Shoptimizer v2.6.2 – Optimize your WooCommerce store

Shoptimizer v1.8.6 - Optimize your WooCommerce store

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Shoptimizer WordPress Theme Free Download v.1.8.6 – Commercegurus | Shoptimizer v2.6.2 – Optimize your WooCommerce store is a FAST WooCommerce theme with a host of characteristics all intended to assist you to turn more users into clients. Optimize the pace and conversion of your Shoptimizer WooCommerce shop. Shoptimizer WP Plugin involves speed-related theme choices that include automatic mining for the super-quick loading of the primary CSS file.

It also generates a’ critical CSS’ stylesheet dynamically so that it loads the contents of the viewport of a user almost immediately. This critical CSS provides an impression of instant, unwanted communication with your site— an enormous transformation milestone for companies in eCommerce.

Minified and Critical CSS

Shoptimizer includes theme options for speed, such as automatic minification of the main CSS file for super fast loading. It also dynamically generates a ‘critical CSS’ stylesheet, which loads the contents of a user’s viewport almost instantly.

This crucial CSS creates the impression of immediate interaction with your site, with no waiting — a significant conversion milestone for eCommerce businesses.

Groundbreaking theme performance

Running Shoptimizer through Google’s Lighthouse audit yields a perfect performance score and a first meaningful paint time of only 630 milliseconds!

Distraction-free Checkout

The developers included a theme option that removes the header, footer, and sidebars, leaving only the payment details form as the primary focus of the checkout. This distraction-free checkout increases conversions, and we’ve included the option to add trust badges and a testimonial for added reassurance.


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= 2.6.2 – 12-09-2022

  • Fix – Header layout bug which occurred when mobile search toggle option was active.

= 2.6.1 – 09-09-2022

  • Fix – Bug when mobile filters button didn’t stick to the top when certain conditions were active.
  • Fix – Animated underlined links within mega menu on iPads required two taps before following the link.
  • Fix – Category description text when switched off was only being hidden on the first page.
  • UX – Accessibility improvements. Homepage now gets 98/100 in Google Lighthouse.
  • Tweak – Standard ‘On Sale’ bubble style now matches the % version.
  • Tweak – Mobile Cart layout option is no longer experimental and is now switched on by default on new installs.
  • Tweak – Included optional open=”open” parameter for the accordion shortcode. See the documentation.
  • Tweak – Below header category banner now goes full width edge-to-edge.
  • Tweak – ‘Recently added’ within search modal can now be toggled on/off in customizer.
  • Tweak – Basic block styling CSS included if Gutenberg editor is active.