Stellar Video Player v3.1 – WordPress Plugin Free Download

Stellar Video Player v2.2 - WordPress Plugin
Stellar Video Player - WordPress Plugin
Stellar Video Player – WordPress plugin

Download Free Stellar Video Player v3.1 – WordPress Plugin

Stellar Video Player – WordPress Plugin Free Download v3.1 – CodeCanyon | Stellar Video Player v3.1 – WordPress Plugin. Stellar Video Player is a premium multi-purpose video player. Stellar player supports YouTube playlists/channels/single videos, Vimeo videos, self-hosted HTML5 videos (only mp4 required), Google drive videos, Dropbox videos, local videos, Amazon s3, LiveStreaming HLS m3u8 videos, basically everything that you’ll need from HTML5 player. No coding or technical skills required.


  • the most creative video player
  • packed with options
  • pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, pop-up advertising that works with youtube videos/playlists/user channels
  • pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, pop-up advertising that works with vimeo videos
  • pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, pop-up advertising that works with self-hosted videos
  • Lightbox mode
  • mixed videos – YouTube/Vimeo/Self hosted/GoogleDrive
  • Google Drive videos support
  • Amazon S3 support
  • deeplinking
  • start with specific video
  • html5 self hosted quality selector HD/SD
  • mobile optimized
  • optimized for touchscreen laptops
  • responsive design
  • sticky mode
  • easy to use
  • choose between custom YouTube controls or default YouTube controls
  • multiple (unlimited) instances of Stellar video player in same page
  • resizeable width and height
  • font awesome icons – perfect for Retina displays (font Awesome icons are vectors, which mean they’re gorgeous on high-resolution displays)
  • fully customisable – use any color scheme you like or set one of the 20 pre-built colors (lime, green, emerald, teal, cyan, cobalt, indigo, violet, pink, magenta, crimson, red, orange, yellow, amber, brown, olive, steel, mauve, taupe)
  • choose between 3 types of player – with playlist (on right side or bottom) or without playlist (single video)
  • real fullscreen support
  • tooltip indicator for better user experiance
  • optional right-click menu
  • option to hide self hosted video sources (to prevent users from download/steal your videos)
  • autoplay (optional)
  • logo image (optional)
  • poster image (optional)
  • autohide controls (optional)
  • shuffle (optional)
  • load random video on webpage load (optional)
  • info window (optional)
  • social networks share (optional)
  • embed player (optional)
  • 6 video player pre-built shadow effects
  • use only buttons and functions that you need
  • 12 pre-built scrollbar types (light,minimal,light-2,light-3,light-thick,light-thin,inset,inset-2,inset-3,rounded,rounded-dots,3d)
  • well documented
  • free support
  • free updates

Stellar Video Player – WordPress plugin Free Download Link

Changelog Stellar Video Player – WordPress plugin Nulled

14.10.2022. – v2.9

- Vimeo API update

22.03.2022. – v2.8

- midroll fullscreen fix

01.02.2022. – v2.7

- textarea input value missing

29.10.2021. – v2.6

- load random video on page load

26.2.2021. – v2.5

- small fix for Arabic language

15.2.2021. – v2.4

- adjusted Vimeo videos to latest HTML5 autoplay policy

26.1.2021. – v2.3

- adjusted YouTube videos to latest HTML5 autoplay policy

22.1.2021. – v2.2

- New
Fast Forward video
Fast Backward video
Custom time for Fast Forward / Fast Backward steps in seconds

24.8.2020. – v2.1

- optimized for wordpress 5.5

31.1.2020. – v1.8

- YouTube API  key update

12.12.2019. – v1.7 Major update

- implemented Sticky mode to keep videos visible to your customers all the time on the page (when scrolling up/down through page). If video is not in user viewport, sticky player will appear in bottom corner, and if video is in user viewport, sticky player will automatically hide.

20.1.2019. – v1.6

- HTML5 autoplay available with 'muted' attribute (according to latest HTML5 video policy)

24.9.2018. – v1.4

- fixed search option for self hosted videos

6.9.2018. – v1.2

- added option "iOSPlaysinline" for iOS devices, which can play videos inline (like on desktop) or automatically play in Fullscreen by default

5.9.2018. – v1.1

- fixed fullscreen in case of multiple player instances

23.8.2018. – v1.0.6 – 1.0.9

- small bug fixes
- fixed search option for automatically generated youtube playlist

4.4.2018. – v1.0.5

- added option to adjust video ratio to fit perfectly when playlist is 'opened' or 'closed'

15.3.2018. – v1.0.4

- self hosted videos, update next btn image if click on last video in playlist

9.2.2018. – v1.0.3

- Deeplinking (user can share active (current) video, meaning any video from playlist can be accessed through URL)

12.1.2018. – v1.0.2

- added options to enable or disable Next video button, Rewind button and Quality menu 
- added new options; youtube start time option, youtube end time option

30.11.2018. – v1.0.1

- added RTL (right to left) support (texts can be from right to left for eastern countries)
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