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TaxoPress Pro the WordPress Taxonomy, Category and Tag Plugin Nulled v3.10.4 | TaxoPress Pro the WordPress Taxonomy, Category and Tag Plugin Free Download v3.10.4 Taxonomies are an essential part of WordPress, allowing you to categorize, tag, and organize your content in a way that is both user-friendly and SEO-friendly. Among the various taxonomy management tools available, one WordPress plugin stands out for its comprehensive and efficient features – TaxoPress Pro Free Download.

TaxoPress Pro Nulled is a professional WordPress plugin designed to manage and expand the functionalities of taxonomies, including tags, categories, and terms. It brings the ease of creating, editing, deleting, and managing taxonomies directly from your WordPress dashboard.

This plugin has been developed to facilitate better organization of your content and improve your site’s SEO. With its impressive features, TaxoPress Pro free download becomes an indispensable tool for any website owner, blogger, or SEO professional who wants to get the most out of their WordPress website’s taxonomy system.

Key Features:

  1. Auto Terms: One of the standout features of TaxoPress Pro is the Auto Terms functionality. This allows you to automatically link certain terms in your posts to corresponding taxonomy pages, enhancing the internal linking structure and SEO of your website.
  2. Advanced Content Tagging: TaxoPress Pro allows for advanced content tagging, including mass-editing of tags and auto-tagging of content based on the title, content, or custom fields. It’s a powerful way to enhance content discoverability and SEO.
  3. Tag Clouds: With this plugin, you can create customizable tag clouds with various options for style, format, and size. It’s a visually appealing and effective way of showcasing your content’s tags.
  4. Import/Export Taxonomies: TaxoPress Pro allows you to import or export taxonomies and terms between different websites. This feature can be incredibly useful when managing multiple websites or migrating to a new site.
  5. Suggested Tags: This feature suggests tags for your content based on previously used tags and the content of the post. It’s a great way to ensure your content is consistently and accurately tagged.
  6. Term Archive Tweaks: TaxoPress Pro allows you to make tweaks to the term archive pages, such as adding a description at the top of the term archive page. This can improve SEO and provide a better user experience.
  7. Synonyms and Automatic Replacement: This feature enables you to assign synonyms to certain terms and automatically replace terms in your posts with their assigned synonyms. It’s an effective way to manage your site’s terminology consistency.

TaxoPress Pro comes with comprehensive support and regular updates, ensuring you get the most out of the plugin. The Pro version also includes priority support and updates for up to a year, providing users with complete peace of mind.

TaxoPress Pro free download is a powerful, feature-rich WordPress plugin designed to manage and enhance your website’s taxonomies. It’s an essential tool for anyone looking to improve their site’s SEO, user experience, and content organization. By leveraging the power of TaxoPress nulled, you can take your WordPress website’s taxonomy management to a whole new level.


v3.10.0- 2023-08-09

* Feature: Add new TaxoPress > Posts Screen, #1748

* Feature: Setting for which taxonomies to display on Posts screen, #1762

* Update: Move “Mass Edit Terms” to Legacy, #1759

* Update: Add “Count” column on the “Terms” page, #1757

* Update: Auto add tags when using clicktag in classic editor, #1654

* Update: Update settings “Save Changes” button and remove “Reset Options”, #1770

* Update: Add “Text to display before list” to “Related Posts” and “Terms Display”, #1600

* Update: Update Manage Terms Notification Messages, #1743

* Update: Add Terms Descriptions column on “Terms” screen, #1706

* Update: Update Synonyms error message, #1730

* Fixed: Prevent “Merge Terms” from automatically adding Default Category, #1741

* Fixed: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() on Posts page, #1740

* Fixed: Uncaught TypeError: array_map(): Argument #2 ($array) must be of type array, #1729

* Fixed: Duplicate not found label on Taxonomies screen, #1701

* Update: Restrict synonym options to Pro version, #1723

* Fixed: TAXOPRESS PRO – ES-FR-IT translation Updates July 21, 2023, #1722

* Fixed: TAXOPRESS FREE – ES-FR-IT translation Updates July 21, 2023, #1721

v3.9.0- 2023-07-20
* Feature: Linked terms: Automatically add terms if main term is added [PRO] #801
* Update: Allow custom input in “Prevent Auto Links Inside elements” [PRO], #1653
* Fixed: Fix Exclude terms from Auto Links not working due to Case sensitivity, #1682
* Update: Add a synonyms option for Auto Terms, #1674
* Update: Make Auto Links Exclude terms bigger and Add Autocomplete to the field, #1680
* Update: Include synonymns consideration when showing suggest terms, #1671
* Update: Prevent a synonym from having the same name as existing terms, #1673
* Update: TaxoFree_ES-IT_TranslationUpdates_June2023, #1675
* Update: TAXO FREE French translation update June 2023, #1678

v3.8.0- 2023-06-15
* Feature: Added TaxoPress Dashboard Page #1136
* Feature: Added term synonyms, ability to use multiple names for one tag [Pro Feature], #174
* Feature: Show synonyms on the Terms screen [Pro Version], #1658
* Feature: Synonyms option for Auto Links [Pro Version], #1656
* Update: Clarify the attachment options for Auto Links, #1623
* Fixed: Related Posts block is broken, #1652

v3.7.4- 2023-05-17
* Fixed: Settings changes not saving, #1635
* Fixed: Auto Links has problems with the & character, #1638
* Fixed: Auto Links has problems with the < > characters, #1637
* Update: Update Pro links to the plugin page, #1636
* Update: Updating Translations ES-FR-IT_TaxoPress 28 April 2023, #1639

v3.7.3- 2023-04-18
* Fixed: 3.7.2 Auto links issue, #1625
* Fixed: “Maximum number of links per post” not working, #1627
* Fixed: Term case isn\’t working, #1622
* Fixed: Fix “Maximum number of links for the same term”, #1620

v3.7.2- 2023-04-13
* Fixed: Fatal error on v3.7.1, #1610
* Fixed: Autolink not working with custom taxonomy, #1611

v3.7.1- 2023-04-12
* Fixed: Auto Links not working since 3.7.0 update, #1602
* Fixed: Backslash issues when saving Auto Terms fields, #1601
* Fixed: Taxopress ES, FR, and IT Translation Updates, #1598

v3.7.0- 2023-04-04
* Fixed: Fixed taxonomy default term not working,, #1216
* Fixed: Fixed terms taxonomy not retaining term taxonomy in quick edit, #1395
* Fixed: “<” Characters been stripped out when using Auto Links, #1580
* Fixed: Suggest Terms showing blank space in suggest term metabox, #1583
* Update: Introduced new way to sanitize fields, #1579
* Fixed: Display Terms not listing all terms, #1390
* Fixed: global_term_enabled deprecated error, #1396
* Update: Show private taxonomies terms when using private taxonomy filter in taxonomy screen, #1397
* Update: Move “Remove Terms” options to “Terms” screen from manage terms, #1368
* Update: Remove “Delete Terms” from “Manage Terms”, #1367
* Update: Remove manage terms table, #1592

v3.6.7- 2023-03-13
* Fixed: Suggest Terms adds child terms with Classic Editor, #1485
* Update: Allow Private Taxonomies in Auto Terms, #1471
* Update: Suggested improvement for Auto Terms, #1431
* Update: Accessibility improvements to Suggested Terms, #1470
* Fixed: Terms suggestions are not accessible, #1468
* Update: Accessibility improvements for all tabs, #1469

v3.6.6- 2023-03-07
* Update: Increased minimum PHP requirement to PHP 7.2.5, #1553
* Update: PHP 8.1 compatability, #1555
* Fixed: Small fixes to Auto Links, #1459
* Update: Add Support for WP Cron in Auto Terms, #1540
* Update: Improve taxonomy REST API description, #1465
* Fixed: PHP issues with the Pimple version, #1476

v3.6.5- 2023-02-21
* Fixed: Related Posts fatal error with WooCommerce filter, #1484
* Fixed: incorrectly applying the the_title filter by just passing a single parameter, #1545
* Fixed: PHP 8.1 crashing from using taxopress, #1480
* Update: Format option value cleanup, #1531
* Update: Notice warning about languages for Auto Terms and Auto Links, #1546
* Update: TaxoPress-ES-FR-IT-translationUpdate-August23, #1456

v3.6.4- 2022-08-23
* Fixed: Auto link problem with ‘&’ in link #1377
* Fixed: Issues with apostrophes in Auto Links #1444
* Fixed: Warning: array_key_exists expects parameter 2 to be array, bool given #1439
* Update: Add Terms Display “Font size minimum” and “Font size maximum” validation #1354
* Fixed: Span problem on Auto Terms screen #1441
* Update: Update “Automatically fill colors between maximum and minimum” to reflect right label #1371
* Update: FR translation updated #1442

v3.6.3- 2022-07-12
* Fixed: Error with Suggested Terms on post screen #1433

v3.6.2- 2022-06-16
* Added: Allow more than one “Suggest Terms” metabox on post screen #1408
* Update: Shortcode input should be read only. #1420
* Fixed: The title of the metabox is always “automatic term suggestions” #1409
* Update: Small typo in Auto Terms #1410
* Update: Update the plugin description #1405
* Fixed: Plugin breaks on PHP 5.6 #1419

v3.6.1- 2022-05-04
* Added: “Quick Edit” link to the Terms Screen #1359
* Added: Allow users to choose the taxonomy for a term in quick edit #1360
* Added: Filter for Public / Private Terms #1365
* Fixed: Change Taxonomies “Count” link to go to “Terms” screen #1366
* Added: “Post Type” and “Taxonomy” filters to the Terms screen #1358
* Fixed: Remove “Current Post” – Flickr, Technorati and Delicious “dead” links #1374
* Fixed: Extra space in Terms Display and %tag_link% #1375
* Fixed: Link to the Taxonomy from the Terms screen #1364
* Added: A “View” link to terms on the “Terms” screen #1357

v3.6.0- 2022-03-30
* Added: New “Terms” Screen #1260
* Added: Add a Regex Option for Auto Terms #1338
* Fixed: Auto Links feature is hiding the product description #1353
* Fixed: Add “View” links for taxonomies #1334
* Fixed: In the “Existing Content” tab, we can drop the word “all” #1344
* Fixed: Replace “Terms for Current Post” with “Current Post” in menu #1345

v3.5.3- 2022-03-23
* Fixed: Show existing terms only works with Automatic suggestions #1340

v3.5.2- 2022-03-22
* Fixed: Mass edit terms is not saving #1331
* Fixed: Change terms suggestion action handler #1329
* Fixed: Not possible to save “No limit” #1326
* Fixed: Extend Option to limit auto terms schedule action to once per posts to existing content #1323
* Fixed: Option to limit auto terms schedule action to once per posts #1314
* Fixed: TaxoPress Pro seems to require TaxoPress Free #1321
* Fixed: One set of logs reports for a large, slow site #1322
* Fixed: More cautious settings for “Schedule” #1312
* Fixed: Auto Links are processing inside the head tag #1300
* Fixed: Remove “Uncheck this box to disable the “Automatic term suggestions” metabox.”” #1305

v3.5.1- 2022-03-09
* Fixed: Mass Edit Terms not working #1304
* Fixed: Add the ability to disable logs #1281
* Fixed: Add the ability to purge the logs #1282
* Fixed: Layout changes for Logs #1297
* Fixed: Translation updates #1289
* Fixed: New filters for Logs #1291
* Fixed: Add a light color for used tags #1287
* Fixed: Small updates for “Edit Terms for Current Post” #1292
* Fixed: “Disable Auto Terms” box not working for scheduling #1284

v3.5.0- 2022-02-28
* Added: Add a Log for Auto Terms #1243
* Fixed: Safeguards auto terms for large sites #1249
* Fixed: Bug with on Suggested Terms #1250
* Fixed: Change “TaxoPress – Settings” to just “TaxoPress” in metabox #1246
* Fixed: Apply Auto terms batches and wait time to scheduled auto terms cron #1241
* Fixed: Ways to process large numbers of posts in Auto Terms #1200
* Fixed: Check compatability of all 3 widgets with WordPress 5.9 #1119
* Fixed: Disable Free version when people install Pro #1234
* Fixed: Tabbed Design for Terms for Current Post screen #1167
* Fixed: Tabbed design for Related Posts screen #1166

v3.4.5- 2021-02-07
* Fixed: Can\’t delete terms in “Manage Terms” #1194
* Fixed: Correct spelling – Terms for Current Post #1134
* Fixed: Enable “Show content from all post types on archive page” by default #1138
* Fixed: Change name “Local tags” to “Existing terms on your site” #1139
* Fixed: Add “Edit this metabox” link #1140
* Fixed: Check “Existing taxonomy terms” by default #1155
* Fixed: Auto Links change “&rarr;” to &amp;rarr; #1158
* Fixed: Update “Terms Display” admin screen to use vertical tabs #1116
* Fixed: AShow the Display tags inside the plugin #1121
* Fixed: Small changes to “Terms Display” #1171
* Fixed: Stop making “Post Types” required in Taxonomy #1181
* Fixed: Disabling “Suggest existing terms on your site” causes trouble with other metabox #1174
* Fixed: Disable “Post” option in Auto Terms by default #1178
* Fixed: Suggest terms “show existing terms” changes #1176
* Fixed: Hide dropdown if there is only only option for post suggest terms #1228
* Fixed: Add a refresh button to Automatic term suggestions #1215
* Fixed: Show “Edit this metabox” only to users with “admin simple tags” #1214
* Fixed: Automatic terms suggestions not working with categories #1207

v3.4.4- 2021-01-05

* Fixed: Add capability check for saving all screen form data

* Fixed: Sanitize all form entries

* Fixed: Add and validate all form nonce

v3.4.3- 2021-12-15
* Fixed: Changes “Terms to Use” to Sources in Auto Terms
* Fixed: Improvement to Auto Terms Screen
* Feature: Add Dandelion and Open Calais to “Auto Terms”

v3.4.2- 2021-11-30
* Fixed: Auto Terms required error
* Fixed: Remove extra space around “Save” button
* Fixed: “Add Auto Terms to existing content” not working for unpublished content
* Fixed: New setting: automatically run “Add terms to existing content”
* Fixed: Uncaught Error: Class \’taxopress_admin_ui\’ not found
* Fixed: Auto Terms is buggy with “Existing Content”
* Fixed: TaxoPress doesn\’t handle taxonomies correctly if a plugin is disabled
* Fixed: Allow Auto-Terms to work with imported posts

v3.4.1- 2021-11-17

* Fixed: Fatal Error with “If Menu” plugin installed
* Fixed: Enable “Suggest existing terms on your site” by default
* Fixed: Add the registration key to taxonomy dropdowns
* Fixed: Two changes inside “Suggest Terms”
* Fixed: Small typo on “Remove Terms”
* Fixed: Add the option to run “Auto Terms” for different statuses

v3.4.0- 2021-10-18

* Fixed: \’Show all local tags\’ does not display any tags, While saving the tags limit with very large number. #792

* Added: Auto Terms limit in settings #450

* Added: Allow users to choose any taxonomy, ordering and number of items in “Click Tags” #497

* Fixed: Autolink tags excludes paragraphs with html space-code #894

* Fixed: Another HTML tag issue with Auto Links #930

* Fixed: Cannot create autolink when using special characters(@#&^%) at the start or the end of the tag #885

* Added: New menu link for “Suggested Terms” #776

* Added: Enable/disable control for all features added to settings #946

* Fixed: Class ‘SimpleTags_Client_RelatedPosts’ not found #982

* Fixed: Manage Terms produces “Error. No enough terms for rename.” #978

* Fixed: “Merge Terms” doesn\’t work #980

v3.3.1- 2021-09-20
* Fixed: Fatal error when deleting plugin #889

v3.3.0- 2021-09-20
* Fixed: Auto Links problem with ” #824
* Fixed: Posts are auto tagged even when the content does not match the exact term. #602
* Fixed: CSS not working for “Terms for Current Post” div #823
* Feature: Update the menu link for “Auto Terms” #775
* Fixed: Improve the UI for Auto Terms “Keywords list” #822
* Added: Include Spanish translation files #829
* Added: Add Review requests #505

v3.2.2- 2021-09-01
* Fixed: Able to save mandatory field \’Title\’ as empty field in Terms for current post. #812
* Fixed: Problem with \’ signs in auto links #810
* Feature: Added div class and link class option to Term for Current Post settings #810
* Feature: Added div class and link class option to Term Display settings #810
* Feature: Added div class and link class option to Related Post settings #810
* Feature: Added term link class option to Auto Links settings #810

v3.2.1- 2021-08-23
* Fixed: Notice: Undefined property: WP_Post_Type::$taxonomy on plugin activation #756
* Fixed: Couldn\’t save the related posts \’Title header\’ with \’None\’ #697
* Fixed: Auto link showing in WordPress admin #772
* Fixed: Remove unused option in TaxoPress screen edit pages. #709
* Fixed: Added exclusion for

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