Smart Slider 3 PRO & 90+ Templates v3.5.1.12 + Demos

Smart Slider 3 PRO & 90+ Templates

Download Free Smart Slider 3 PRO & 90+ Templates v3.5.1.12 + Demos

Smart Slider Pro WordPress Plugin Free Download – | Smart Slider 3 PRO is best premium Next generation visual editor to create responsive, awesome animated Sliders and Blocks. Now easily Start with a blank Slider or choose from a variety of beautiful samples. It comes with 100+ pre-made slides with super easy one click installation.

You can also easily Switch your canvas to 5 different mode and optimize your content for the resolution. Your desire site can be enjoyed in any environment, be it tablet, mobile or desktop.

Core Features:

One Plugin, Many Superpowers

Transform your thoughts into amazing digital experiences. The most efficient toolset for the development of your next slider, block, page and bag.

Built for Versatility

Creates from simple images through complex full-page presentations, videos and even layer sliders.

Superior Performance

Create search results to load sliders faster. Rank higher. Advanced optimization of picture, script and SEO.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Our publisher enables you to construct your website with simple drag-and-drop. In one spot, build, personalize and animate.

Find a Layer for Every Need

Profit from the many layers that allow you construct any layout with simple drag & drop.

Customize with Ease

Intuitive visual design, which provides an easy-to-use design without compromising.

Breathe Life into Your Website

Add various animations and effects to the eye catch and use the schedule to timeline.

Inspiring Slider Templates

Not everyone fits one size. This is why we have an enormous collection of 180+ models that may be adapted to your website.

Visual Building

Just select and begin to adapt a template that you like. Get up and running a lovely website in no time.

Endless Possibilities

Experience the freedom and versatility to get your next project started! Styles, choices and templates are unlimited.

Time Saving

Save time, save money, look smarter and acquire more customers. Get up and waste no time on a lovely slider.

You are completely in control of the way you want.

Powerful design options. Sliders and templates from us are the most elegant ways to showcase the ideas you have online.


The fastest method to create animations and sliders.

As effective as hand-coding. Smart Slider can be the best slider tool in the hands of WordPress as well as Joomla developers.


Do not worry about complicated licenses. Get lifetime access.

Choose one of our plans to apply it to the domains, and avoid the cost of ongoing services and annual charges.

Essentials Features

4 Project Types

Design anything from simple sliders, to elaborate carousels block designs, as well as full-page designs.

Lifetime Support and Updates

Pay once and receive support and updates for the rest of your life! Get regular updates and brand new features year after year.

Dynamic Content

Create fully customized layouts using dynamic content by loading data from various sources.

180+ Stunning Templates

Select a stunningly designed template and alter it however you’d like to add images, videos, etc.

Slide Library

Make your design in pieces using the pre-designed and easy section. It’s magic!

24 Layers

Smart Slider comes with an growing collection of layers. Each layer has advanced customization options.

Varied Control Elements

Combining the customizable arrows, bullets , or thumbnails to create a truly unique experience.

SEO Friendly

Smart Slider follows SEO best practices, making sure your website will are found by an even larger audience.


The image will pop up as a full-screen video lightbox that appears when users click on links, images or buttons.

Image Optimization

Reduce the size of images. Get rid of every single unnecessary bit, regardless of the size of your image’s backgound.

Lazy Load

Lazy load backgrounds to get speedier download speeds and ensures that users download only the images they view and not more.

Page Builder Compatibility

Smart Slider works flawlessly with Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder and Visual Composer.

Dynamic Integrations

32 Dynamic Sources

Include dynamic content on your sliders: Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Galleries, Event Calendars, and many others.

WordPress Post

Smart Slider automatically fetches new posts, in accordance with filters that match categories selected and tags.


You can add YouTube video clips to your slides and playlists for your display. You can control the cover image, the start time, or volume.


Display your most popular sale items by generating dynamically-generated content. Just add a button and you’re set to market.


With integrated Joomla integration, Smart Slider works great with VirtueMart, Eshop, MijoShop or HikaShop.

Image taken from Folder

Select the folder in which your photos are stored as well. Smart Slider will dynamically updating slides as needed.


Video Tutorial

Go through out our videos tutorials that cover all that you require to learn about how to start making use of Smart Slider.


The documentation covers everything you need to know about everything from navigation to making the many different options.

Community Group

You are welcome to share your thoughts and suggestions. Join the group for help and ideas.

Translation Ready

Smart Slider is translated into 12 languages. It is 100% translation-ready and also supports RTL languages.

One Click Update

Smart Slider will always be up-to-date. We constantly listen to the feedback of our users and update our features month to month.


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Changelog Smart Slider 3 PRO & 90+ Templates / 2022. 11. 15


  • New Slide Library theme: Nala.
  • Developers can now create custom generators for Joomla.
  • Public PHP API now allows importing a project into a group.
  • publish_down_date and publish_down_time variable for the Joomla article generator.


  • RankMath SEO compatibility that caused problems within the Media Library in certain configurations.
  • The last column could be deleted from the row if the row had a nested layer causing errors.
  • Fix for 3D effect (like at the Showcase slider type) in Firefox.
  • The notice at the Change Slider Type modal was fixed so it no longer writes out HTML code but actually bolds the texts.
  • Default slider background color fixed at the Carousel slider type.
  • Full page slider height calculation fix for cases when the offset selector height changes.
  • Output buffer fix to avoid WP-CLI issues.
  • In rare cases the Advanced positioning of the controls could cause delays and prevent switching to mobile and tablet view in the Editor.
  • Ionos performance compatibility.
  • Defined List layer default margin, to avoid theme/template CSS codes modifying its placement.
  • Frontend article editing messed up sliders in Joomla 4.
  • Usercentrics cookie consent plugin compatibility.
  • WP Rocket compatibility that makes Smart Slider automatically excluded from WP Rocket’s Delay JavaScript execution feature.
  • Compatibility fix for Zoho CRM Lead Magnet plugin.
  • Smart Slider will no longer break if CUSTOM_TAGS is defined.
  • Activate button didn’t work from the Info Popup.
  • Default value is set to Smart Slider Divi module to ensure proper slider selection.
  • Improved security to avoid Javascript codes from admin area fields. / 2022.07.26 – Joomla


  • u tag is now allowed in text layer.
  • Background videos will accept query parameters in their URL.


  • Allow data protocol when Jetpack is active to avoid it removing the arrows and other base64 images.
  • Before After layer fixed on RTL.
  • The Max Count will run after the Reverse option from now on.
  • Slide link is no longer auto populated at Vimeo and YouTube generator.
  • Strengthened security.
  • PHP compatibility fix at YouTube generator.
  • Ignite gallery generator code updated.
  • PHP 8.1. compatibility fixes
  • Entering the token at the Facebook generator could cause PHP error in rare cases.
  • Cancel event did not work.


  • The muted option was removed from the Background videos, as browsers don’t allow any autoplay with sound, so turning it on would result the background video never play.


  • Spanish translation updated. Thanks, Rodrigo!
  • Dutch translation updated. Thanks, Frank!

v3.5.1.3 Updated on 2022. 01. 14


  • New Shape Dividers.
  • Pagination and Search options in the Dashboard.
  • The Category default post cover is not available as a variable at the EasyBlog generator.
  • Download, playback speed and picture in picture options are removed from MP4 videos in the lightbox.
  • The variable selector is now available at the column and row background colors.
  • We’ll use pointer cursor at the thumbnails to indicate that they’re clickable.
  • Perfmatter compatibility improvements.
  • WooCommerce generator now only displays those categories, which have at least one product in them.


  • Images in folder generator now properly fetches the images if a full path is set.
  • If WebP image is selected as slide background or as a layer image, the resize options will optimize this picture as well.
  • Overflow hidden is added to vertical thumbnails to allow rounded borders.
  • Don’t show arrow in lightbox when the Backgrounds in Lightbox feature is used and there’s only one slide.
  • Firefox changed the default background color of the select tag, which creates less contrast between the text and background. We changed it back to white.
  • The color picker allowed saving a 7 digit color code, which resulted a bad color.
  • The Play on Load, Plan on and Mode options are removed from the Block type as they require a slider to work properly.
  • Margin and padding values are not translatable in the Slide editor UI.
  • BestWebSoftGalleries generator will not display all available categories properly.
  • Optimize images option now works on full URLs.
  • The group order at Change group will be alphabetical from now on.
  • Start delay couldn’t adjust the size of the Timeline, which caused the Start delay to display wrong.
  • The YouTube layer didn’t always recognize the URLs properly.
  • Static Overlay background options caused error when the only slide in the slider is a Static Overlay.
  • Smart Slider’s custom widget area will now properly display the publishing instructions.
  • Background Blur could show up even if the fill mode was not set to Blur fit.
  • Countdown layer could produce an hour difference on Joomla.


  • Spanish translation updated. Thanks, Rodrigo!
  • The es_ES.po and renamed to es.po and respectively to support all Spanish languages.