Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce (v4.3.10) Free Download

Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce
Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

Download Free Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce v4.3.10 Nulled

Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce Free Download 4.3.10 – CodeCanyon | Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce v4.3.10 Nulled  allows you to apply various rates for a single client based on a number of admin-defined conditions. Shipping destination, cart subtotal, item shipping class, price, weight, and a variety of other factors can be included. (LATEST)

Why WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping is so powerful?

The Table Rate Shipping puts the administrator in charge, allowing them to set up rules and criteria that determine the pricing the customer is offered at checkout.

This solution, which is based on the WooCommerce shipping framework, provides increased flexibility in a user-friendly environment to raise your shipping options and improve the client experience.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Features:

  • Add numerous rate tables per shipping zone.
  • There are several methods for calculating table rates: According to the order, Calculated item by item, Calculated every line and per class
  • Add weight, number of items, number of items by class, and price rules.
  • Costs per row, cost per item, a percentage, and cost per weight unit must be entered.
Expansive Settings Page

Shipping can get complicated, so advanced shipping methods like this can get cluttered with options. This was taken into consideration when designing the method settings. Options are grouped into expandable sections, and many options won’t appear unless you need them.

Multiple Methods

Setup multiple methods and options for customers to choose


Sections group together similar features to find settings easier

Informative Decisions

Offer customers multiple choices, and give descriptions for details

Flexible Pricing

More than just flat rate options f or creating complicated pricing models

Many Conditions

There are over 1 5 rules you can base the shipping costs on

applied Differently

Those rules can be based on the order, Items individually, or grouped by class

List of Features

  • Conditions and prices are based on product groupings
  • In each zone, many instances are permitted
  • a long list of conditions
  • Limit Table Rate methods according to user role
  • There are numerous cost alternatives
  • Each row can have many costs
  • Each table row might have several conditions
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Shipping Zones
  • Drag and drop table rows to adjust the order of the conditions and charges
  • Per instance, turn off Shipping Taxes
  • Calculating Dimensional Weight
  • Base subtotal conditions with tax Base subtotal conditions with coupons
  • Weight should be rounded up to the nearest whole number.
  • When the Free Shipping method is active, you can choose to hide this method.
  • To give more descriptive information, add description text underneath the delivery option’s title and price.
  • Choose which technique will be used by default.
  • When the consumer qualifies for the chosen method, hide the other possibilities in the same method.
Sales Page

Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce Free Download (LATEST)

Changelog Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce Nulled

4.3.7 - 2022-10-21
    - Fixed: WooCommerce sanitization functions removing HTML from descriptions output
    - Fixed: Table rows not sortable on brand new methods until saved the first time
    - Updated compatibility versions

4.3.6 - 2022-09-23
    - Fixed: Shortcodes not processing in description on order review page
    - Fixed: Free Shipping counter for descriptions not working with currency converters
    - Fixed: General description field causing PHP error for Polylang users
    - Fixed: PHP8 error caused by Dokan compatibility patch including JS file

4.3.5 - 2022-07-20
    - Fixed: Select Method Conditions not saving properly
    - Fixed: WPML translated strings containing apostrophes not appearing
    - Fixed: Allowed HTML tags removed from description when registering string in WPML
    - Enhanced: Reorganized WCML currency converter to support new free model by WPML
    - Enhanced: Added 'img' and 'span' tags to allowed HTML in descriptions

4.3.4 - 2022-07-02
    - Fixed: Sanitization error not saving weight conditions with comma decimal point
    - Fixed: Saving error for some conditions under the 'Method Conditions' section
    - Fixed: Dragging table rows did not properly save new order
    - Fixed: Cleaned up a few PHP warning messages
    - Enhanced: Improved user friendliness of draggable table rows

4.3.3 - 2022-05-18
    - Fixed: Warning message reappearing about the removed legacy method
    - Fixed: Imported table rows not saving when choosing the 'Delete Existing Rows' option

4.3.2 - 2022-02-20
    - Fixed: Missing 'Method Conditions' section in settings page
    - Fixed: Hide 'Settings from Other Plugins' section when none are available
    - Fixed: Incorrect object used as an argument in a WooCommerce filter call
    - Enhanced: Additional styling changes
    - Updated documentation

4.3.1 - 2022-02-18
    - Fixed: Fixed PHP parsing issue experienced on certain server configurations
    - Enhanced: Updated styling for Dokan dashboard shipping section (frontend)

4.3 - 2022-02-18
    - REMOVED: The legacy Table Rate method has been removed in its entirety
    - Added: Compatibility with Measurement Price Calculator plugin by WooCommerce
    - Added: Parent Description field for each table of rates
    - Added: Column to display Shipping Description on Orders page
    - Enhanced: New seconday option for 'Coupon' condition checks for free shipping
    - Enhanced: Changed format for data range condition to remove third party dependencies
    - Enhanced: Added additional formatting checks on number fields in table of rates
    - Enhanced: Various code changes to meet CodeCanyon standards and requirements
    - Fixed: Dokan Vendor condition box only loading 10 vendors at a time
    - Fixed: User modification by user role not showing assigned shipping methods
    - Fixed: Shipping description not displaying after checkout
    - Fixed: Shipping methods missing from user management page
    - Fixed: Settings added by third party plugins not displaying properly
    - Fixed: Formatting error tooltips hidden
    - Fixed: Refactored how volume and surface area values are calculated
    - Developer: Added ability to add new columns to the table of rates
    - Developer: Several new filters for adjusting individual calculated values
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