StoreApps Smart Manager v5.40.0 – Manage Your WooCommerce Store 10x Faster Nulled

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Last updated on April 20th, 2022 at 09:53 pm

StoreApps Smart Manager - Manage Your WooCommerce Store 10x Faster

Download Free StoreApps Smart Manager – Manage Your WooCommerce Store 10x Faster v5.40.0 Nulled

StoreApps Smart Manager – Manage Your WooCommerce Store 10x Faster Free Download Nulled 5.40.0 – Storeapps | StoreApps Smart Manager v5.40.0 – Manage Your WooCommerce Store 10x Faster Nulled is best stock and inventory control plugin for WooCommerce. Bulk editing and administration by using the spreadsheet such as editor table items, rates, orders, coupons, admin columns.

Extend or decrease inventory, inventory, price, order changes, coupon expiry, and rapidly conduct thousands of control operations.

Why StoreApps Smart Manager – Manage Your WooCommerce Store 10x Faster Nulled?

It is your intelligent WooCommerce store manager who improves your productivity 10 times and saves you enormous time.

Save Time with Unlimited Bulk Edit

Change the characteristics of as many things as you wish at once.

Nothing comes close to Smart Manager in terms of power and adaptability.

Furthermore, you can mass update all items of a specific post type on your site at once!

Changing Multiple Columns at the Same Time

In a single Bulk Edit / Batch Update action, you can change as many attributes / fields as you like.

Reduce the price by 25%, add a special to the product name, and increase inventory by 500 units, for example – you may perform all of these activities on all selected goods at the same time.

Avoid Making Human Mistakes

Smart Manager handles the tedious (and often incorrect) computations in pricing and stocks.

It can modify product groups and append or prepend content. You only need to make your selections, and Smart Manager will do all mathematical / text computations in the background.

Instantly find & manage whatever you want

Goodbye, time-consuming search and navigation!

With Smart Manager, you’ll get an easy-to-use and powerful search system. Find anything quickly with easy search, or narrow it down with any custom fields with advanced search.

Of course, you can sort, show, and hide admin columns as you see fit.

Compatibility with the most popular WooCommerce and WordPress plugins

Smart Manager’s spreadsheet-like interface allows you to view and manage all post types. In addition, we’ve added compatibility for the majority of popular plugins right within Smart Manager. Bulk adjust subscriptions, schedule bookings, and change focus keywords…manage everything quickly and easily.

Spreadsheet / Table Editor

Plugin Smart Manager functions like a tablet in Excel. It’s fast and easy to make adjustments and navigate!

Price, Product & Stock Management

Surf the table and update stock quantities easily, set and adjust sales price/permanent price. Set backrorers, remove products, filters and bulk edit inventories, along with variations for several WooCommerce products.

Quick Inline & Bulk Edit

Creating, removing or updating many objects from the grid at once. Save all at once, change several column values. Switch to a native screen to complete control of the editing.

Order Management, Discount Coupons…

View, filter and scan all orders on a single screen fastly. Change order status, add new orders, edit orders in bulk, or export to CSV manually. Check and locate coupons, expand shop loans, adjust discounts, modify them in bulk…

Admin Columns Freely

Show, hide and edit columns of information easily in the grid. Any kind of WordPress article, sort, scan, edit, or export. Smart Manager also supports several data forms of third party plugins!

Posts, Pages, Users…Anything!

Using the same table as the GUI in WordPress and WooCommerce to display and control all kinds of custom post types, users and attributes.


Download Nulled StoreApps Smart Manager 5.40.0(40)

Changelog StoreApps Smart Manager Nulled Manage Your WooCommerce Store 10x Faster

= 5.40.0 (15.04.2022) =


  • WordPress v5.9.3 compatible


  • Field and Action data column names missing in email sent after completion of any background process (Pro)
  • Sorting by ‘Featured’ column in WooCommerce Products dashboard not working
  • PHP warning when loading Coupons dashboard and deleting records (Pro)
  • Some minor fixes
  • PHP warning when bulk editing empty ‘Regular price’ & ‘Sale price’ for WooCommerce Products dashboard (Pro)


  • POT file
= 5.39.0 (31.03.2022) =


  • WordPress v5.9.2 compatible


  • Updated ‘Action Scheduler’ library (Pro)
  • POT file


  • Fatal error when running Bulk Edit or Duplicate Records functionality in background for any non WooCommerce dashboards (Pro)
  • Some minor fixes
= 5.38.0 (21.03.2022) =


  • Support for JavaScript string translations
  • WooCommerce v6.3.1 compatible
  • Translation files for Italian (Thanks to Giacomo Mazzullo)


  • POT file


  • Some minor fixes
= 5.37.0 (04.03.2022) =


  • WordPress v5.9.1 compatible & WooCommerce v6.2.1 compatible


  • Smart Manager incorrectly detects user capabilities (Thanks to Algis)
  • Issues in dashboard loading when removing access for user role (Pro)
  • Some minor fixes
  • Dashboard data not getting loaded for any user role when giving access only to custom view (Pro)
  • ‘Public’ access setting for custom views not getting rendered properly (Pro)


  • POT file
= 5.36.0 (21.02.2022) =


  • Allow adding/removing columns to/from custom views (Pro)
  • POT file


  • Custom views name not getting updated (Pro)
  • Some minor fixes


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