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Download Free Stackable – Gutenberg Blocks (Premium) v3.1.1 Nulled

Stackable – Gutenberg Blocks (Premium) Nulled Free Download 3.1.1 – WPStackable | Stackable – Gutenberg Blocks (Premium) v3.1.1 Nulled is the most trusted Gutenberg partner you’ve been looking for. Create engaging websites with our lightweight but powerful blocks, ready-made designs, UX Kits, Global Settings, and advanced options for customization, all while delivering speedy performance. You can confidently build professionally-designed websites which stand out with an entirely new experience for building pages with Gutenberg.

The Stackable tool is a brand new tool that will forever alter how you create and manage your pages on WordPress. It is user-friendly, lightweight, and comes with an array of fantastic tools and extra features to help you quickly create your page.

What exactly is WordPress can be stacked?

These are the essential elements that are added to your content to create your pages, such as buttons or cards, videos, and so on. Stackable provides you with a wide array of blocks that allow you to build various types of landing pages for professional use and homepage.

Ready-made Designs

Make sure you have a solid online presence by creating websites that you can create instantly using our pre-designed designs and Kits for UI.

User-Friendly Controls

Please make sure you are focused on your content. Thanks to our easy-to-use controls have a smooth creating experience.

Blocks to satisfy every need

Do not look elsewhere and create your website using our vast block collection.

Blazing Fast Page Speeds

Your visitors will be impressed by your lightning-fast loading speed and increase your site’s performance.

Tablet & Mobile Friendly

Increase your reach by developing responsive websites for tablets and smartphones without additional effort.

No Coding Requirement

Create pages as professionals without having to write one word of code.

Make sure your message is prominent

Make your content more efficient and send your message clear when you expand your audience with blogs and content marketing blocks suited to your needs.

Multiple Blog Posting Options for Blog Posts

Please make sure you are connecting with your followers up a notch by using our excellent blog-friendly blocks, sophisticated design options, and customizable settings of your blog.

UI Kits

Select ready-made designs from our professionally-designed UI Kits that will instantly capture your visitor’s attention.

Dynamic Content

Enhance the number of conversions and traffic by creating a personalized experience for your site’s visitors.

SEO-Friendly Features

Try out various heading options to optimize header tags—advanced settings for an optimized design and responsive page load times. You don’t be concerned about the SEO rankings of your site.

Excellent Web Performance and top Core Web Vitals

You will experience faster performance when editing your content in Gutenberg. It is designed for performance, speed, and high Core Web Vitals spends less time optimizing your content, allowing it to be ranked higher than your competition.

Global Settings

Establish brand standards and coherent designs more quickly without modifying every block.

Blocks that can be fully customized

Align every block with your design idea by allowing you to choose fonts and icon settings, image settings, colors, hover states, and more.

Advanced and Flexible Design Controls

You can be more creative and personalize your designs to the minor line.

Design For Mobile & Tablet

Responsive settings allow you to adapt your layouts to different devices. Get more control over the way that your columns collapse or don’t collapse when using tablet and mobile devices.

Motion Effects

Improve your design and notice it with our scroll animations for exit and entrance.

Dynamic Content

Make your design process faster by efficiently assigning images, links, and text blocks as Dynamic Content.

Effectively Work

Make your clients feel unique with stunning designs using our pre-made designs and our vast block collection.

UI Kit & Global Settings

Please don’t start new projects using one of our UI kits. You can also create uniform pages with the help of our Global Settings.

Built for Speed

Increase the client’s PageSpeed Insights score with light blocks designed using Core Web Vitals in mind. Please get rid of all the Bloat, no jQuery, no dependencies, and witness the difference it makes.

Role Manager

Do not worry about your clients breaking your site. Manage the editing access to your website pages.

Live Reactive Editing

Edit websites using multiple perspectives and make sure that everything is flawless.

CSS Customization and Custom Attributes

Explore the possibilities beyond the typical block designs and customize your designs to meet your client’s vision.

Conditional Display

Create a more personal experience for your clients’ website by putting a conditional display on your blocks.

Customized Post Loops

Use any Stackable block in the query Loop block, and then utilize Dynamic Content to create your custom post loops.

Sales Page

Download Stackable Nulled Gutenberg Blocks (Premium) 3.1.1(78)

Changelog Stackable – Gutenberg Blocks (Premium)

Version 3.1.2

January 19, 2022

  • New: WordPress 5.9 compatibility & FSE compatibility
  • New: Added Overlay Colors to the Image block – now you can add solid or gradient colored overlays!
  • Fixed: Clicking the expand block link scrolls the screen down
  • Fixed: Inspector tabs went behind the visible area when scrolling down
  • Fixed: Clearing a text highlight color, resets the highlight type.
  • Fixed: Possible PHP error when a custom post used in Dynamic Content becomes unavailable

Version 3.1.1

January 13, 2022

  • New: Added link option to the Image Block
  • New: Added back ability to change the column order when columns collapse in mobile (premium)
  • New: Added Post Taxonomies in dynamic content (premium)
  • Fixed: Trigger when all display conditions are met is not triggering properly
  • Fixed: Entrance animation speeds and delay do not take effect correctly
  • Fixed: Column gap and fit columns options now work in Feature Grid block
  • Fixed: Display conditions: post meta & site option true & false condition now works if the value is ”
  • Fixed: Display conditions: Post meta & site option contains & does-not-contain condition now works if the string matched is at the start of the string
  • Fixed: Content Vertical Align option prevents the responsive display options from being applied
  • Fixed: Top and bottom lines in Heading block not left aligning
  • Fixed: Icon block custom CSS not showing correctly in the editor

Version 3.1.0

December 21, 2021

Introducing: Wireframes

At Stackable, we believe in balancing utility and great design. Which is why we continuously pour our efforts into improving our block and design library so that we can help our users efficiently create website designs that inspire and are highly functional. We understand that there is a need for some of our users to…

  • New: Added Wireframes in the Design Library
  • Change: Removed plugin deactivation feedback
  • Fixed: Block alignments not inherited properly in tablet and mobile
  • Fixed: Text in post block not aligning in tablet and mobile
  • Fixed: Shadows in the design library are cut when viewing only a few designs

Version 3.0.7

December 4, 2021

  • Fixed: Button link popover is hard to close
  • Fixed: Less Content Layout Shift (CLS)
  • Fixed: Memory usage optimization (10% memory savings)
  • Fixed: Aligning content in tablet doesn’t inherit correctly in mobile
  • Fixed: Column gap in desktop collapses columns in tablet
  • Fixed: Unwanted delay when icons change color on hover
  • Fixed: Translations are now properly applied across the plugin

Version 3.0.6

November 18, 2021

  • New: Dynamic Content can now be used for link titles
  • New: Added Row Gap option for the Columns block
  • Fixed: Design Library won’t load designs in some server configurations
  • Fixed: Column collapsing in tablet and mobile now takes into account the column gap
  • Fixed: Resizing columns is jumpy when there is a column gap
  • Fixed: In some themes align full does not work properly
  • Fixed: Icon Button block styles get applied to the button instead of the background
  • Fixed: Prevent Column block from being added as a reusable block
  • Fixed: Added transform panel in the Separator block
  • Fixed: Error when saving an Icon block while having a non-administrator role in multisite
  • Fixed: Load more button now gets removed properly when all posts have loaded
  • Fixed: Added missing translations
  • Fixed: Updated FontAwesome script to use CDN
  • Fixed: Some WordPress 5.7 and 5.6 compatibility issues


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