown filter added to dashboard data tables
  12. NEW: Commission agent required in add sales option added to settings
  13. NEW: duplicate check for the mobile number on add/edit contact form added
  14. NEW: invoice font color changed to black
  15. Improvement: Autoupdate pos header DateTime in every minute
  16. Improvement: Qr code removed from draft and quotation
  17. Improvement: sku added to the product name on trending products
  18. FIX: QR code time issue in ZATCA (Fatoora) format
  19. FIX: Commission agent dropdown reset issue on the pos screen
  20. FIX: payment view currency format issue fixed
  21. FIX: external invoice URL issue with location print setting fixed
  22. FIX: Business address not showing issue by disabling business name and locations in some invoice layouts fixed
  23. FIX: Datatable translation issue fixed
  24. FIX: Product view stock not showing issue fixed
  25. FIX: Sales return permission
  26. FIX: Discount issue on import sale
  27. FIX: Combo product issue on cash register
  28. FIX: Combo product issue on profit loss report
  29. FIX: Combo product issue on product sell report
  30. FIX: Fixed discount issue with combo product
  31. FIX: Edit/Delete permission in recent transactions modal in POS screen
  32. FIX: Shipping charge in stock transfer.

NOTE: Update also available below modules. So if you’re using them then update them.

V4.7.4 – Released 14 Dec 2021

  1. Fixed issue in 4.7.3

Note: If you’re using V4.7.3 then you must update to 4.7.4

V4.7.3 – Released 8 Dec 2021

  1. QR code fix for Saudi Arabia
  2. Quantity available shown for each item in stock transfer and stock adjustment
  3. Added invoice number in sales return
  4. Invoice heading for quotation fix
  5. Ledger improvements

V4.7.2 – Released 2 Dec 2021

  1. QR code fix for Saudi Arabia

V4.7.1 – Released 28 Nov 2021

  1. NEW – Displayed customer due on selecting customer in add/edit pos & sale
  2. Improved – In add/edit product purchase price auto-calculated when the selling price is entered.
  3. FIX – Export buttons in datatable permission fixes.
  4. FIX – If selected contact enabled contact list will show only the selected contacts.
  5. FIX – Stock report print decimal issue fixed
  6. FIX – Address format in invoices improved
  7. FIX – lang invoice in invoice URL issue fixed
  8. FIX – Stock report not loading issue

V4.7 – Released 18 Nov 2021

  1. NEW – Separate permissions for add, edit and delete for sell and purchase payments
  2. NEW – Edit account opening balance, fund transfer, deposits
  3. NEW – Permissions for edit and delete account transactions
  4. NEW – Footer total added to account book, accounts list, and cashflow
  5. NEW – Sales order heading in invoice layout settings
  6. NEW – Location name added to invoice QR code
  7. NEW – Additional expenses in Sell add/edit/view and in profit loss report
  8. NEW – Permission for export button in datatables added
  9. NEW – Edit account transaction from account book form improvements added, primary account selection in deposit and transfer form
  10. NEW – Added tax summary option in invoice layout
  11. NEW – Size option in labels printing.
  12. IMPROVE – Invoice label improved
  13. IMPROVE – Cashflow date order changed
  14. IMPROVE – Pos screen totals getting hidden on mobile screen fixed
  15. FIX – Edit product price and discount from sales screen permission on sale screen
  16. FIX – Lot number not showing on view stock adjustment
  17. FIX – Product history not showing ingredients used in production
  18. FIX – Account book balance
  19. FIX – Purchase return view modal
  20. FIX – Purchase return contact name not showing
  21. FIX – Trial balance and cash flow debit credit

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