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Support Board – Chat And Help Desk WordPress Plugin Free Download 3.4.8 – CodeCanyon | Chat – Support Board – WordPress Chat Plugin v3.4.8 is a strong solution for communicating with your customers through chat and aid. Complete system of tickets, chat, dedicated scheme of membership and more. No coding abilities necessary! Support desk and WordPress chat plugin. A full solution for providing your crowd with assistance. The first plugin of WordPress with full bot integration driven by Google’s API.AI. Integration of the cheapest and best Slack.

Automate contact for your customers with the most common platform powered by artificial intelligence bots and a chat system.

Great conversation

Use our beautiful chat interface to give you a better user experience. Fast and light, the Support Board is a high-performance chat platform for companies of any size. Take a look now!

Modern Administration area

A modern and sleek administration interface designed to be simple and efficiency. Control chats, users and settings in one place as well as configure your desktop and mobile admin areas using PWA.

Awesome Chat

Wonderful chat designed to make the user experience easier. A high-performance chat solution for companies of all sizes, lightweight and fast.

Smart Chat is powered by Dialogflow and Slack

Automate customer interaction with AI-driven chatbots and chat platforms that are integrated with the most popular platforms. Reduce time and make use of tools you already know and are fond of.

Integration with Slack

Connect directly with your customers directly through Slack. Slack is a messaging system for business. It was designed to aid teams in communicating more effectively, it’s free and accessible for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

WordPress Chat Integration

Utilizing Support Panel Support Panel with WordPress. Automatically connect your users and data structured. In only a few minutes and with just one word of code WordPress Chat can be put to go.


Download Nulled Chat – Support Board – WordPress Chat Plugin v3.4.8(60) Download Nulled Chat – Support Board – WordPress Chat Plugin v3.4.7(37) Download Nulled Chat – Support Board – WordPress Chat Plugin v3.4.3(17)

Changelog Chat – Support Board – WordPress Chat Plugin

28/03/2022 | Support Board | V 3.4.8
Fixed bug related to red counter notifications.
Fixed bug related to duplicated automation messages.
Fixed bug related to error notifications and required fields when creating or updating a user or admin.

Push notifications now support image previews.

The setting saved replies has been moved to Settings > Admin.

09/03/2022 | Support Board | V 3.4.7
Fixed bug related to sounds and notifications on mobile.
Fixed bug related to WordPress custom user roles.
Fixed bug related to email piping and UTF-8 chars.
Fixed bug related to user notifications when queue is active.
Fixed bug related to design automations.
Fixed bug related to the close chat button on mobile devices.

New feature
Added the following newsletter integrations: HubSpot, Moosend, GetResponse, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign.
New automation types to set default department and agent for new conversations.
Option to run email piping via URL.

Added queue compatibility for conversation generated by messaging apps.
Optimization of the yellow banner that alert when another agent is replying.
Direct and mass messages are now compatible with messaging apps, the message will be sent to the messaging apps as well.

New PHP API function 'sb_messaging_platforms_send_message()'.
31/01/2022 | Support Board | v3.4.3
New featureOn Support Board login, the user is automatically logged in WordPress as well if the users system is set to WordPress.
New featureOption to create and login a WordPress user on Support Board user registration.
New featureOption to paste a screenshot from the clipboard and send it as message.
OptimizationImproved conversations search.
OptimizationText markup for rich message texts.

19/01/2022 | Support Board | v3.4.2
SecurityImproved MySQL injection attacks protection.
BugFixed bug related to time in 12h format.
New featureAdded agents dashboard menu.
OptimizationMobile app switch conversations and users by touch move right and left.
OptimizationMobile app back button optimization.
OptimizationMobile app message time design.
OptimizationAgents notifications are now sent when the user send the user details via rich messages.
OptimizationFallback profile picture if the generated one from the user name is broken.
ApiRemoved first paramenter 'recipient_id' and parameter 'department' from the PHP API function 'sb_send_agents_notifications()'.

27/12/2021 | Support Board | v3.4.1
BugFixed bug related to rich messages placeholders design.
BugFixed bug related to WordPress languages.
BugFixed bug related to conversations started by agents.
New featureAdded Grammarly support.
New featureOption to select what webhooks to activate.
New featureAdded Icelandic language.
New featureOption to set a link for articles button.
OptimizationSearch articles by pressing ENTER keyboard button.
OptimizationMinor chat design optimization.
ApiNew parameter 'agent' for the PHP API function 'sb_get_user_conversations()' and JS API AJAX function 'get-user-conversations'.

20/12/2021 | Support Board | v3.4.0
BugFixed bug related to reports date filter.
BugFixed bug related to rating.
BugFixed bug related to online status and email notifications when agent is online.
BugFixed bug related to email piping.
BugFixed bug related to WordPress loggout for admins.
BugFixed bug related to text formatting in shortcode's messages.
BugFixed bug related to agent notifications on conversation transfer to another agent.
BugFixed bug related to article rating for new users.
BugFixed bug related to queue.
BugFixed breakline bug on pop up message.
New featureOnline users notification and sound.
New featureOption to force a single phone country code.
New featureOption to disable manual email piping cron job.
New featureAdd new merge fields: {agent_name} and {agent_email}.
OptimizationMerge fields optimization.
OptimizationConversations and users opening by URL for unauthorized agents is now blocked.
OptimizationRemoved default mndatory email and phone follow-up message on conversations from messaging apps. New shortcode parameter 'required-messaging-apps' to force them.
OptimizationSupport Board WordPress version now have an option to logout Support Board agents if they are not logged in WordPress.
OptimizationImproved translations.
OptimizationMerge field {user_name} is now compatible with follow up and subscribe messages.
ApiNew PHP API function 'sb_get_last_message()'.
ApiNew parameter 'user_id' for the PHP API function 'sb_push_notification()' and JS API AJAX function 'push-notificaiton'.

15/11/2021 | Support Board | v3.3.9
SecurityFix bug that was allowing a user to grant admin privileges via API.
BugFixed bug related to human takeover on messaging apps.
OptimizationFollow-up success message do longer appends the user email, use {user_email} instead.
OptimizationWordPress multisite users of all websites are now synchronized with Support Board.

12/11/2021 | Support Board | v3.3.8
BugFixed bug related to conversation events and message breaklines.
BugFixed bug related to rich messages.
BugFixed bug related to scrolling on mobile devices.
BugFixed design bug related to the queue message.
New featureOption to open an article from an external link.
OptimizationOptimizations for mobile devices.

08/11/2021 | Support Board | v3.3.7
BugFixed bug related to offline message title.
BugFixed bug related to translations with HTML chars.
BugFixed bug related to Push notifications.
BugFixed bug related to office hours and offline message.
BugFixed bug that allow a user to use an agent or admin email to register if the option 'allow duplicated emails' is active.
New featureCloud version.
New featureSaaS version for resellers.
New featureOption to change PWA icon and name, browser favicon, and admin area top-left icon.
New featureOption to set default user details for a new user via JavaScript variable SB_DEFAULT_USER.
New featureOption to allow agents to delete conversations and empty the trash.
New featureOption to send the transcript via email.
New featureOption to send the transcript via email when the conversation is archived via close message.
New featureDouble-way text messages communication.
New featureSupport for text message attachments.
OptimizationImproved performance for translations.
OptimizationAllow duplicate emails option now allow alos duplicated phone numbers.
OptimizationAdmin area language now matches agents and admins language user detail.
OptimizationPush and desktop notifications optimization.
OptimizationOn mobile, if the chat is open and the user clicks the 'back' browser button, the chat close, and the current page remains active.
ApiNew PHP API function 'sb_get_admin_language()'.
ApiNew argument 'attachments' for the PHP API function 'sb_send_sms()' and the JS and API functions 'send-sms'.

10/10/2021 | Support Board | v3.3.6
BugFixed bug related to admin email and sms notifications confirmation message.
New featureArticles parent category. You need to assign again all categories to all articles.
New featureSingle article now supports up to 3 categories.
New featureOption to display Agents & Admins tab also for agents.
New featureOnline status indicator in the Agents & Admins list.
New featureOption to enable the agents and admin tab for agents.
OptimizationImproved performance.
OptimizationAutomatic collapse of the dashboard conversations list.

05/10/2021 | Support Board | v3.3.5
SecurityImproved security related to SQL Injection and XSS attacks.
BugFixed bug related to users pagination.
BugFixed bug related to online user status on the admin area when Pusher is active.
BugFixed bug related to message with attachments.
New featureOption to display additional columns in the user table.
New featureArticles page with WordPress shortcode.
New featureOption to open the links of card and slider rich messages in a new window.
New featureOption to disable reports.
OptimizationImproved 'Another agent is replying to this conversation' message.
OptimizationMinor UI optimizations.
OptimizationVarious minior optimizations.
OptimizationOnline/offline status switcher is now available in the mobile app.
OptimizationImproved flash notifications for the admin area.
ApiNew arguments 'extra' and 'user_ids' for the PHP API function 'sb_get_users()' and the AJAX and WEB API function 'get-users'.
ApiRemoved argument 'exclude_id' from the PHP API function 'sb_get_online_users()' and WEB and JS API functions 'get-online-users'.
ApiRemoved argument 'routing' from the PHP API function 'sb_new_conversation()' and WEB and JS API functions 'new-conversation'.
ApiNew argument 'category' for the JS API function 'SBChat.getArticles()'.
ApiNew PHP API function 'sb_execute_bot_message()'.
ApiThe default returned values of the PHP API function 'sb_get_online_users()' and WEB and JS API functions 'get-online-users' now exclude agents and admins.
ApiFixed bug related to the WEB API function 'email-piping'.
InfoA valid purchase code is now required to enter the admin area.

02/09/2021 | Support Board | v3.3.4
SecurityImproved security related to SQL Injection and XSS attacks.
SecurityFixed security bug that was allowing agents and admins to read data from the database.
BugFixed bug related to routing.
BugFixed bug related agent and department conversation assignment notifications.
OptimizationImproved RTL admin UI and WordPress UI.
OptimizationOn mobile, chat is never opened automatically on page load.
New featureOption to disable email field from the registration form.
ApiPHP API function 'sb_get_online_user_ids()' renamed to 'sb_get_online_user_ids()'.

04/08/2021 | Support Board | v3.3.3
BugFixed bug related to corrupted chars in email piping messages.
BugFixed bug related to routing when Pusher is active.
BugFixed bug related to admin login for WordPress.
New featureNew performance option: minify JS.
New featureNew options for routing and conversations assigned to a single agent.
New featureWordPress options to show the Support Board admin area to custom WordPress users roles.
ApiNew PHP API function 'sb_get_last_agent_in_conversation()'.


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