Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce v4.0.2

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Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce v4.0.2Download Free Table Rate Shipping WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce v4.0.2 – CodeCanyon | Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce v4.0.2 WordPress Plugin has the great ability to add multiple rates for a given customer which is based on a variety of conditions set by website owner or admin. These can include cart subtotal, shipping destination, price, weight, item shipping class, and so much more. This premium WP plugin perfectly works alongside your WooCommerce store by adding a new shipping method directly to your own great and advanced WooCommerce settings. The familiar layout and easy to use options of this professional tool will make it simple to setup and use in your store. (Requires PHP4+)


Download Links[v4.0.2].zip[v4.0.2].zip_links


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