Storepify (v1.5.8) Minimal Multipurpose Shopify Theme Free Download

Storepify Nulled Minimal Multipurpose Shopify Theme Free Download
Storepify Nulled Minimal Multipurpose Shopify Theme Free Download

Free Download Storepify Minimal Multipurpose Shopify Theme Nulled v1.5.8 | Storepify Minimal Multipurpose Shopify Theme Free Download v1.5.8 brings to you an all-new Minimal Multipurpose Shopify Theme which extremely impresses your customers at the first sight. The unique design makes your online store easily catch potential customers and become a favorite place in the eCommerce World.

Powerful tools are already integrated in Storepify, everything is ready for you to show your products within one-click-to-import-demo. Page speedUIUX and mobile layout are carefully optimized, you will not have to spend extra fee on website optimization service.

Be a Minimal Multipurpose Shopify ThemeStorepify has 40+ fabulous demos that helps you easily create a dream online store. Many pre-build templates: Fashion, Shoes, Bags, Hats, Accessories, Cosmetic, Electronic, Jewelry, Organic, Single Product,… Everything is ready for you in just One-Click Demo Import.

Indeed, Storepify is designed following Shopify minimal standard that makes your online store run perfectly on any device. Click and enjoy Storepify – Minimal Multipurpose Shopify Theme!


  • Easy to Import Demo Config (One-Click)
  • Social Share Features
  • Multi-purpose Designs
  • Fast Loading, Optimized for mobile & Better SEO
  • Responsive Design, Mobile Optimized & Incredible UI/UX
  • Fully Responsive (Tested on Multiple Devices)
  • Modern & Clean Design
  • Built with CSS 3 + HTML 5, Tailwind
  • Google Web Fonts Integration, Support ShopifyΓÇÖs Font Picker, Custom font
  • 25+ Stunning Homepage Layouts
  • 10+ Layouts Options for Category Page
  • 19+ Layouts Options for Product Page
  • 04+ Layouts Options for Tab Product
  • 05+ Layouts for product description
  • 06+ Blog page layouts
  • Multiple Headers, Footers
  • Custom header & footer for special page
  • External & Affiliate Product
  • Cart Modal/Cart Drawer/Cart Ajax/Cart Page
  • Order Note/Quickly Add A Coupon/Estimate Shipping
  • Numerous Custom Pages: Lookbook, FAQs, Contact Us, Portfolio, About us, Contact us, 404, Shop Instagram
  • Advanced Mega menu layouts
  • GRID & LIST Mode
  • Product Reviews (App)
  • Zoom Magnifier Support
  • Ajax Product Filter Support
  • Support multi language and multi currency
  • Sticky Header
  • Quick Shop
  • Ajax Layered Navigation
  • Ajax Live Search
  • One Click Checkout
  • Advanced Size Chart (MaxSale app)
  • Custom Product Tabs
  • Login & Registration page
  • GDPR Cookie Popup (App)
  • Sticky Add to Cart
  • Lookbook Module
  • Automatic Image resize
  • Ajax Infinite Scroll module + Ajax Load More + Pagination/ Product Count
  • Builder Sections on All page
  • Product Image Swap/ Advanced Product Swatches

Storepify Shopify Theme Free Download Link

Changelog Storepify Shopify Theme Nulled

Version 1.5.4 – 16-August-2023

Bug fix: "Buy now" button fetching incorrect current variant.
Bug fix: On mobile, collection page experiencing animation glitch during load.
Version 1.5.3 – 6-July-2023

Added "For Developer" option.
Added priority display option for product filter on the collection page.
Fixed an issue where the product filter on the collection page was not functioning properly in "load more" mode.
Fixed an issue where the "Buy Button" was not working when the "Agree before purchasing" button was disabled.
Version 1.5.2 – 27-June-2023

Modified: Now, button on slider won't show if "url" field is empty
Modified: Section "Featured Collection" will be separated into smaller sections to serve each purpose
Fixed: error quickview not working
Fixed: product detail error 404
Version 1.5.1 – 22-June-2023

Added "Frequently Bought Together" feature, suggesting complementary products to customers based on their current selection.
Introduced "Back in Stock Alerts" functionality, allowing customers to receive notifications when previously out-of-stock items are available again.
Added an option to display the currency code alongside product prices, providing clarity for customers in multi-currency environments.
Version 1.5.0 – 12-June-2023

- Added: Option "Showing box-shadow when hovering product items" 
- Fixed: Error "Instagram section's images aren't full height" 
- Fixed: Error "Product item's position option works incorrectly" 
- Modified: You can't hover and activate variants in Sold out status

Version 1.4.9 – 7-June-2023
Fixed: Display error of Currency & Language selector on mobile
Fixed: Can’t change images when clicking variants
Modified: Change product items’ display
Modified: Convert Product details’ share box to popup
Modified: Change the Best Seller display
Added: Box Shadow effect when hovering product items
Version 1.4.8 – 26-May-2023
Added: Option “Justify Content” for the Socials footer
Fixed: Now, logos can be showed up on mobile
Fixed: Error “Search box doesn’t align center” in header of Design 1
Version 1.4.7 – 18-May-2023
Added: “Custom logo width” feature
Added: New popup display for video-type Product detail
Fixed: Error “Video popup doesn’t work in the video section”
Modified: Improve UX/UI
Version 1.4.6 – 10-May-2023
Added: “Best seller products” feature in the Product description
Modified: Fix some display errors
Modified: Fix display error on large screens (>2k)
Modified: Hide button “Add to cart” on mobile Collection page
Removed: The feature “Preloader” on mobile version (<768px)
Version 1.4.5 – 27-Apr-2023
Added: Release new Demo “Watch”
Added: “Recommended Products” function
Added: Shadow animation for buttons: Add to Cart, Wishlist, Compare, & Quickview (for Product items)
Modified: Improve page-loading speed
Fixed: Error “Mega menus don’t work with Top Left & Top Center ( Header desktop logo position )
Version 1.4.4 – 18-Apr-2023
Added: Add options “Image ratio” & “Custom image ratio”
Added: Add option “Turn on/off Wishlist & Compare on all sites”
Added: Add option “Border Radius” in the input boxes
Added: Add option “Target to blank” in the Video section
Modified: The section “Service” is converted to Slider when displaying on mobile version
Modified: Improve UI/UX
Modified: Convert variant image (from circle to rectangle)
Fixed: Collection Description is errored on collection.all page
Fixed: Now you can turn off the Newsletter Popup
Version 1.4.3 – 8-Apr-2023
Updated: New UX/UI changes to improve user experience
Fixed: “Recent Viewed Item” display in the Shop page
Fixed: Now, you can review on mobile version
Added: More background color option for 404 error page layout
Added: Hiding Wishlist icon on the header
Added: “Sold Out” icon for variant images
Modified: “Feature Collection” page will display in the ½ layout on mobile
Modified: “Accent color” option is active on all page by default
Version 1.4.2 – 31-March-2023
New: Wine demo.
New: TikTok demo.
Added: Newsletter popup feature.
Fixed: Unable to review products on mobile.
Fixed: Images are zoom in when loading (sections that use Swipper).
Fixed: Style of “Add to cart” button in featured product section.
Version 1.4.1 – 25-March-2023
Added: TikTok video section.
Added: Slider video section.
Added: “Banner Parallax” option for Banner section.
Fixed: Fix the popup login error – Add a Welcome popup when logging in successfully.
Fixed: Fix the popup login error – Hide the user icon when being on the Cart page.
Version 1.4 – 18-March-2023
Added: Social share tooltips on product detail page and footer.
Product description now shows as tab.
Added: Cart icon & wishlist icon with count.
Change & synchronize the hover effect of the primary button on the entire website.
Added: Dark design for login form popup.
Added: Option to choose the content to be displayed on the announcement bar.
Changed: Quickview style. (Quantity & cart)

Version 1.3.9 – 11-Mar-2023
Added: Release new homepage demo “Full Width“.
Added: Release new homepage demo “Furniture“.
Added: New layout for the Product Detail page.
Added: “Freeship when the cart’s total value is equal or greater than the specified price” feature.
Added: Provide the color-customizable option for the Secondary button.
Modified: Change the configuration of “Collection” (from adding collections to adding blocks) to add a new collection.
Modified: Re-arrange the options of the “List Collection” section.
Modified: Increase the font size of the page “About” content.
Fixed: The function “Loading” now works properly.

Version 1.3.8 – 3-Mar-2023
Added: Responsive Gift layout (mobile).
Added: Layout 3 & 4 for the section “Latest news”.
Added: New layout for password page
Fixed: “Submit comment” style button on the blog detail page (The old style is not responsive & in error).
Fixed: The Next post image is fully shown (cropped in the previous version).
Fixed: Remove the padding-left of the author’s name if the author’s account doesn’t have an avatar

Version 1.3.7 – 24-Feb-2023
Added: Option “Showing Collection image in Breadcrumb”
Added: Tooltips for Image variants
Added: Option “Margin Bottom” for Detail blocks
Added: Function “Copy Link” for a Product Detail
Added: Release new demo “Anime” (Password is 1)
Modified: Convert Language & Currency selector into drop-down on mobile
Modified: Layout product detail
Modified: “Change text view” in “Fake viewer” is now changeable
Modified: “Change text sold” in “Fake viewer” is now changeable

Version 1.3.6 – 17-Feb-2023

Added: “Limit Tags” option for Sidebar blog
Modified: Now, the Description can be shown on Collections.
Modified: Move the Organic demo to the main theme (this demo used to be a child theme, now it’s integrated into the main theme)
Fixed: Fix the style of Shopify’s default Content Pages
Fixed: JS error when clicking Quantity in Product detail
Version 1.3.5 – 11-Feb-2023

Added: “Enable Age Verification Popup” feature
Added: Login/Register form popup option (alongside the popup site option)
Added: “Reminder when switch tab” feature
Added: Kids demo released
Added: “Quick Search” feature
Modified: Search form appearing effect remake
Modified: “Quick View” effect remake
Modified: Move all notifications to the file translate (folder locale), now these texts are multilingual and you can translate them
Fixed: Sidebar blog will show a white space when there is no image
Version 1.3.4 – 04-Feb-2023

Move “Display Someone Purchased” settings to theme settings
Added: Products demo import file (.csv)
Added effects to text on first load & next slider
Added: custom flag for currency selector (theme settings / Language & Currency selector )
Added: “custom css” in theme settings
Fixed: UI display error on mobile (1025px-1085px)
Fixed: js error when “Show back to top” option is not enabled (theme settings / general settings)
Removed: child theme jewelry 1.2.6
Removed: child theme electro1.2.6

Version 1.3.3 – 31-Jan-2023
Remove duplicate H1 tag on home page.
Added: Option to change the button text “Shop now” for collection list section.
Added: Option to hide Author & Date on Blog detail page.
New: Able to add 2 FAQ sections on the same page.
Added: “Remove all” button in Ajax Cart.
Added: Gift wrap option on Cart page.
Added: Option to use Ajax Cart or not.
Added: Slider – Option to select image height following designed size or from the uploaded image.
Added: Currency & Language selector popup icon on header.
Fixed: Comment form error on Blog page.

Version 1.3.2 – 18-Jan-2023
Added: New homes. (Pet & Gift)
Added: Checkbox option allows to show product items border.
Added: Slider section option allows to set image height as default design or customized images.
Option allows to show Announcement Bar or not. (Theme Settings)
Fixed: Comment form interface on blog page.
Added: “Font size scale” option on search page.
Fixed: Error caused missing title when page does not have data. (Recent post on blog sidebar & tags on blog detail)
Fixed: Instagram JS error.
Added: GDPR Cooke Bar. (Theme Settings)
Added: National flags for the language selector.

Version 1.3.1 – 9-Jan-2023
Added: Option to customize sidebar font size on collection page
Added: NEW Home Craft
Added: NEW “Store Location” page
Added: Option to rename button buy now (product detail)
Added: Option to rename button “quick view, wishlist, compare” (product items)
Fixed: Error when clicking on the video popup (video section)
Fixed: Error with JS causing “bottom navbar” option is unchecked
Version 1.3.0 – 29-Dec-2022
Added: Title & Description in banner section
Added: Second type for Mega menu
Added: Option “image swatch” for product item
Added: Option two columns for mobile (product items)
Added: New home “Clogs”
Added: New home “Socks”
Added: Icon “new”, “hot” for Mega menu
Added: Hover effect for “close” icon on quick view popup
Fixed: Variant color “white” unclear
Fixed: “countdown” error on mobile display (product items)
Fixed: Cannot scroll when “loading” option is set “off”
Version 1.2.9 – 22-Dec-2022
Added: “text-align” option for product description
Added: Section “Banner Video”
Added: Option “loading effect”
Fixed: Sticky header for custom header
Fixed: can’t click icon bottom down in “sticky add to cart”
Version 1.2.8 – 16-Dec-2022
Added: Option to change font size on whole website
Added: “boxed” option for product description
Added: “right to left” option
Added: Option show/hide “sticky add to cart”
Added “hover color” option for footer items
Added: Option to hide/show “estimate shipping”, “cart note”, “Coupon code” on Cart page & Ajax cart
Added: demo Fashion 8
Added demo Fashion 9
Added demo Clogs
Fixed: Product detail image was cropped
Fixed: Dropdown of variants in product detail page
Fixed: Section “You may also like” is displayed incorrectly
Version 1.2.7 – 11-Dec-2022
Optimizing code “product items”
Added: border option for product items
Added: unit for “margin-bottom” option
Added: hover style option for product items title and blog title
Fixed: countdown interface in collections page
Fixed: Product items not showing in the wishlist page, search page
Fixed: incorrect price display on the collections page
Version 1.2.6 – 6-Dec-2022
Updated: new home camping
Added: overlay option for slider
Code optimization
Version 1.2.5 – 29-Nov-2022
Added: option to hide “back to top” button
Added: Add icon cart to header mobile
Added: option to use “select option” instead of add to cart
Added: hover style option for product items title
Code optimization
Synchronize button sizes on main theme
Fixed: variant color display error on all product items
Version 1.2.4 – 25-Nov-2022
Added: Home lookbook 2
Added: Column number option for section Recent viewed & Product recommendations
Added: Option to choose display style for size variant
Added: Button display style option in theme settings
Added: “Custom Variation Color” option in theme settings
Version 1.2.3 – 22-Nov-2022
Added: theme color options in theme settings
Added 2 new home electro
Added 2 new home organic
Added option to hide title for section product detail description
Added: notification when over quantity of products can be added to the cart
Fixed: changed interaction with lookbook point from hover to click (lookbook banner)
Fixed: image not showing on page compare
Fixed: error when clicking on sticky add to cart in product detail page
Version 1.2.2 – 17-Nov-2022
Added estimate shipping to ajax add to cart
Added discount code form in cart page
Added option to select a maximum number of columns to display products for page collections
Added option to choose button style for “featured collection” section
Added 3 new types of product description
Fixed: button buy now not working
Version 1.2.1 – 14-Nov-2022
Added loading effect of add to cart button for quickview
Change files name: home single product & home multi-product
Added coupon input form in ajax cart
Added 3 types of product description
Fixed error: button buy now not working
Version 1.2 – 10-Nov-2022
Added: icon for megamenu (demo electro)
Added: 5 new home Fashion
Added: 2 new home Cosmetic
Added: new home Accessories
Added: loading effect for add to cart button
Added: option position for action bar (product item)
Added: section banner slider
Fixed: display notification after newletter registration is complete
Version 1.1 – 08-Nov-2022
Custom header, footer for special page
Fixed effect when adding to cart
Fixed responsive account page
Add loading on mobile at shop page
Add Option position action bar
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