Superio – Laravel Job Board System v2.1.1 Nulled

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Superio PHP Script is designed and developed by an elite author at envato named BookingCore on CodeCanyon having more than145+ sales and average rating of 4.11.
Superio - Laravel Job Board System

Download Free Superio – Laravel Job Board System Nulled v2.1.1

Superio – Laravel Job Board System Free Download 2.1.1 – CodeCanyon | Superio v2.1.1 – Laravel Job Board System PHP Script is a professional and well-organized Laravel Job Board System. The Superio Job Script was designed with a thorough understanding of the business in mind in order to connect employers and candidates.

It is appropriate for you to display professional job board websites that require advanced features such as powerful functions and useful services for users.

Why to choose Superio – Laravel Job Board System?

Because it is simple to use and customize, and it is friendly to users and seekers.

The Employers and candidates find it simple and convenient to sign up, login, and search for jobs, post jobs, view job details, and manage their profiles, blogs, resumes, and applications from the Dashboard.

It comes with clean lines of codes, soft colors, and fluid UX will undoubtedly result in a Job Board experience that your customers will enjoy.

This Job Listing Script also offers businesses flexible and customization job board software that allows them to create and manage their own online job portal.

You can manage job classifieds, automate job publishing, and charge companies for featured ads using our job posting script. You can translate and modify the job portal script and software by editing the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files, as well as the PHP source code – it will work for any business or website!

Superio PHP Script Features:

Content Management

Add as many job classifieds as you want, manage categories and job types, and translate the job board script into your native language.

Profit from your job portal by charging companies for posting their ads! Set your own prices, currency, and PayPal address.

Easy Job Search

A job search script that allows for multi-criteria searches. This job script enables job seekers to filter ads based on one or more criteria.

Multiple Languages

Translate the job portal script into multiple languages and allow visitors to select their preferred language using the front-end language bar.

Job Seeker Accounts

Because their CVs are already part of their profile, registered users can apply much faster. All applicant information is securely stored in a MySQL database.

Notifications via Email

You can easily create and send custom-made email notifications to users – both job seekers and employers – using our job script.

Employer Accounts

Each company can have its own profile, which allows the HR team to manage job postings, review applicant information, and edit the company description.

PHP Source Code Customization

You can make your own custom changes to the job board script with the Developer License! We can also do them for you if you prefer.

Sales Page

Download Nulled Superio Laravel Job Board System 2.1.1(39)

Changelog Superio Nulled PHP Laravel Job Board System

Version 2.1.1 – 15 July 2022


  • GIG filter by category on Gigs page
  • Candidate’s CV download => the company need to approve the candidate’s application then can download their CV
  • Required field for the category and job type on the Employer dashboard
  • Verify button to MyProfile
  • Option to hide Job apply type: external / send mail
  • Param apply_id to candidate’s link to allow the employer can view the Candidate’s profile who doesn’t allow search
  • Option to hide the email + phone of the company
  • Report for User package


  • Social login issue
  • Disabled Payout option
  • Contact list for the employer
  • Job’s category on the Search form
  • Candidate role for user when login by social login

Version 2.1.0 – 25 June 2022


  • Withdraw feature from GIG for candidate
  • Zipcode for searching
  • Option allow company can add the Applicant themself
  • Option to hide the Preload
  • Option to determine the required number of slots for each Job


  • User dashboard for the Employer & Candidate
  • GIG report + User plans report
  • Candidate layout on mobile
  • Candidate link for Employer > All Applicants
  • Select company ID for Company block list => show company by selected IDs
  • Select job ID for Jobs block list => show jobs by selected IDs
  • Select candidate ID for Candidate block list => show candidate by selected IDs


  • Search form issue on Candidate page listing
  • The issue with updating My profile
  • Salary searching issue on the Candidate listing
  • The GIG – category level1 doesn’t show result
  • 500 issue with the Filter

Version 2.0.0 – 20 April 2022


  • RTL layout
  • Home layout 7-8-9
  • Job listing layout 4-5-6-7-8-9
  • Job detail layout 3-4, Job Interal apply, Job External apply, Email apply
  • Employer listing layout 4
  • Employer detail layout 3
  • Candidate listing layout 3 + 4
  • Candidate detail layout 2 + 3
  • My Profile layout
  • “Company Posting Maximum Jobs” option to limit the number of jobs is posted
  • ‘Maximum posting gigs’ option to limit the number of GIG is posted
  • Option Gallery + video link to Job Description


  • Searching issues on Mobile
  • Payment issue with Free plan = 0
  • Notification show for all user
  • 500 Error on the Job detail
  • Limit issue on the location field on the Search form

Version 1.3.0 – 15 Feb 2022


  • Add an option to hide Expiration jobs
  • Option to limit the number of jobs that candidates can apply
  • Add upgrading package feature when the turn to add a Job is over while it has not expired.
  • Update category for Company, Job, Candidate
  • Add review for Blogs
  • Option for hiding Company’s email to prevent spam email


  • Verify Email issue
  • Child location isn’t shown in the search form
  • Review issue for GIG
  • Company’s profile saving issue
  • Multi-lang for Category, Location, skill ..
  • Email Header + Footer issue(can’t be saved)
  • Option prevent users from downloading CV’s if they are not login

Version 1.2.0 – 23 Dec 2021


  • Wage Agreement option for Job
  • Username for profile link insteads of ID
  • SEO for remaining pages


  • Captcha issues in the Login/Register form
  • Adding user role issue
  • 500 issues
  • Searching issue in the Company listing, Candidate listing
  • Attribute for company module
  • Child-location in the search form
  • Stripe gateway style
  • Remaining Multi-language issues
  • Improve the queries


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