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Total - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Download Free Total Theme v5.10.3 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Total Theme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Free Download v.5.10.3 – ThemeForest | Total Theme v5.10.3 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme (Updated 11th September 2022) is a clean, modern style responsive WP Template that is easy to customize by everyone (No coding knowledge required). The template was created with keep professions in mind for many different niches such as it suits bloggers, agencies, hosting companies, online stores, lawyers, wedding planners, nonprofits, Android Phones Reviews, News, Information Technology and much more. (LATEST)

The Total WordPress Theme comes with great features like WooCommerce integration and Unlimited Portfolios. Total WP Template is designed by WPExplorer having over 8100 sales and have 8100+ valued customers. It is the best user-friendly web design ever having great professional qualities.

3rd Third Party Compatibility:

This theme was tested using many popular third party plugins. It even comes with customized code as required for complete compatibility. The plugins that are included include, but aren’t restricted to BbPress (forums), WooCommerce (online store), Learn Dash, BuddyPress, WordPress SEO by Yoast, The Events Calendar (also called Tribe Events), WPML, TranslatePress, Polylang, JetPack, Slider Revolution (included for free) WPBakery (included free) ) and numerous more!

Free Total – Best Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes v5.5 Nulled

Total v5.5 Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme comes with Unlimited Color Options and more other great advanced features such as Front-End Drag and Drop Builder Custom Font Options, Single & Multi-Page Ready, Built with Love, WooCommerce Ready, etc. One of the best things is than they give Awesome Support to its all customers with Frequent Updates. It is fully customizable WP web-design, no problem what are you (No coding knowledge require), it is easy to use by everyone even if you are a newbie. All advanced features have been described below…

Core Features:

  • Responsive Theme
  • Premium Layer Slider – Worth $17 (Free)
  • Unlimited Page Layouts
  • Premium Slider Revolution – Worth $18 (Free)
  • Drag $ Drop Page Builder – Worth $28 (Free)
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Page Template Manager – Worth $11 (Free)
  • Custom WooCommerce Styles
  • Front-End Page Building
  • bbPress Support
  • Built-in Color Options
  • Contact Form 7 Support
  • Pre-Styled Theme Skins
  • SEO Best Practices with W3C Valid
  • Full-width & Boxed Layouts
  • Custom Post Types
  • 3 Header Styles
  • Advanced Meta Options
  • Page Header Overlay Menu – New
  • Local Scroll menu – New
  • Advanced WordPress Customizer – Nwe
  • Video Lightbox Galleries – New
  • Speed % SEO Optimized
  • 640+ Google Fonts
  • Translation Ready (.po and .mo)Built-in Color Options

Total v5.10.3 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme is the latest version that has extremely advanced options having many bug fixes.



Changelog Total WordPress Theme Nulled

Release Date: October 4, 2023
To keep your site slimmer and faster the default header menu dropdown method has been changed to "CSS Hover" instead of the jQuery based "Superfish JS" script. If you wish to use the older method you will need to go to your Customizer and set it back manually.

AddedNew demo Reach.
AddedNew [underline] shortcode added making it easier to underline a specific word or part of your text.
AddedNew page templates added (Left Sidebar/Right Sidebar and No Sidebar with Page Title Disabled) this way if you’ve disabled the theme settings metabox via the theme panel you can still easily disable the page title by selecting one of the new templates.
AddedNew field added to the theme panel’s contact form sidebar widget where you can define a custom field key to use for the email address if you want to send forms on different pages to different addresses.
Added“X – Twitter” added as a social profile and social share option.
AddedNew “Typography Style” option added to the Heading, Icon Box, Teaser Box & Feature Box elements so you can choose from h1,h2,h3,h4 for your heading typography style (so it can inherit Customized defined settings).
AddedNew “Margin Top” option added to the Heading element.
AddedCustomizer option added to the WooCommerce > Checkout tab to select the placement for the shipping address.
AddedCustomizer option added to the Header > Transparent Header tab to enable “mobile first” design when using a custom breakpoint if you want the transparent header to be visible for small screens only.
AddedCustomizer options added to set the Header, Page Header Title, Callout and Footer background image position.
AddedCustomizer settings added to enter a custom page header title text for portfolio and staff singular posts.
AddedCustomizer section added under the Global Styles for altering list styles (side margin, style, marker position, etc).
AddedThe theme’s visibility settings have been added to the WPBakery inner row elements.
AddedSetting added to the Theme Panel so you can enable/disable the Image Gallery metabox.
AddedOption added to the card builder so you can enter a custom field name for your custom card link.
AddedFont Size option added to the Customize > Typography > Buttons tab.
AddedYou can now select “currentColor” as a color option for theme element colorpicker fields.
AddedAspect Ratio option added to the Teaser, Feature Box and Image Banner elements.
AddedYou can now select “Modal Dialog” for the post cards link type which will open a browser based dialog rather then using the Lightbox script and jQuery (slimmer/faster alternative).
Added“Unordered and Ordered List” Display Types added to the Post Cards element (primarily for use with the new “Simple Link” card style).
AddedOption added to the Post Content element for removing the bottom margin on the last paragraph.
AddedCode added to disable the new WPBakery 7.0 “blank/theme template” function that shows up when creating a new page which is very confusing and simply adds more clicking/hassle.
AddedNew “Current URL” option added to the Button Link Type options which can be used to add a “refresh” button to your page (useful with custom search/filter functions).
AddedNew option added to the Navigation Bar to display “Parent Terms Only” when displaying a term based menu.
AddedMore aspect ratio options added to the the Video element.
Added“Website” option added to the social links options (Top Bar, widget, element).
AddedNew options when creating custom taxonomies with the Post Types Unlimited plugin.
AddedNew option added to the Post Types Unlimited plugin to use a “Blank Template” (Landing Page Template) for your post type posts.
AddedNew option added to the Post Types Unlimited plugin to select your Dynamic template for the Post Type archive (instead of creating a custom page).
AddedNew “Button” and “Simple Link” card styles added.
AddedYou can now select “60px” for various element settings (such as the bottom margin option).
Added“Text Align” option added to the Image Slider element to control the caption text alignment.
Added“Resize Image” option added to the Image Slider element “Thumbnails” tab to enable/disable image cropping and prevent extra images from being generated to speed things up (this setting only displays when the “Thumbnail Carousel” option is disabled).
Added“Gap” option added to the Image Slider element “Thumbnails” tab for controlling the spacing when the “Thumbnail Carousel” option is disabled.
Added“Use Blank Template” option added to the Custom 404 admin page if you want a custom 404 without the site header/footer and other elements.
AddedYou can now set your custom footer using the “Footer Builder” to use the “Dark” surface color scheme via a new “Color Scheme” setting.
AddedNew “icon_size” attribute added to the [cart_link] shortcode if you want to modify just the icon size.
UpdatedThe WPBakery and Slider Revolution bundled plugins have been updated.
UpdatedThe theme now uses css hover as the default option for the Header Menu Dropdowns Method instead of superfish js.
UpdatedThe “Heading” element has been updated to use the default font-weight used for headings instead of using a normal font weight by default for consistency.
UpdatedYou can now display term based meta on archive dynamic templates assigned to taxonomies. This will work automatically when using the theme’s custom field element or displaying meta via other elements (heading, image, etc).
UpdatedThe custom field element will now return a comma separated string for any custom fields that return an an array value (useful for multi select ACF fields).
UpdatedThe Image Element has been updated so you can define your fallback image when displaying dynamic images such as the post thumbnail.
UpdatedThe Color Palette color picker has been updated to use hex values by default instead of rgb.
UpdatedThe on-the-fly image resizing theme class has been updated to support the next version of the ShortPixel plugin.
UpdatedThe “Alternate Thumbnail Position” setting for the Post Cards element has been updated to work with custom cards created with WPBakery.
UpdatedThe Post Cards “Flex Items / Horizontal Scroll” Display Type has been renamed to “Horizontal Scroll” and a new “Flex Container” Display Type has been added which will allow for “flex-wrap” so that items will stack vertically only if needed. This display type is intended mainly to work with the new “Button” card style so you can essentially display a navigation bar for your posts.
UpdatedThe Business Info widget has been updated so links added to the phone/email match your defined link colors and underline settings.
UpdatedYou can now enable the “Metabox Media Tab” in the Post Types Unlimited plugin settings when editing your custom post type independently from the “Theme Settings Metabox” setting.
UpdatedThe [highlight] shortcode has been updated to prevent issues when used on columns or rows with backgrounds.
UpdatedThe [highlight] shortcode now accepts a “bottom” attribute so you can adjust the bottom position.
UpdatedWhen using the Post Types Unlimited plugin fields will now hide if they are not needed.
UpdatedThe Theme Panel has been updated to hide any settings that require the Total Theme Core plugin if the plugin is disabled.
UpdatedThe Theme Panel has been updated to remove the opacity added to disabled settings for accessibility reasons.
UpdatedWhen setting the Page Header Title to display the first category for custom post types it will now display the text “Uncategorized” if the post doesn’t have a category instead of reverting to the post title.
UpdatedThe feature box element has been updated to allow you to select the image source (featured/custom field/external)
UpdatedThe theme’s Gutenberg integration has been updated to remove all the useless CSS files added by WooCommerce if you aren’t using Gutenberg.
UpdatedThe theme will now always load the utility framework CSS in the Gutenberg editor regardless of the “Editor Styles” Theme Panel setting so you can make use of the utility classes and properly render theme blocks.
UpdatedThe equal heights option in the customizer for the blog, staff and portfolio entries now uses CSS flex styles instead of javascript.
UpdatedThe equal heights option in the customizer for the portfolio and staff post types will now apply to related items as well for consistency.
UpdatedThe footer callout now has a role attribute value of “region” when giving it a custom aria label via the theme’s accessibility panel.
UpdatedYou can now use custom fields for the Social Links element.
UpdatedThe Image Banner element is now available when creating custom cards.
UpdatedThe Video element has been updated so you can now define your banner image from an “external” source.
UpdatedWhen using the [vcex_social_links] shortcode outside of the WPBakery page builder the social links will now display in the order in which they are added in the shortcode.
UpdatedThe Post Content element has been updated so it won’t display the “Blocks” option by default (it’s not really needed anymore because Total has an element for everything). There is a new on/off switch you can use to enable this function and of course if you had previously enabled other blocks the setting will display.
UpdatedThe wpml-config.php file has been updated to include the Image element title and caption fields for translation.
UpdatedThe Teaser element will no longer fallback to the heading text for the image alt tag because it causes accessibility issues.
UpdatedThe Video element will now add the loading lazy attribute (setting added to disable).
UpdatedThe Video element now supports sharing of YouTube shorts.
UpdatedWhen adding custom field based dynamic variables in dynamic templates, custom cards or Templatera they will display as simple text in the front-end editor for easier editing.
UpdatedWhen using the Post Cards element and ajax filtering or ajax based pagination the theme will no longer wait for the images to load via the imagesLoaded script unless the grid is using a masonry layout. This can help make it seem like the items are loading faster because they don’t need to wait for images to load fully.
UpdatedThe WPBakery Round and Line Charts have been enabled for use with “Slim Mode” because the elements are useful and don’t require any extra CSS.
FixedCertain settings were showing up in the Post Types Unlimited settings even if they were disabled globally in the Theme Panel.
FixedThe percent based max width row setting was not working if the row had a custom background.
FixedThe “No Repeat” setting for the Page Header Title background was not working.
FixedThe dotted and diagonal overlay styles for the page header title were referencing the wrong file URL.
FixedWhen disabling the built-in staff, testimonials or portfolio post types and then re-adding them via the Post Types Unlimited plugin the single layout was not displaying the correct blocks.
FixedThe WooCommerce password show/hide eye icon was not displaying on the login forms.
FixedWhen setting the global Page Header Title style to “hidden” it was still displaying on the 404 page.
FixedWhen disabling support for the term image for specific taxonomies it would still display the image in the Page Header Title if it had previously been defined.
FixedCertain demos could not be imported if they didn’t require any plugins.
FixedWhen selecting a custom menu via the theme settings metabox it was not displaying on mobile if the site also had a mobile menu alternative menu location defined.
FixedThe customizer background style option for the Page Header Title was not showing when selecting the background image style but a default image was not set.
FixedThe Equal Heights option in the Customizer for staff archives was not working as intended.
FixedThe Customizer was showing the shopping cart icon as the default icon for the callout button.
FixedWhen using text alignments in various elements the text alignment was not changing direction for RTL languages. The theme will now automatically change left to right and vice versa. You can use the “vcex_inline_style_parse_direction” filter to disable the automatic conversion.
FixedThe Video element was rendering incorrectly on iPhones.
FixedThe Video element was not working correctly with the oEmbed style when the overlay was enabled.
FixedWhen using the “WooCommerce Content” element inside a dynamic template set for the singular products it was causing an endless loop due to recent WooCommerce updates.
FixedThe Footer Callout Button Icon wasn’t working when using SVG based icons.
FixedChanging the Author Bio element bottom margin (default style) was not working correctly due to the default bottom margin added to the theme’s template part.
FixedWhen using a custom card built with a stretched row and using ajax pagination the rows were not re-stretching when loading new items.
FixedThe Border Radius option was not working properly with the Teaser Box element.
FixedWhen setting a left/right alignment for the “Testimonials Slider” the slider thumbnails remained centered.
FixedThe “Testimonials Slider” alignment setting was not working correctly with RTL languages.
FixedPagination numbers were not rendering correctly in RTL.
FixedThe Button element wouldn’t display in the front-end editor when working on dynamic templates and using dynamic “On click” actions. The button will now fallback to a “#” for the URL to make it easier to visualize your template.
FixedWhen using the Post Content element in the front-end editor for Dynamic Templates it was not correctly rendering the defined typography or styles.
FixedThe custom category thumbnails were not showing correctly in the page header title.
FixedThe “Main Page” was not displaying in the breadcrumbs when using the Post Types Unlimited plugin and Yoast SEO.
FixedThe Custom Sidebar option for the Post Types Unlimited plugin post type settings was not working as expected.
RemovedUnnecessary role attributes have been removed from elements that have implicit ARIA roles and the “Aria Landmarks” setting has been removed from the accessibility panel as it’s no longer needed.
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