Ultimate Dashboard Pro v3.7.0.5- Full Control Over Your WordPress Dashboard

Ultimate Dashboard Pro - Full Control Over Your WordPress Dashboard
Ultimate Dashboard Pro - Full Control Over Your WordPress Dashboard

Download Free Ultimate Dashboard Pro – Full Control Over Your WordPress Dashboard v3.7.0.5

Ultimate Dashboard Pro – Full Control Over Your WordPress Dashboard Free Download v3.7.0.5 – UltimateDashboard | Ultimate Dashboard Pro – Full Control Over Your WordPress Dashboard v3.7.0.5 Nulled enables you and your customers to build a WordPress dashboard.


Replace your own default dashboard widgets of WordPress and make a more meaningful use of the WordPress dashboard.

Ultimate Dashboard Pro Nulled is a clean & lightweight plugin designed to improve customer experience in the administrative area of WordPress.

Create the Ultimate Client Dashboard

Ultimate Dashboard PRO lets you build for your customers the ultimate WordPress customer dashboard. Give your customers the best possible WordPress administration experience.

Advanced Login Customizer

Choose your WordPress Login screen from different designs and customize every detail.

User Role Access

Restrict ultimate widgets & pages of the dashboard to those user functions and/or users.

Page Builder Support

Replace the whole WordPress dashboard with or use our ultimate dashboard widgets for your saved Elementor or Beaver Builder Layout.

Custom Admin Pages

Build custom Admin pages with HTML & CSS, Beaver Builder or Elementor (top level & submenu).

Admin Bar Editor (New!)

To build an entirely personalized WordPress experience using Admin Menu Editor feature in Ultimate Dashboard PRO Nulled, rearrange, hide and add custom top and sublevel menu items to the WordPress administrative bar.

Admin Menu Editor (New!)

Rearrange & hide WordPress admin menu & submenu items for every user position with the Ultimate Dashboard PRO admin menu editor feature.

Multisite Support

Last Dashboard PRO Nulled was constructed from the ground with multisite in mind for WordPress.

State a blueprint site for your network and the widget, the label settings and more from the main site will be inherited from all subsites.

Remove Widgets

Remove the mess from the dashboard of WordPress and remove it all or any widgets from the dashboard.

Add your own Widgets

Create a Dashboard for your WordPress client and substitute your text, Icon & HTML widgets for default WordPress.

Clean up the WP Admin

Decline the admin area of WordPress and delete items such as “Help” tab & “Screen Options” tab.

Custom CSS

Create your own WordPress table, whole WordPress administration area and the WordPress login screen and add your own custom CSS to it.

Login Customizer

Set up and rebrand the WordPress link screen directly inside the customizer of WordPress.

Custom Admin Pages

Build Custom Admin pages with HTML & CSS (Top-Level & Sub-Menu).

Ultimate Dashboard Pro Free Download Link


Changelog Ultimate Dashboard Pro Nulled

3.7.6 | MAY 21, 2023
Tweak: Minor security fix
3.7.5 | MAY 11, 2023
Tweak: Improve export/import functionality
Tweak: Allow source tag in HTML widget
Fixed: Fatal error with Google SiteKit
3.7.4 | FEBRUARY 07, 2023
Tweak: Updated logo
3.7.3 | JANUARY 30, 2023
Tweak: Wording
3.7.2 | DECEMBER 05, 2022
Fixed: Issue with password protected pages & login redirect feature | OCTOBER 04, 2022
Minor tweaks & improvements | JULY 20, 2022
Tweak: Wording | JULY 19, 2022
Tweak: Open link in a new tab | JULY 16, 2022
Fixed: Wording | JULY 1, 2022
Minor tweaks
3.7.1 | JULY 1, 2022
New: Field to replace the block editor logo (Ultimate Dashboard PRO)
3.7 | JUNE 15, 2022
New: Improved Login Customizer with features such as Background Image, Background Overlay, Form Box Shadow, etc.
Fixed: Issues when configuring Admin Menu Editor for specific users
3.6.3 | MAY 13, 2022
Tweak: Further improved Admin Menu Editor functionality
3.6.2 | MAY 10, 2022
Fixed: Some menu items didn’t appear in the Admin Menu Editor (for instance Yoast SEO)
Fixed: Admin Menu Editor & Admin Bar Editor are not responsive
3.6.1 | MAY 04, 2022
Tweak: Changed plugin header information, updated images & footer links
Fixed: Some sub-menu items won’t loade in the Admin Menu Editor, for instance in the WooCommerce Analytics section. If you still don’t see certain menu or sub-menu items appear, please try resetting the Admin Menu Editor for all or specific user roles.
3.6 | APRIL 25, 2022
New: Allow rendering shortcodes in the WordPress welcome panel
New: Allow rendering shortcodes in the Ultimate Dashboard widget titles
New: Refactored import/export functionality to allow for more granular control when exporting settings
New: Placeholder tags to display information dynamically in widgets & welcome panel
Tweak: Rewrite URL’s when exporting & importing settings to a different WordPress install
Fixed: PHP Warning: Undefined array key “path” (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/php-message-php-warning-undefined-array-key-path/)
Fixed: Build Admin Menu Editor only when a specific role is clicked instead of loading them all at once (in a row). This was causing performance issues & was interpreted as a security issue by some installs.
Fixed: Reliability & accuracy of the Admin Menu Editor has been improved
3.5.3 | MARCH 02, 2022
New: Added support for WordPress’ new language switcher on login screen
Updated description
3.5.2 | FEBRUARY 03, 2022
Tested up to 5.9
Tweak: Updated texts
Fixed: Fatal error in WordPress’ tools section
Fixed: Content of Custom CSS fields on settings page appear empty until clicked
3.5.1 | NOVEMBER 11, 2021
Tweak: Updated admin notice
3.5 | AUGUST 16, 2021
New: Change WordPress’ Howdy text
New: Change WordPress login URL
New: Redirect yoursite.com/wp-admin/ for non logged-in users
New: Login Redirect feature
Tweak: Show review notice only to admins
Tweak: New tabbed layout on Settings page
Fixed: Some 3rd party menu items did not appear in the Admin Menu Editor
Fixed: Some 3rd party menu items did not appear in the Admin Bar Editor
Fixed: Only load FontAwesome in the WordPress admin if an admin page exists
Fixed: Settings link on the plugin screen links to non-existent page
Fixed: Remove data on uninstall on multisite installations
3.4.1 | JULY 26, 2021
Fixed: Welcome panel cannot be removed
3.4 | JUNE 22, 2021
New: Advanced White Label settings
3.3.4 | JUNE 8, 2021
New: WordPress admin body classes (udb-user-{nicename}, udb-role-{current-user-role})
New: Settings to change the WordPress welcome panel
3.3.3 | JUNE 1, 2021
New: Remember Users/Roles tab when saving in Admin Menu Editor (PRO)
Other minor tweaks & improvements
3.3.2 | MAY 22, 2021
New: Add separators to your admin menu with the Admin Menu Editor (PRO)
Tweak: Remove Theme Options tab from custom Admin Pages
Fixed: Some sub menu items can’t be removed with the Admin Menu Editor (PRO)
Fixed: Conflict with 3rd party plugins where not all roles were loaded in the Admin Menu Editor (PRO)
Fixed: On multisites, all menu items are shown no matter what role is selected (PRO)
3.3.1 | MAY 18, 2021
New: TablePress support for Admin Menu Editor (PRO)
New: Admin notice that kindly asks you to leave a review
Tweak: Pave the way to implement Brizy support for Custom Admin Pages (PRO)
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