Solid Affiliate (v1.7.6) Adds an Affiliate Platform to Your WordPress Store Download

Solid Affiliate - Adds an Affiliate Platform to Your WordPress Store
Solid Affiliate - Adds an Affiliate Platform to Your WordPress Store

Download Free Solid Affiliate Nulled – Adds an Affiliate Platform to Your WordPress Store v1.7.6

Solid Affiliate Adds an Affiliate Platform to Your WordPress Store Free Download v1.7.6 | Solid Affiliate Adds an Affiliate Platform to Your WordPress Store Nulled v1.7.6 is the most popular Affiliate Plugin for WooCommerce, allowing you to create, manage, and track your own affiliate program from the convenience of your WordPress dashboard.

It’s very well laid out, with a great user interface. I’m really impressed with how good this is. The setup wizard makes it very simple to get started… Everything is simple to use. The setup was simple, and changing any settings was also simple.

Core Features

The setup wizard and user-friendly interface of Solid Affiliate Nulled make it simple to launch and grow your affiliate program.

Wizard of Setup

It comes with a helpful step-by-step installation wizard to get you started.

Configuration Flexibility

This tool accepts simple and complex commission rates, such as per-product and per-affiliate rates.

Affiliate Portal

Our industry-leading Affiliate Portal is included. Allow your affiliates to succeed.

Excellent Assistance

This tool provides excellent customer service. Everyone on this team is knowledgeable about this plugin and WooCommerce.

Lifetime Commissions

It includes the ability to link a customer to an affiliate, allowing the affiliate to earn commissions on all future purchases made by the customer they originally referred.

Subscription Renewal Commissions

Commissions should be paid for subscription signups and recurring renewals. You can designate one commission rate for new signups and another for renewals.

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Changelog Solid Affiliate Nulled

September, 2023
Version 1.7.2 — September 18th, 2023
For this update, we worked with a few of our largest customers to pinpoint edge-case bugs and scalability. It feels great to have Solid Affiliate running live on sites that are tracking tens of thousands of referrals. These sites accelerate the maturation of Solid Affiliate. A big thanks to all the customers involved with this update. Numerous additional updates and tweaks for optimal performance. We’re confident you’ll appreciate this update!

July, 2023
Version 1.6 — July 24th, 2023
In perhaps our most useful update of the year, we’re introducing a 🔍 global search bar to the top of Solid Affiliate admin pages. You can use this to find nearly anything within Solid Affiliate: settings, documentation, pages, affiliates, etc. 

June, 2023
Version 1.5 — June 1st, 2023
In this version, we’ve made significant performance improvements, and added support for WooCommerce when orders are created via the WooCommerce API or Blocks. Additionally, we’ve added new reports and filters to better understand your affiliate program’s performance. 

April, 2023
Version 1.4 — April 11th, 2023
This update includes several improvements to Solid Affiliate, such as better integration with Mailchimp API, Traditional Chinese translation, enhanced multisite compatibility, performance optimization, bug fixes, and a new developer filter for customizing Affiliate Portal tabs. Additionally, there are dozens of small refinements and improvements that enhance the overall performance and quality of Solid Affiliate

February, 2023
Version 1.3 — February 13th, 2023
The highlight feature of this update is the addition of a free trial. We’re confident that the onboarding of Solid Affiliate is the best of any plugin, and we’re making this free trial change to get Solid Affiliate into the hands of more businesses.

January, 2023
Version 1.2 — January 31st, 2023
This update features a major improvement to affiliate registration, making it easier and more intuitive for users to become affiliates on the site they already have a WordPress/WooCommerce account. There are also several bug fixes and performance improvements have been made to ensure the continued stability and efficiency of Solid Affiliate.

Improved Affiliate Registration: The affiliate registration process has been significantly improved to increase affiliate registration rates and make it more intuitive for users who already have a WordPress/WooCommerce account on the site.
Bug Fixes: Several bugs affecting the performance and stability of the plugin have been fixed, including issues with the license check code and a fix for infinite pings from the licensing status-check.
Performance Improvements: Our team has made various updates to improve the overall performance of Solid Affiliate, including a fix for affiliate setup issues with a large number of users.
Translation Improvements: We are proud to announce that we have made a large translation improvement, adding over 300 translated sentences/words for each of our existing supported languages.
Miscellaneous Updates: We've made a range of smaller updates and improvements to Solid Affiliate to enhance your experience.
Version 1.1 — January 17th, 2023
This update includes a much better setup wizard and overall onboarding experience. There is now a built in step which will optionally create affiliate accounts for all existing customers; also, a step which will create a coupon template to apply to all future affiliates.

New setup wizard.
Affiliate links with UTM parameters: Affiliate links now support UTM parameters, allowing users to track the performance of their affiliate campaigns.
New short-codes: We've added a new short-code that displays the affiliate name on the page if an affiliate link is used.
More detail notes for rejected referrals: We've added more detailed notes for rejected referrals and refunded orders, providing users with more information about why a referral was rejected.
Translation improvements.
December, 2022
Version 1.0.35 — December 17th, 2022
The most significant update in this release is the improved “Pay your Affiliates” tool. It has been completely redesigned to be more efficient and user-friendly. With the new minimum payout amounts setting, you can set a threshold for when affiliates receive their earnings. Additionally, you can now include or exclude specific affiliates, referrals, or affiliate groups when making payouts.

New and vastly improved Pay your Affiliates tool: Completely redesigned to be more efficient and user-friendly, with the added ability to set minimum payout amounts and include or exclude specific affiliates, referrals, or groups.
Additional controls over affiliate portals: You can now choose to hide certain tabs from affiliate portals, while still being able to preview all tabs as an admin.
Security updates: We've made improvements to ensure that your data is safe and secure on Solid Affiliate.
Performance updates: We've made various updates to improve the overall performance of the platform.
Miscellaneous updates: We've made a range of smaller updates and improvements to Solid Affiliate to enhance your experience. Trust us, much more went into this update than these notes portray! <3
November, 2022
Version 1.0.34 — November 10th, 2022
This update super charges the affiliate portals that each and every affiliate (and admin when in admin preview mode) interacts with! The portals now load instantly when clicking around. A much anticipated feature that our team is proud of delivering to everyone. Thanks to all the customers who were there for us and beta tested this version.

Major speed improvements to the affiliate portals. The portal will now load nearly instantly, and affiliates will be able to click through each section of their portal without reloading the page. This makes for a modern, fast experience which should further build trust amongst our users' affiliates.
Significantly improved translations. Added multiple languages and 300+ translated sentences/words for each of our existing supported languages.
Adding "this order was referred by an affiliate" icons and tooltips to the WooCommerce > Orders table.
Improved functionality of affiliate registration on sites with caching enabled. Removes an entire setup step for the majority of our new users.
Very substantial performance improvements to the entire plugin, rooted in a more intelligent Settings module beneath the hood.
Reversing order of referrals in the Affiliate Portals
Changing randomly generated codes from 8 to 4 characters for the Auto Create Affiliate Coupons functionality.
October, 2022
Version 1.0.33 — October 12th, 2022
New filter to exclude a specific affiliate from receiving referral email notifications
Fix: There was a rare bug where guest checkouts were incorrectly crediting affiliates when Lifetime Commissions are enabled. This is all fixed, please update ASAP if you are using the Lifetime Commissions functionality within Solid Affiliate.
Translation pass to update existing docs and localize missing strings.
September, 2022
Version 1.0.31 — September 21st, 2022
This release sets Solid Affiliate apart from every other affiliate solution for WordPress. The dashboard built into Solid Affiliate is now a modern, next-generation type interface. The interface is beginning to reflect the true quality of the hidden internals of Solid Affiliate.

Completely new dashboard interface, cementing Solid Affiliate as the next-generation affiliate plugin for WooCommerce.
Historical Feed of your affiliate program events such as Referrals Created, Affiliates Created, Payouts sent, etc.
August, 2022
Version — August 30th, 2022
The much requested Lifetime Commissions feature is here and as always it’s Solid. This update consists of a month of hard, focused work from our team. The highlights include Lifetime Commissions, performance improvements, advanced settings, and a greatly improved licensing system. The video below shows of the new Lifetime Commissions feature. Highly recommended to update to this version asap.

Lifetime Commissions feature with built-in settings. Completely built-in, no add ons necessary.
Improved the performance of manage your affiliates tables.
Added a setting to select which WooCommerce core order statuses should trigger a referral in Solid Affiliate.
Added a setting to select which referral statuses to show your affiliates in their portal.
Improved license API : More efficiently check for plugin updates.
Added custom hook on referral creation do_action"solid_affiliate/purchase_tracking/referral_created"
Improved designs and functionality of licensing related messaging throughout the plugin.
Easy-to-use User / Customer selects throughout the plugin. Replace and improve upon "User ID" fields.
Dev: Overhauled CSS files. Improved organization and more intelligent asset loading.
Improved navigation within Solid Affiliate > Affiliates > Edit.
Removing the phrase "WordPress" from some affiliate facing screens, because it's irrelevant to affiliates that your program is on WordPress. Thank you to our customers for suggesting this tweak.
Update: Order description within email notifications now includes the site url of the store which the purchase was made from
Fix: Registration Note tooltips are now properly rendering on the affiliates admin table
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