TI Wishlist Premium WooCommerce (v2.5.6) Free Download

TI Wishlist WooCommerce Plugin Nulled
TI Wishlist WooCommerce Plugin Nulled

Download Free TI Wishlist WooCommerce Plugin v2.5.6 Nulled

TI Wishlist WooCommerce Plugin Free Download v2.5.6 – Templateinvaders | TI Wishlist WooCommerce Plugin Nulled v2.5.6 helps adding the item to wishlists can encourage users to return and, when combined with options such as follow, social shares fully-managed wishlists that can be shared and private as well as promotional emails, and many more… make it an effective marketing tool. The integrated analytics will assist you to develop your sales strategy and dramatically increase your revenue.

You are in complete control of the appearance and function of your wishlist including columns and buttons to the processing and login options.

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What’s most important is the ability to create a community by using the exclusive feature of following as well as social sharing options. You can create numerous wishlists to celebrate different occasions like Christmas, birthdays and birthdays and Christmas.

They can share it with their friends so that they do forget about gift ideas. However clients can use collections of trendy clothing, get followers and be a cult!

If you do this, you are able to determine the things your clients “wish”. With the aid by integrated analysis, you’ll be able to analyze sales and compare them to your product’s popularity, as well as other crucial information that will aid in the development of your sales strategy.


Your customers can be allowed to create unlimited numbers of wishlists. This lets them make a wishlist for different occasions like birthdays, Christmas or even split items into categories, trends and other categories and so on.

To improve usability and reduce time for customers We have created an elegant pop-up in which you can select or create your own wishlist every when you add an item to your wishlist.

Customers are in complete control of their wishlists. They can add, remove the list, change its name, and even adjust privacy settings from the their wishlists page.


You are in complete control of the wishlist table and wishlist page. Every element can be disabled or enabled via the admin panel. You can also easily modify the text of buttons.


The Add to Wishlist button has a variety of options, and they can be divided into catalog and page for products. This means you can turn off and create a different appearance for this button in the catalog as well as on the product page.

You can select between the types of link and button alter text, location, or add/remove icon for the button. We’ve created two icons that are pre-defined for you, however you are also able to upload your customized icon.

You can disable or enable redirection to Wishlist Nulled after an item is placed on Wishlist.

If you want to alter the look(Colors or font size etc.) of this button, you can alter the style of the button within the the TI Wishlist Nulled Section Styles in the administrator panel.


In addition to the shortcodes of the core plugin utilized to build and manage wishlists, we’ve developed two additional widgets and shortcodes that permit you to browse and search all the wishlists that are public on your website.


Alongside the search function, Recent Wishlists Widget & Shortcode Nulled will bring some “life” to the website and draw the attention of a lot of customers since they can view others’ wishlists. Through browsing the wishlists of other users and observing other wishlists, users can be aware of latest products they may not have noticed in the past.


Your customers can browse for other wishlists that are public through your site.You can put search results for wishlists anyplace on your site from content to the sidebars, by using our shortcode and widget.


Do you not want to buy the same present as your friendsDo you not want to purchase a useless present? Keep track of your friend’s wishlist and keep track of if anyone had already bought a present prior to you or new items have been added.


Customers can use wishlists for wishlists to build collections i.e. of popular items or Christmas gifts , and make them available on social networks. Increase your followers and expand your site’s of a community.


You can navigate and control your client’s wishlist through the your admin panel. Discover what your customer “wish” and how popular their wishlists are.


The plugin includes a an advanced analytics tool, which assists you in understanding not only the products that are the highly “wished” but also see sales statistics from customer wishlists. You’ll be able see crucial data like CTR and abandonment rates.

For instance, you’ll be able see the items that people would like but can’t pay for, and you can create a sales plan and then send them promotional emails.


It is easy and quick to mail promotional messages to your customers directly from the admin panel. Choose from our pre-defined templates for email, alter the text, alter colors, and then forward this email to several customers clicking the “send promotion” button for the products you have selected.


Our plugin has 3 attractive email templates which will create a memorable and appealing promotion. You can alter the backgrounds, fonts and buttons colors, as well as add or remove social icons, and upload your logo and head image directly from the admin panel.


Allow your customers to write emails to the site administrator and request an estimate of the product they want from their wishlist.


You are in complete control of the appearance of your list. Choose the fonts for headings and content as well as font size and colors buttons font size and colors in a separate fashion for each style of button the radius of the border for buttons as well as popup styles and more.

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Changelog TI Wishlist WooCommerce Plugin Nulled

– 29 May 2023

Modified AJAX to fetch data only after user interaction on the page
Refreshed wishlist table when a product is added or removed from the wishlist
Added filter tinvwl_allow_addtowishlist_cart_product
Added integration with WooCommerce Fast Cart plugin
Updated integration with WooCommerce Composite Products plugin
Updated integration with the Flatsome theme
Fixed an issue with the wishlist notification settings popup for guests
Fixed a JavaScript notice: “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘stats’)”
Fixed an issue related to adding/removing products to the wishlist when the option ‘Remove product from Wishlist on second click’ is enabled
Fixed an issue with custom icon states for the ‘Add to Wishlist’ button
Fixed wishlist AJAX event issue for guests

– 17 May 2023

Added support for WooCommerce 7.7
Download wishlist data as PDF file
Enhanced product custom meta handling
Update the cart content when a product is added to the cart from the wishlist
Refactored placeholders replacement for messages
Fixed an issue with the variation_id attribute not working correctly on product listings
Framework update

– 06 May 2023

Added {wishlist_title} placeholder
Fixed products in wishlists data issues
Fixed issue when required login popup doesn’t appear
Added filter `tinvwl_wishlist_type_exclusion`

– 04 May 2023

Added support for WordPress 6.2
Added support for WooCommerce 7.6
Added filter ‘tinvwl_allow_data_cookies’
Added filters ‘tinvwl_api_wishlist_data_response’ and ‘tinvwl_api_product_data_response’ for REST API response
Updated integration with the myCred – Points, Rewards, Gamification, Ranks, Badges & Loyalty Plugin plugin
Updated integration with the WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options plugin
Updated integration with the YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons plugin
Updated integration with Advanced Product Fields Extended for WooCommerce plugin
Updated integration with Advanced Product Fields (Product Addons) for WooCommerce plugin
Updated integration with Flatsome theme
Updated order item reference with wishlist author
Fixed hidden option issue in the plugin settings
Fixed JavaScript warning when checking cookies
Fixed issue with removing from wishlist when default product variation is used
Fixed wishlists search pagination issue when filtered

– 01 March 2023

Fixed wishlist table ajax events issue for guests

Release Date – 22 February 2023

Blocking the wishlist table visually while processing AJAX events
Added integration with Extra product options For WooCommerce | Custom Product Addons and Fields plugin
Added integration with ione360 Configurator plugin
Added “input-checkbox” class to checkbox
Release Date – 20 February 2023

Update framework
Release Date – 16 February 2023

WooCommerce 7.4 support
Fixed name attribute value issue
Fixed PHP errors for old WordPress and WooCommerce versions
Release Date – 03 February 2023

WooCommerce 7.3 support
Added WooCommerce High-Performance order storage feature compatibility
Updated WCAG compatibility
Fixed issue with wishlist table pagination count
Fixed cache issue when cookies were set for guests
Fixed PHP warning related to wishlists products stats
Fixed products counter issue with private products
Release Date – 04 January 2023

Fixed PHP error on Flatsome theme integration
Release Date – 03 January 2023

Added wishlist data update on login and logout
Added integration with Ultimate Addons for the Elementor plugin
Added integration with the VAD Product Design plugin
Fixed admin menu duplicated items issue
Fixed database upgrade issue
Fixed issue with updating wishlists user data across devices
Release Date – 26 December 2022

Fixed issue with URL rewrites when wishlist set up under the WooCommerce My Account area
Fixed PHP warning in AJAX events
Updated integration with the Divi theme
Release Date – 22 December 2022

Compatibility with PHP 8.1
Release Date – 19 December 2022

WooCommerce 7.2 support
Fixed PHP error related to the add to wishlist event
Release Date – 6 December 2022

Fixed required login redirect for guests
Release Date – 22 November 2022

Added option “Days after which the guest wishlist will be deleted”
Fixed the message about the failed event of the add to cart button on the wishlist page
Release Date – 17 November 2022

Fixed issue with wishlist products counter
Release Date – 14 November 2022

WooCommerce 7.1 support
Fixed wishlist force redirect issue
Release Date – 12 November 2022

Fixed issue with WPML plugin
Release Date – 7 November 2022

Fixed force redirect to the wishlist page
Release Date – 7 November 2022

WordPress 6.1 support
Added integration with WC Fields Factory plugin
Added type of action for AJAX response
Added redirect to the wishlist page in case of product is already on the wishlist and the event popup is disabled in the settings
Fixed issue with marks product already in the wishlist
Release Date – 30 October 2022

Updated integration with ShopEngine plugin
Release Date – 20 October 2022

Added integration updated with the All in One Product Quantity for WooCommerce plugin
Updated framework
Release Date – 18 October 2022

WooCommerce 7.0 support
Updated integration with the WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options plugin
Improved frontend AJAX routine
Fixed URL rewrites issue
Release Date – 5 October 2022

Added JavaScript event ‘tinvwl_wishlist_ajax_response’
Integration updated with the WooCommerce Custom Product Addons
Release Date – 20 September 2022

Added option “Products per page” for wishlist table
Fixed pagination issue for wishlist owner
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